What is Instant Access Medical ? ICO Review

iAM illuminates the greatest single purpose of disappointment in social insurance with our circulated framework. Patients with long haul conditions unfailingly get alarms, updates and subsequent meet-ups. These are handled consequently, requiring no exertion or assets from specialists, practice staff, or the patient.

iAM’s brought together stage illuminates human services’ greatest issues including protection extortion, medicine adherence, remedy misuse and furthermore the issue of restorative information transportability. With big business accomplices Guardtime, Healthcare Gateway, and DXS our answer will be open to over 70% of the UK populace.

We secure records utilizing mechanical scale Keyless Signature Infrastructure. This furnishes patients with an unchanging GDPR and HIPAA consistent individual consideration record. Clients astutely share their wellbeing record information by means of Guardtime’s Health Information Exchange (HSX). The iAM stage uses shrewd contracts to administer exchanges and advanced installments in our medicinal services economy.

The Problem Our Solution


Understanding needs their best wellbeing results, the most minimal out-of-stash costs, and the capacity to deal with their wellbeing record straightforwardly from their cell phone. Understanding are exceptionally worried about cybercriminals focusing on their restorative information. This information is currently worth 100x more than charge card number! They need confirmation their wellbeing records are private and secure.

Specialists and suppliers need to build their profitability and pay while furnishing patients with the astounding consideration and the most reduced conceivable expenses.

Back up plans need to anticipate hazard, improve effectiveness, and decrease costs. This is made conceivable with higher quality hazard evaluations and guarantee taking care of. All back up plans need is exact, exceptional wellbeing data, and the longing to fundamentally lessen social insurance misrepresentation. Such extortion is as of now a $260 billion issue around the world.

Scientists need to gain access to anonymized longitudinal individual medicinal services information for social insurance examination.

Accomplices need to broden the impact, draw in and hold more clients, and access more extensive medicinal services markets.

Computer based intelligence Analystics has a voracious hunger for wellbeing information.


iAM makes patients wellbeing information wake up genius effectively via consequently making interesting, customized consideration pathways explicit to every patient. The application fuses multilingual cautions, updates, and subsequent meet-ups to direct patient to their best wellbeing results. This is all available on the patient’s cell phone. Decentralized innovation likewise guarantees the security of each patient’s wellbeing information.

iAM individual consideration record are computerized, proactive and available anyplace inside the medicinal services continuum.

This spare specialist’s time, and time measures up to cash. Our records use the world’s best proof to improve the nature of patient’s consideration. Customized care pathways guarantee that oue arrangement conveys the best ensembles at the least expenses. Patient’s information is safely put away and shared. It must be gotten to and refresh with the proprietor’s concent.

With concent, back up plans access exhaustive, realtime information by means of the iAM individual consideration record stage. All customized consideration records are conformant with proof based consideration pathways. Safety net providers will almost certainly direct hazard appraisals to streamline to effiency and lessen guarantee taking care of expenses. Decentralized empowers secure sharing of unchanging, individual medicinal services information that is both misrepresentation evidence and carefully designed.

iAM individual consideration record empower examines to get to exhaustive, longitudinal, multilingual, organized, coded and anonymized tolerant information. Tolerant likewise advantage from sharing their own de-recognized information by procuring iAM rewards and limits.

iAM empower accomplices to while name the iAM individual consideration records application and bundle this with their own answers. This expansion effectiveness, diminishes cost, gets new clients, and improves clients steadfastness

There is no better souce of wellbeing information for AI than complete, thorough, longitudinal, multilingual, organized individual consideration records. iAM individual consideration records give constant access to the best information enemy AI Analystics.

Token Details

Image: IAM

Cost: $0.40

Token Supply: 500,000,000

Token Type: ERC20 Utility Token

Rate: 1 IAM = $0.4 0USD

PRE-ICO Start Date: 24/September/2018

PRE-ICO END Date: 25/October/2018

ICO Start Date ICO: 25/October/2018

ICO End Date ICO: 31/December/2018

Amid pre-ICO: 0 – 40 000 IAM – > 80% markdown, value: 1 IAM = $0.08 USD

Amid ICO Stage 1: 25,000,000 iAM – >60% rebate 1 IAM = $0.16 USD

Amid ICO Stage 2: 25,000,000 iAM – >40% rebate 1 IAM = $0.24 USD

Amid ICO Stage 3: 25,000,000 iAM – >20% rebate 1 IAM = $0.32 USD

Amid ICO Stage 4: 25,000,000 iAM – >0% rebate 1 IAM = $0.4 0USD

Token Distribution

half Sales to Purchasers in Token Sale

38% iAM Reserve

8% Team and Founders

2% Community Engagement

2% Bounty Campaign

75% Delivery of wellbeing Services ($26M)

25% Platform Development and Launch Expenses ($9M)

iAM places clients responsible for their own wellbeing information. Clients deal with their very own wellbeing records and offer these with specialists, medical clinics, care suppliers and other human services members. iAM rewards people who choose to share their anonymized wellbeing information with iAM tokens.

Individuals pay to safely store their record on our blockchain, share with human services experts, and to keep in touch with their records utilizing IoT gadgets.

Individuals settle installments for wellbeing administrations with iAM tokens. These exchanges make iAM’s tokenized human services economy.

Great wellbeing isn’t something that simply transpires. It must be made and oversaw well. That is the reason everybody needs an adequate individual consideration record. What’s more, the best decision is our Blockchain-based iAM stage.


Site : https://www.instantaccessmedical.io/

ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5039302.0

Message : https://t.me/iAMcommunity

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/InstantAccessMedical/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/IAMHealth4Life/

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/organization/moment get to therapeutic/

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJjoVE28KculQy8PlbvzbyA/

Bitcointalk username: @Popeye45

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Telegram: @Olaxbolax

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