Cybermiles establishment being an organization legitimately permitted to be fused in Hong Kong has come to create and help the progression of the decentralized platform with dynamic commitment by individuals of the platform. Cybermiles system will create and coordinate the best, new blockchain developments to give a safe, successful, straightforward and believed business services for individuals of the platform and to control “Smart Business Contracts” on a powerful chain to illuminate the issues related with current blockchain convenience.


  • The access to over 10million 5miles client information will make the Cybermiles blockchain known. CYBERMILES manages client identity, exchange information secretly and securely, while permitting new transactions and settlement among clients of the system.
  • To help different sorts of trade related Smart Business Contracts that powers decentralization forms.
  • Another is to use an assigned PoS (“Proof-of-Stake”) consensus engine to help countless transactions every second (“TPS”), thus settling latency issues of existing chains.


CyberMiles is another blockchain protocol being made and created for business and commercial center applications. The protocol will comprises of “virtual machine” and best programming which works outside the chain to help decentralized procedures by Smart contracts activated on the system. CMT Token can be utilized to encourage exchanges inside the system.

Prior on, 5miles: an outstanding e-commerce platform arranged in the United State of America, with an aggregate of 10million enlisted American clients with an expected value to defeat $3 billion by 2017, plans to move its whole ecosystem of merchants and purchasers to the CybeMiles decentralized system. The 5miles platform will be one of the principal platforms to use the system as a back-end administration and kick off the environment. Notwithstanding, the CyberMiles public blockchain has come into organization with 5miles to guarantee verified and straightforward e-commerce data to 5miles clients.

5miles has additionally built up a 9 novel blockchain convention to bolsters business exchanges in the blockchain network with CMT Token.

5Miles platform will likewise coordinate its current “wallet to have the option to hold CMT balances and permit the use of the CMT Token on the 5Miles platform.

CyberMiles has coordinated and integrated 5miles’ products inormations and remarks into the smart contract at the address: 0xa3f1e99c46d1d7e6cc96f71b6116cee8160fa4d3, including information of 61170 items since 9th of May. This is done to guarantee that information on the blockchain organize are straightforward and furthermore carefully designed.

5miles Data DApp is another particular angle as its battle against extortion and tackles the hindrances confronting the e-commerce industry.

The utilizing of CyberMiles blockchain by 5miles e-commerce will help diminish the expense of exchange and all the more so secure trade information, data and help kill the issues confronting the e-commerce system. The use of the CyberMiles blockchain and the making of its local token will be used crosswise over other accomplice platform and commercial centers subsequently making mindfulness and making its a standout amongst the best market-driving blockchain convention for business and commercial center applications.

5miles’ data migration to the blockchain has been believed to be a decent advance in embracing blockchain innovation in the e-commerce industry.


The CMT Token is the native token made to be coordinated with and used on the CyberMiles network, and on other decentralized applications on the system. The CMT Token was at first conveyed on the Ethereum blockchain however was later traded on a 1:1 premise with the local CMT issued on the CyberMiles blockchain network. It can also be used to incentivize network individuals to offer help and resolution services.

CMT Token can be utilized to encourage exchanges inside the platform


Counclusively, the migration of 5Miles to CyberMiles is the best as it would help secure and eradicate issues in the 5Miles platform. Users will be able to make transactions freely while securing users e-commerce data and information. The CyberMiles will likewise comprise smart-contract modules to enable and incentivize the marketplace members to gather and manage sub-communities.

The CyberMiles blockchain and the creation of its own token will also be used to facilitate transactions and can likewise be utilized across other strategic partners. This migration will make the 5miles platform the best market-driving blockchain project for business and commercial applications.

5Miles will revolutionize the e-commerce ecosystem and use this medium to create awareness and adoption of CyberMiles.

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