Terawatt is the global introduction of LED by Blockchain technology

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Hallo friends! in a chance today I will introduce to you about an interesting project this project is terawatt to rebuild and use renewable sources of energy, focusing on global income and lighting. Well maintained will determine the DAO and the Ethereum for personal currency (ZK-snarks) for global payments. DAO is used by financial companies and utilities, merchant, business, consumer, and energy around the world.

DAO should global insurance fund/decentralized so that customers (and the company) always sell LED them through subsidies to the company (or increase their activity by led only). 100 million chips
Release target: 65 million (lessons are treated on a curve shaped S example 1 million each time). This is for the monetary competition our current algorithm. Terawatt automatically defend from 50% to 75% of the profits of the DAO in/out and other foreigners by shooting the cost of marking each daily.

About Terawatt


Well maintained also created a world that is honored to work with FIAT and choice of digital, it will be a Bitcoin. Later, TRVAVT proves the success of this concept with the help of LED, updated and other products, will be Solar, wind, Agenzia Corsu.

In the mission

Automatically divide terawatt of 50 to 75 percent of the cost of Da DaO, cost/benefit (such as Exchange), communication spells, tax burden, carbon leakage and the cost of the buy and sell signals signs Sembe BNB, but every quarter, we had a blast signals, we started 24/7.

Our clients and other companies want to get married with payment confirmation because water is a great light that all countries that FIAT and the rules where they are not identical, and traded most personal nnarks and Masternod another Defender, Also more characters included in DAO funds, sounds more credible, the benefits and receive. This increases the value of the mark to effect the network. (Metcalf’s Law).

only famous/problems

The Trojan will help you solve this problem by adopting led lighting. And only they never prettier and more expensive than today. More damning and even more interesting, more street light. And why are other benefits? At least crime, secret areas and improvements to the public? This is all the advantages

Why do we need chains?

Making real estate, decentralized, secure and private (ZK-snarks) with optimal work
-We need to guide the intellectual DAO;

-We need transparency, irreversibility and verification, decentralization of all transactions carried out on the platform.

-Automation is a process that is right

-particularly suitable for working with other sources of digital resources for every adult. Integration with other blockchain projects (tracking, validation, ecosystem expansion, etc.)

Tolerance is a reliable and adequate.

Example: energy efficient practices in Los Angeles 8.7 million years


Why LED? Benefits

  • lights up like a shiny lights.
  • keep cool even after use
  • Work for five times more than a CFL.
  • not sensitive to cold temperatures.
  • Do not contain mercury.

Some models can be used with dimmers.

Available in shades of white, warm and sunny.


Low energy bulbs consume less than 20% of the energy of conventional bulbs and can be operated up to 15 times more.

Our project will use the Ethereum for production and the manufacture of chips, especially since he has a basis for the application of our technology. Therawatt manipulating contracts locking. Marker we’ll ERC20 standard with some modifications. The algorithm we affirm that consumers actually buy the bulbs from the provider and add operation flow diagram. Smart contracts will run and manage the whole process.


Token Information

The Token LED

Ethereum Platform

Type ERC20

Price PreICO 1 LED = 0.30 USD

Prices in ICO 1 LED = 0.40 USD

Investment Information

Minimum investment 0.2 ETH

Adoption Of The ETH

Distributed in ICO 65%

Soft cover 500 000 USD

Hard cover 13.5 million dollars

The road map


The concept of the project, prepare technical documents, patents

December 2017

Team Building-the acquired technical director, Chief Operating Officer and Advisor

January 2018

White Book/web site, trademark registered in KICKICO

February 2018

Building a web site Presence, Token Presale is being developed

June 2018

Private sale, more development and marketing.

July 2018

Preiko, DAO construction

August 2018

ICO, the launch of the token, the issue of the wallet, applies to Exchange

October 2018

Testnet DAO, Wallet Phones, Search Partnerships

December 2018

DAO online ad, mainnet Masternode

February 2019

A fully functional user interface, improved network

April 2019

DevCon, get more partnership

May 2019

Check Your Confirmation/Utilities/Development Tax Incentive Tokens

July 2019

Expanding Ecosystem Terawatt LED


More information: web site:  https://terawattled.com/

White paper: https://terawattled.com/assets/Terawatt.pdf

Topic JST:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4180151.0

Twitter:  https://mobile.twitter.com/terawatt_led

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Terawatt/about

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNtUjNIRzbUQBK95dYinJhQ

Telegram: https://t.me/TeraWattICO


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