Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated scenario that simulates a realistic experience. The immersive environment can be similar to the real world to create life experiences based on reality or sci-fi. The real estate system can also be considered a VR form that covers virtual information via camera feeds directly to the headset, or through a smartphone or tablet device.

The current VR technology most often uses virtual reality headsets or multi-projection environments, sometimes combined with the physical environment or props, to produce realistic images, sounds and realistic sensations that simulate the user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. Someone who uses virtual reality equipment can “browse” the artificial world, move in it, and interact with virtual features or stuff. The effect is usually made by a VR headset that consists of a head-mounted screen with a small screen in front of the eye, but can also be made through a specially designed room with multiple large screens.

ImmVRse is a platform will help sustain the growth of VRcontent development in marketing, entertainment andindustrialmedia. Creators in ImmVRse will offer an arrayof VR content types, such as entertainment videos, VR vlogs,company introductions, VR music videos etc.

ImmVRse will be the first distributed and distributed digitalvideo platform that enables creators, brands andadvertisers worldwide to collaborate and deliver the bestof what Virtual Reality has to offer. The platform for a new generation of VR creators, enables them to showcase their work to the global reach of businesses, from the start up to the big companies . With Cryptocurrency will definitely fix the current payment method by adding a missing layer of trust and real drive value to all Eco-system members.

ImmVRse Innovation

ImmVRse is a combined B2C and B2B, connected & decentralized blockchain VR video sharing platform, where VR content producers are able to display their talents widely. Users can interact

with the community by liking, commenting and sharing videos, in addition to receiving awards as an incentive.

ImmVRse has undergone a lot of data production, and they have built several data storage facilities where data is transferred using hypertext transfer protocols into cloud storage. Data is highly protected and uses IPFS which is a new exclusive file storage system designed specifically for the blockchain system. This system ensures highly protected data and eliminates duplicate content using mirror techniques.

The system will ensure data integrity using strong peer to peer connections. This is an identification system built on ImmVRse in a token code where all transactions will be done and automatically without involving a third party thereby reducing operating costs and exploitation or embezzlement risk.

How ImmVRse Works

  • ImmVRse offers a revolutionary platform for brands that want to evolve into an exciting new VR world, and allows them to hire creators quickly, easily.
  • Advertisers will purchase IMV tokens to pay for advertising. Part of the profits will be distributed to content producers and public audiences.
  • Users will receive IMV tokens as a form of payment to watch videos.
  • Viewers can save their IMV token in their ImmVRse ™ wallet or sell it on the exchange.
  • Brands will be able to search through a decentralized search engine and recruit / recruit content producers through ImmVRse.
  • Companies will be able to pay all jobs using IMV and Ethereal.
  • Cryptocurrency traders, hedge funds and financial services will be able to swap ImmVRse tokens (IMVs) over many bourses widely.

About Tokens

ImmVRse token sales will facilitate a complete and legally distributed distribution of overall mobile and web applications that will allow users to access the system. These tokens will be traded and exchanged on various blockchain exchanges, and companies anticipate further increases and growth in future assessments as more people use the ImmVRse ecosystem.

Pre ICO:

Private pre-ICO will be conducted in April 2018 with contributors willing to contribute more than 1 Ether. The pre-ICO allocation will be 10% of the token to be distributed.

ICO Launch: ICO

launch date not yet announced. ImmVRse plans to release 100,000,000 IMVs immediately after sales with a hard lid of US $ 20million.

ImmVRse will distribute 33.33% (100 million IMV) of total circulation during ICO. 52.70% token will be maintained as a form of capital reserve. Out of a total of 300 million IMVs,ImmVRse tokens will be released in one or more exchanges after successful completion of ICO. Some exchanges may be confirmed before the ICO, however, the official date from which the token can be transferred, will be announced after the ICO.

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