Blockchain technology has been presented to the world as the most magical technology and tools that will help in solving the world’s problem. Despite its simplicity level, the technology still remains a mystery and most difficult to understand for some. The recent upsurge and growth in the value of crypto-currency and most especially the “BITCOIN” have drawn more attention to the world blockchain technology because it is like power house to all crypto-currency in existence. There have been lots of interest in the crypto-currency and blockchain technology recently simply because the world have seen the potential of this technology. Blockchain is technology is just a new developed way of handling and processing data which is the fastest, secured and most transparent the world have ever experienced.
There are lots of blockchain technologies today in which we have seen more emphasis and priority given to the area of HEALTH, EDUCATION, FINANCE, and AGRICULTURE but today more emphasis will be laid on its application on green energy. I will be discussing about WINDHAN energy project today which is a blockchain based project.
WINDHAN as I have said earlier on is a blockchain based project launched on ethereum blockchain network which is one of the best blockchain networks in the history of blockchain technology. The sole aim of WINDHAN project is to create and develop future renewable energy assets. WINDHAN platform aims to solve the problem of intermediaries between the buyers and sellers of renewable energy through the adoption of blockchain technology which will help in neutralization of intermediaries in its platform.
We have seen huge amount of funds and money been lost in the past years to renewable energy all in the name of intermediaries.
WINDHAN platform will help bring together both the investors, the developers and the consumers of energy together in its open network which will help in funding and launching of green energy. WINDHAN will help in crowd funding of green energy through raising of funds for the developers of green energy and likewise link the investors, consumer and developers together.
The amount required for the launching of green energy project is very huge in which this has taken the attention of investors away from the energy projects. But today through the help of WINDHAN platform which has promised to help out in sourcing for funds will help in the growth and development of green energy. I t has also been noted that there are still larger part of the world which are still suffering from absence of electricity and WINDHAN has intends to make the electricity available through the launch of its green energy project.
WINDHAN aims to develop an asset backed energy project. it also aims to build the decentralized trading platform for both the buyer and sellers of renewable energy.
WINDHAN also aims to develop a decentralized energy platform with high level of trust and transparency.
WINDHAN has launched its own native token which will be used in the platform for loyalty and membership programmes.
Token Supply => 250,000,000
Token Symbol => WHN
Token Type => ERC20
Token Sales Date => Feb 24th 2019 – April 17th 2019
Accepted Payment Method => BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH
190,000,000 Tokens Allocated to Token Sale
20,000,000 Tokens Allocated to Team
17,500,000 Tokens Allocated to Community Growth
5,000,000 Token Allocated to Gas
5,000,000 Tokens Allocated to Advisors and Partners
5,000,000 Tokens Allocated to Platform Development
80% Allocated to Turbine Development
10% Allocated to Marketing and Promotional Costs
10% Allocated to General Promotional Costs
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