The development of the market has changed a lot from the traditional market to the modern then in this emerging marketplace online that makes it easier for consumers to get the goods they want. But the ease does not make the online marketplace a smooth business and crowded visitors. At this time some marketplace is quiet for visitors because it sells the same product and has no original value and quality. But there is also a crowded marketplace visitors because the products are sold a few competitors and cheap and quality. At the same time has also developed a blockchain technology. This blockchain technology is in great demand because it is safe and transparent. This blockchain technology will be adopted by online stores by integrating their business into the Vestarin platform, while users make purchases and pay for services with their VST token.

About Vestarin 

Vestarin is a platform with decentralized blockchain technology Ethereum (ERCE20 standard) using smart contracts that provide services such as integration between store owners, services, exchange points integrating their business to Vestarin platform, while users make purchases and pay for services with their VST token. ICO representatives integrate their projects into platforms, while users will forecast and discuss them publicly to create reputations, allowing investors to rely on them.

Advantages Vestarin Platform 

Complete The ICO Investment problem

The first problem facing investors is the fake projects and scams that are played out for the sake of public confidence. Creating a project with ICO that investors trust is not an easy thing but it does not guarantee the success of the project. With Vestarin platform having a capitalization of over $ 600 billion we are confident of the success of this project. The Vestarin platform will gather people, capacities and opportunities to solve all problems. We need to work together to polish the ICO project. Usually ICO will be moderated by Vestarin platform experts to get rid of “junk”. Then everything is in the hands of users, including specialists, developers and investors – everyone in the industry will engage in work based on one platform.
You will be able to judge, write reviews and criticize, create an overview of the reputation of the ICO, as it will make it easier for investors to make decisions, the risks will decrease significantly, and the counterfeit project creators will be exposed by the majority of experts. We will also create an open chart based on the results of past and current ICO projects: how much money has been collected and how many people have invested so that you can make further conclusions before making a final decision.

Bridge for Start-up and Investor

Many start-up players are geniuses with brilliant and cool ideas. But he can not find a good investor and team for implementation. So the project and the idea of ​​a brilliant idea can not be implemented. With the Vestarin platform the idea will come to investors because vestarin bridges between start-ups and investors as well as enough teams to implement the idea idea to ICO. Everyone knows that there are many ideas, but very few really good ones. As a rule, a good idea can not get the right to life due to lack of knowledge and tools for its implementation. On the Vestarin platform you will get turnkey not only professional and investment, but also tip, knowledge, collect every piece of your puzzle, by bringing the whole community together in one place.

Cryptocurrency Holder Problem Solving

The Vestarin platform is the solution to many problems. And the problem I’m having, the platform creator, who is the crypto industry user, he faces, is that crypto currency itself is not a currency, because it can not be used and is fully paid for purchases. First, you need to sell your coins and get them for fiat currency, and then make a purchase.
Of course, there are stores and services that accept this currency. With difficulty, but can be found. However, their numbers are incomparably small, as for industries with a capitalization of 600 billion dollars. We will pull and integrate stores, services, entertainment into one place on the Vestarin platform, where regular users can spend their crypto money.
Initially, the user will purchase a domestic currency, a VST token, by which he / she can perform targeted actions and purchases in one click. The same evidence falls into the store asset, and the store sells it for the interest of the required currency, both external crypto currency and fiat currency.

Solve Language Problems

Vestarin platform will be multilingual, so that absolutely everyone would use it comfortably. List of languages:
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Hindi
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Czech
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Polish

Solution of The Information Problems

Agreed, there is too much information and resources with information about blockchain technology, but at the same time there is a lack or scope of unnecessary types. We want to collect resources based on the Vestarin platform, ordering useful information by category and section.
For example, in the “Articles” section you will see a list of topics where each collects maximum amount of information from the Internet with its source. The source still looks like before, but now they are compiled and combined in one place, which will greatly save time looking for this or that information.

Try Vestarin 


As the platform develops and the number of users increases, the amount of commissions in the Vestarin contract will increase, thereby increasing the cost of the VST token. The contract of Vestarin assets is the most important component of VST token value. By raising commissions from the platform, it creates sufficient funds to support a steady growth in the price of tokens.

VST Token

  • Vestarin token – ERC20 token and smart contract system, based on Ethereum protocol.
  • Due to this protocol, Vestarin tokens can be freely transferred between the wallets and easily integrated into the cryptomarkets.
  • A total of 200 000 000 tokens will be issued.
  • All the tokens left after pre-ICO and ICO will be destroyed.
  • Before the public ICO, a presentation will be prepared for partners wishing to purchase VST.
  • Pre-ICO will be held from January 30 to February 28, 2018.
  • 1 ETH = 3000 VST
  • Only 15 000 000 VST will be issued at a special price for a limited number of participants who have learned about us before.
  • ICO will be held on the website, starting from March 5 to April 4, 2018.
  • The sale of tokens will last 30 days.
  • Vestarin aims to take up to 100,000 ETH from primary token buyers. Smartcontract will cease to accept investments upon reaching a limit of 100 000 ETH.


  • September 2017: Team Building
  • Оctober 2017: Idea Development, forming Technical specification
  • December 2017: Design Draft
  • January 2018: PreI-CО, Demo version launch
  • March 2018: ICO, Full scale development
  • April 2018: Listing on the markets, alpha-testing, Launch of “Information”,
  • Professionals” blocks
  • July 2018: Marketing, Attracting professionals, Beta testing
  • August 2018: Launch of the block “For BUSINESS”, “ICO”, integrating partners
  • October 2018: Full volume marketing, SMM, CPA, PR, Papers
  • November 2018: Over 500 shops and services providers on the platform
  • December 2018: Launch of Online/Offline blocks for purchase in cryptocurrency
  • January 2019: 1 million Users, 2000 shops and services
  • March 2019: Opening of the representative offices in Spain, USA
  • April 2019: Opening of the representative offices in Japan, China, Korea
  • May 2019: 10 million Users, 8000 shops and services
  • June 2019: MUST-HAVE app for all the crypto-enthusiasts
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