ADAMANT is the most reliable and anonymous messaging system, encrypted with Blockchain.

Adapted for People and companies:

For personal and business communications, a Blockchain-based system for data and message transfer, together with an integrated payment system, provides absolutely essential benefits.

ADAMANT for People – is a Blockchain messaging service that can be obtained from all devices. An unparalleled system of anonymity and data privacy, usability and built-in payment. ADAMANT Messenger is now available for use at:

ADAMANT Business – is a platform for data and message transfer with the ability to digitally sign all documents and an integrated payment system that allows you to transfer data and messages to reduce your internal transaction costs.


The most secure and anonymous messenger

ADAMANT has the following differential safety and anonymity characteristics:

  • all messages will be saved directly in the blockchain;
  • It is not possible for the user to access his or her phonebook;
  • The user location cannot be accessed;
  • Absence of user identification – an absolute anonymity of use;
  • All messages are fully encrypted on the transmitter’s computer and then decrypted in the file on the recipient’s side. There is no one (including the developers) who can access your messages.
  • check the message transfer rate;
  • The client app will never transfer the user’s private key or mnemonic phrase (your password) over the network. All work is performed locally on the user’s device;
  • Therefore, no user can transfer private data;
  • Message history is not stored in a device and is loaded immediately from the blockchain device;
  • Unlike P2P messengers, it is difficult to obtain the IP address of the user;
  • The program code for ADAMANT Messenger and the blockchain are open source;
  • ADAMANT accounts may not be closed, blocked or limited by anyone, including programmers’ ADAMANT accounts.

Storage of ADAMANT messages

Each ADAMANT message is stored decentrally in its block string.

This guarantees this fact:

  • Reliable, redundant storage for storing message history;
  • It is not possible to change outdated messages;
  • Certification of authenticity for the sender of the message and its sender, protection against MITM attacks (this type of attacker will be detected, because the sender’s identification will be changed);
  • Access to the user’s message history from any device – as with centralized storage;
  • Secure and blockchain message delivery;
  • The encryption systems are as follows: Ed25519 EdDSA, Curve25519, Salsa20,? Poly1305.

The payment method

The ADAMANT system has its own payment unit, an ADM token, which:

  • It is used as a payment for the transfer of messages, direct payments and other additional functionalities to maintain – the entire network infrastructure;
  • It acts with a high transfer speed (between 5 seconds);
  • It is very convenient and easy to manage for direct payments from the same chat screen;
  • It is absolutely independent of all services and blockchain (ADAMANT has been built as a self-sufficient system).

BlockChain Explorer

Blockchain Explorer provides detailed information about ADAMANT, a selection of blocks, all network operations and all the necessary information. It also includes an activity diagram, information on delegates and the network.

About the Token

ADAMANT token specification

  • Token name: ADAMANT (ADM)
  • DPoS algorithm (delegated stake test)
  • Maximum number of cards: 200 000 000 ADM
  • Genesis-block: 98 000 000 ADM
  • ADM = 0.002 ETH
  • 30 January 2018 – 30 March 2018 – 30 March 2018
  • Tokens for free product testing at the Apple Store and Google Play



Absolutely anonymous

  • You do not have to register or provide any information:
  • No e-mails, no phone numbers.
  • No need to access user device data (such as address book or location);
  • Your IP address is hidden from intermediaries
  • Top-level confidentiality and encryption

Operation by Blockchain

  • Your Device will not store any other information.
  • They interact directly with the Blockchain chain, where all bytes are fully encrypted. Your own end-to-end encrypted messages are never read by third parties. (including developers or anyone else)

Open and Reliable Code

  • The GPLv3 license is used for ADAMANT.
  • You can deploy packets and review them, including the Blockchain node at the server end, the communications protocol and a client messaging application.
  • You have reason to trust ADAMANT.


A profitable financial asset.
ADM wallets are increased by 5% each month until all unsold ICO-tokens are distributed. A payment scheme integrated into an internal payment system allows transactions to be made at very low cost with a 5-second execution.

No application required

We provide a progressive web application.
No need to install anything – use any browser on your smartphone, tablet or desktop to start sending messages! Native versions of the Android / iOS applications are now under development.

A suitable business solution

This whole system is like a solid rock!
So you could take advantage of it with peace of mind for all communications. Even the serious ones. Use secure document transfers and proven digital signals in the locking chain to meet your business needs.

Route Map:

2nd quarter 2017

-Development of ADAMANT concepts
-Consulting with industry experts
-Implementation of ADAMANT TestNet

3rd quarter 2017

  • Progressive development of web applications (ADAMANT Wallet and Messenger)
  • Making the Whitepaper

4th quarter 2017

  • Website development
  • Commissioning of ADAMANT MainNet
  • Make a complete node distribution package
  • Creation of ADAMANT Blockchain Explorer
  • Creation of information resources (social networks, forums and blogs)
  • Launch of the Bounty Campaign
  • An internal security audit
  • Launch of the ICO (12/14/2017)

1st quarter 2018

  • Closure prior to ICO (01/14/2018)
  • Launch of the ICO (01/30/2018)
  • Promotional corrections and adaptation of ADAMANT Messenger
  • Add new languages and translations for information resources
  • Extending the functionality of ADAMANT Messenger (with user profiles, simpler login)
  • process and send files / tokens directly from the chat screen)
  • The ICO ends (03/30/2018)

2nd quarter 2018

  • Release of the native application of ADAMANT Messenger for iOS
  • List of ADM tokens in the crypto-currency markets
  • Full-scale infrastructure
  • Extension of the ADAMANT Messenger functionality (adding address book, chat group, message search, ability to close chat rooms)

3rd quarter 2018

  • Presentation of ADAMANT Business Service (with document block storage) and its digital signature
  • Release of the native application of ADAMANT Messenger for Android
    marketing campaigns

4th quarter 2018

  • An independent security audit
  • Creation of ADAMANT Business Service for partner companies.
    -marketing campaigns


  • CEO – Pavel Evgenov
  • Main Developer – Alexey Lebedev
  • Main Developer – Dmitriy Soloduhin
  • Main designer – Maxim Pikhtovnikov
  • Advisor – Leonid Anisimov
  • Advisor – Denis Sokolov
  • Advisor – Andrey Medvede

Sites of Interest.

Plataform Link
Sitio Web
White Paper
Blockchain Explorer
App Store
Google Play;u=990832


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