The Internet is completely filled with a lot of sites with erotic content.

Content for adults

have amazing successes and reach millions of hits every month.

Use of this type

resources, the user is defined as the priority of confidentiality, security and accessibility

unique content.

Mission StasyQ

We will create a unique platform for adults, where everyone can relax and relax

Aesthetic pleasures We will unite hundreds of thousands of users, models and manufacturers in one place.

We will create a platform where you can not only enjoy leisure, but also earn very good money.

Market Review

Adult – a business trend in the Internet, specializing in erotic content for adults viewers. As the statistics show, the industry for adults is very profitable and promising directions. To date, the total revenue in this segment has reached 97 billion dollars a year, and this figure is growing rapidly.

Every day there are new sites for adults; However, please log in Conditions of intense competition, only the strongest can survive.

The struggle for “places under the sun” forces resource owners to learn about the need target audience in general, regular analysis, attracting the attention of the audience

with new features and systematic content updates.

Take leading

The market position should continue to introduce innovations and Hi-tech

The origins of the industry for adults are rooted at the time when the magazines first appeared for adults appeared, and special sections of erotic trends appeared in the newspapers. Later, in addition to printed products, VHS tapes began to be sold.

Thus, a new period in the history of the mass distribution of erotic content begins. The development of information technology, the advent of CDs and trainees opened up new opportunities. Today, the adult industry takes the lion’s share of Internet content and is characterized by the introduction of modern technologies.

Following the latest trends in promising areas, you can count on competition profit from other industry participants. Adult site – open niche a wide opportunity to earn a good income. Erotic content is always popular in the circle both men and women, and the situation will not change. Current trends:

Free content for content VS

Professional content for amateur content

Payment of VS monthly payments per second

Blockchain: solving problems, new perspectives and the future of mature industry.

Blockchain grows in popularity, expanding the horizon, embracing an increasing number users and collect millions of like-minded people around the world.

Yesterday it it’s just an uncertain concept, incomprehensible and confusing. Today this promise trends, solving many problems, destroying stereotypes and changing user views

all clear. Blockchain technology allows you to change almost any area internet room

Users will receive 100% secure access to content for adults. You can see photos and video anonymously, without risk of leakage of personal data. Smart contract will be possible

a fair share of income among all participants in the process (model / producer –


Smart contracts manage the relationship between resource users and the model / producer interaction schemes as easily as possible. The calculation between the participants of the chain is carried out directly in the crypto currency. The transfer of the payment system ensures the anonymity, confidentiality and security of the personal data of the participants.

Profit as a model, user and producer

Advantages as a model:

No large commissions

Equitable distribution of income

There are no risks associated with using the payment service

Advantages as a user:

No large commissions

There are no risks associated with using the payment service

All transactions are anonymous

There is no threat to personal data and payment

In fact, what is StasyQ?

StasyQ – a unique platform with high-quality erotic content, working since 2015. Its main advantages in comparison with other similar sites are careful selection of professional and novice models, high-resolution video clips, photographs with correct exposure and exclusive author’s style. Today it is a very popular source, which every month is visited by 600 000-1 million people around the world.

Project Objectives

Create a unique platform for viewing and sharing erotic content, where models and manufacturers receive direct income from users, bypassing payment services

Ensure equal distribution of income from the model / manufacturer and reduce transaction costs

Improving the privacy and security of users by paying for viewing content on kriptocurrency.

Development of a solution for cryptovatization on sites with similar content

Stasyq’s target audience

Lovers of beautiful eroticism

Magnificent Magnificent location, beautiful photos, chic models – high quality of content

StasyQ will bring aesthetic pleasure to “gourmets” and connoisseurs of adult content.

Users will be able to rate photos and videos, as well as vote for the next location. The direct voice value will depend on the amount of crypto-currency funds in your personal account. Users will also be able to communicate in real time using models.

Professional model

Want to become StasyGirl? The platform will destroy the principles established by

The decade when the site receives the lion’s share of profits. With the use of crypto currency,

revenues will be fairly distributed through Smart Contract.

webcam model

Join the StasyQ platform and become a StasyLive model! Your income will be

distributed fairly and transparently.

People hide their preferences

For those who want to stay in the shadows and hide their services, the platform will apply payment in the crypto currency, which guarantees anonymity of payments

information. And no one knows about your hobby.


Producers who have unique and unique content will be able to download their videos of their models to the StasyQ Moderator platform, will only allow the best and high-quality content that meets the StasyQ requirements. The producer’s income will be accumulated through intellectual contracts.

Third-party sites and content providers

Third-party sites with similar content will be able to connect ready-made solutions to their platform, which will provide all the same benefits as StasyQ.

Content available on the StasyQ platform

Professional content

Videos on professional cameras with 4K resolution. This content is expensive: for sure

For this type of shooting, budgets, specialized specialists and special used equipment

A virtual reality

The viewer can be next to the model, wearing VR glasses. Video in this format will give a unique color of unique sensations and emotions. The presence of such content on the platform allows StasyQ to stand out in the mature market and attract the masses.

Interview with the model

For many users it is very interesting not only to look at photos and videos with the participation of beautiful girls, but also to express their individuality. On the stage, separate parts were created, in which the models share dreams, fantasies, shots, their favorite pictures and plans for the future with the audience.

Many girls enjoy great popularity in the field of social networks. Showing their intellect, they collect thousands of customers from all over the world. Section “Interview” StasyQ allows the model to significantly expand the audience.

Amateur Content

As a rule, this video format is removed from smartphones by the model itself. Why is this

genre is so popular? Video allows you to experience the familiar everyday atmosphere, opening the curtains more than hidden and spicy. They are popular because of the lack of financial costs for video services for operators, rental studios and the use of professional equipment.

If the previous model preferred only high-quality content, then today this requirement has significantly decreased. This conclusion can be drawn on the basis of the immense popularity of Instagram women’s accounts, mainly content, which is amateur and video photographs with barely closed body parts. Oȅen Honest girl’s profile of emancipation is blocked. Thus, the model loses popularity and the opportunity to earn. StasyQ will unite fans of eroticism and quality models to get stable high incomes.

Live Stream

Live broadcasts are gaining popularity thanks to Periscope and Instagram. Millions every minute

users look at each other in real time. This resource has certain rules and limitations. We will give the girl the opportunity to earn money, making a live broadcast on the platform StasyQ.

StasyQ Coins – the perfect solution for adult content

How blockchain technology affects repair and development

industry for adults? Among its main advantages is a transparent calculation between

users and systems and the minimum commission for making payments.

The StasyQ (SQOIN) marker is an ERC20 marker and an intellectual contract system built on

The SQOIN etereal protocol will allow:

Increases the anonymity of users

Improve data security

Get rid of billing services in commissions

Get rid of middlemen who generate up to 90% of the model’s profitability and producers for themselves

Prevent possible bank account blocks

The SQOIN emissions are 350,000,000 tokens, which are:

245 million – will be distributed during the ICO

17 500 000 – used for remuneration for PR and campaign

87 500 000 – will be distributed between orders StasyQ; part will be retained for further project support

Important information about ICO

Starting from April 6, 2018, 13:00 GMT

End of June 5, 2018, 13:00 GMT

The official name of the SQOIN token

Minimum investment 0.1 ETH

Number of SQOIN tokens 350 000 000

ICO ICEs that are not sold will be destroyed.

AO ICO, the new SQOIN token will not be released.


The ICO limit is set at 20,000 ETH

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