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Every day we are supported by an increase in devices that support the Internet. Each of us has a smartphone that can be used to access the Internet, plus all devices that have multiple devices that also have access to the web throughout the world if necessary. It’s hard to imagine, but currently more than 3.5 billion internet users and this is not the limit. In addition, in the near future it is expected to be an extraordinary leap in the number of devices that have access to the Internet, this includes smartphones and tablets, and laptops, and TVs, and other objects with IoT sensors. Many researchers claim that by 2025 their total number can reach 75 billion units. Thus, we can conclude that in the near future our daily lives will be directly connected to the Internet.

The project, the idea that we will consider today, offers a very interesting concept, its use not only saves, but also makes very good money, while preserving natural resources, without violating the ecology of our planet. Interesting? Then let’s continue!

Bitenny is designed as a means for bridge the gap between traditional fiat and currency their number, encrypt colleagues. By doing this, this will make digital currency a more useful asset at the real world and will unite tradition and the future as the central concept in the payment process. This gave Bitenny unique position in the financial technology market, which gave us focus on business and business.

Problems & Solutions

Bitenny solves problems for users

Bitenny helps reduce risk and anxiety investing in crypto by offering free AI-capable wallets. Our system allows users to exchange virtual currencies more safely, by following our rules. Unlike other platforms, we also have tight integration between virtual and physical currencies, allowing people to hold, pay and distribute cryptocurrency and fiat currencies easily.

Our real-time access to the crypto market means Prally, an interactive assistant, can tell users about current trading opportunities and give them ideas about trade execution. The main feature of this platform is limiting the risk that comes from a lack of experience in investing in crypto.

Bitenny overcame the problem for traders

To create the perfect experience for businesses that want to receive crypto payments, Bitenny is equipped with a full-featured Bitenny API, which is easily integrated into online stores and is available free.

Rather than an easy-to-use platform, traders are stuck with several Payment Service Providers (PSP) with a lack of integration between them. Bitenny, a sophisticated technical platform that receives more than 50 payment methods, including comprehensive crypto integration, resolves this problem.

Bitenny solved the problem for brick-and-mortar traders

The lack of special software has made it difficult for physical stores to accept crypto payments. The Bitenny system can be installed easily on a tablet PC for use by the cashier at the point of sale, allowing users with Dompet Bitenny to pay with cryptocurrency.

Platform technology

Our Bitenny services provide a series of different modular components. However, these components can also function harmoniously and effectively as a whole.The essence of this service is delivered through; Micro Service, Event source, Streaming. NoSQL data storage, RBDMS regulation transaction storage, third party cloud services, and other specific components and functions, will also be used, by complying with the rules and network ethos.

Token information

Token BTNY
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 1 BTNY = 0,07 USD

Hardcap: 25 000 000 USD
Max tokens:1 000 000 000 BTNY

Unsold tokens will be burned



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