decentralized platform that allows multiple streams of income and investment for various users, belonging to various groups.

What is a HighBank?
HighBank is the only ICO launch platform of its kind. We allow business owners to choose the best talents on our platform to increase the likelihood of their crowdfunding. Regulations related to the HighBank will be proportional to STO.
HighBank is a decentralized platform that allows multiple streams of income and investment for various users, belonging to various groups.
HighBank is creating the next generation Blockchain-based ecosystem that is needed to enable the crypto community to maximize and diversify their portfolios in the volatile crypto market. We are changing the crypto market foundation to create a trade ecosystem that can increase cryptocurrency adoption. Our platform – built on the Ethereum Blockchain – will become a complete crypto trading platform that accommodates Decentralized Crypto Exchange, ICO Recording, ICO Launch, and Crowdfunding, Marketing and Partner programs, Online and Offline community centers, and Blockchain Consultations.
The HighBank democratizes crypto trading in the following sense: (i) Creating more opportunities for traders to buy, sell, and exchange their favorite virtual currencies; (ii) Providing starters, who intend to use ICO as a means to raise funds, an international platform that enables them to gain global recognition; (iii) Providing Blockchain start-ups of all the tools needed to safely execute and market their ICO; (iv) Partnering with established marketing communities on popular platforms such as Telegram and YouTube to help beginners start their fast-track ICO reach to as many communities as possible;


The market leading platform is centralized and makes it difficult for blockchain-based businesses to grow and offer benefits. This produces:
  • Abuse of power
  • Point of failure
  • There is no consensus
  • Unreachable


HighBank allows you to register the ICO for review, consult with our experts, use our dashboard to manage and market your brand, launch tokens and enjoy decentralized exchange facilities. Our main advantages are:
  • Anonymity
  • There is no network downtime
  • Authority spread throughout the network
  • Error resistance


Decentralized Crypto Exchange:
Over the past few months, decentralized crypto exchanges have become the center of attention. HighBank is not different in terms of concepts, but brings the landscape to the next level. Our exchange allows you to add all types of crypto tokens, regardless of whether it belongs to the ERC20 protocol. A powerful trading machine will run orders in a few seconds with the help of a chain matching engine. External liquidity providers from the exchange will ensure that the network never runs out of liquidity. The exchange will support all major tokens and will run on DPOS consensus.
ICO List Platform:
Our listing platform is a transparent solution that people are looking for. With a combination of stochastic gradient functions and IBM Watson 500 machines, the HighBank platform will be able to identify the best ICO with the potential to make a lot of money from the market.
ICO Launch and Crowdfunding Platform:
HighBank is the only ICO launch platform of its kind. We allow business owners to choose the best talents on our platform to increase the likelihood of their crowdfunding. Regulations related to the HighBank will be proportional to STO.
Marketing & Partner Program:
HighBank will design marketing plans for various ICOs based on their input and will act as a watchtower for beginner crypto businesses. As a trusted marketing partner, HighBank will design 3 packages called silver, platinum and gold.
Offline and Online Community Center:
There are two types of community centers operating under the HighBank. The main one operates online and it will be like a webinar where every ICO registered in the HighBank directory will be able to participate and share their opinions. The other is an offline community center and will enable knowledge sharing among our teams, ICO owners and experts from around the World in live question and answer sessions.
Blockchain Consultation & Adviser:
HighBank will ensure revolutionary blockchain technology can sharpen its sword through different channels in the coming years and for this, experts in our panel will ensure that even the concept of beginners becomes successful. Our experts are located all over the world at various R & D centers and they always strive to give you the best consultation from the grassroots level.
    • Apa tujuan dari Jaringan HighBank?

    • Benar-benar tidak. Kode likuiditas akan dikaitkan dengan sistem yang akan memastikan pertukaran tidak pernah menghadapi masalah likuiditas.
    • Apa itu USP dari Highbank?

    • HighBank adalah sinonim untuk kata USP. Mesin IBM Watson 500 akan disertakan yang akan membantu kami mengevaluasi nilai ICO.
    • Apa yang kamu tawarkan?

    • Kami menawarkan 6 bisnis berbeda yang dapat menjadi bagian Anda: 1. Dompet
      Terdesentralisasi 2. Pertukaran Terdesentralisasi
      platform daftar ICO 4. platform crowdfunding
      5. Pakar Komunitas Offline dan komunitas Online.
      6. Asosiasi pemasaran dan kemitraan desentralisasi berbasis masyarakat.
    • Bagaimana cara saya mendaftar ICO di HighBank?

    • Salah satu anggota tim Anda harus mendaftarkan ICO dengan alamat email asli, nama, dan dokumen verifikasi ID. Maka pengguna harus mengkonfirmasi alamat emailnya. Setelah mendaftar, pengguna harus memilih profil tertentu (atau rencana keanggotaan) yang ingin didapatkannya di HighBank. Setelah memilih profil, pengguna harus menekan tombol ‘MY ICO’. Di sana, daftar ICO yang sedang berlangsung akan ditampilkan dan opsi untuk meluncurkan ICO baru juga akan disediakan.
    • Bagaimana saya bisa menjadi bagian dari HighBank?

    • Anda dapat bergabung dengan platform kami dalam satu atau semua kapasitas berikut:
      o Pedagang di bursa kami
      o Seorang pemasar
      o Seorang pemilik ICO atau anggota tim
      o ICO / Blockchain / Ahli Kripto
      o Seorang praktisi hukum
      o Seorang blockchain dan konsultan cryptocurrency


Platform yang memimpin pasar tersentralisasi dan menyulitkan usaha berbasis blockchain untuk tumbuh dan menawarkan manfaat. Ini menghasilkan:

  • Penyalahgunaan kekuasaan
  • Titik kegagalan
  • Tidak ada konsensus
  • Tidak terjangkau


HighBank memungkinkan Anda untuk mendaftarkan ICO untuk ditinjau, berkonsultasi dengan para ahli kami, menggunakan dasbor kami untuk mengelola dan memasarkan merek Anda, meluncurkan token dan menikmati fasilitas pertukaran yang didesentralisasi. Keuntungan utama kami adalah:

  • Anonimitas
  • Tidak ada downtime jaringan
  • Otoritas menyebar ke seluruh jaringan
  • Resistensi kesalahan


For the time to dedicate the High Crying eco crypto system to this ordinary world
2018 Q3
Concept Generation
The initial thought process, business plan, strategic plan & assembly of the minimum business team
2018 Q4
The strategic plan
Research & analysis, technology teams gather, compile the whitepaper with HighBank token creation
2019 Q1
Initial Coins (ICO) Offer
HighBank Partner Systems in operation, Wallets are decentralized with the upcoming ICO list on the HighBank platform with partnerships that are increasingly developing with other Blockchain startups
2019 Q2
Launch of the HighBank Crowdfunding Platform
Ability to come up with the upcoming ICO concept to launch crowdfunding through the Eco HighBank system, Product Enhancement and UAT Testing, Advanced Partnership, Advanced Business Team Assembling & Product Marketing.
2019 Q3
Procedure for Marketing Promotion Through the Launch of the HighBank Eco System
Decision on decentralization driven by the community, HighBank’s powerful marketing strategy for the upcoming ICO
2019 Q4
Launch of the HighBank Decentralized Beta Exchange
Multi cryptocurrency exchange trading system with advanced Partnership & product Marketing
2020 Q1
Decentralized HighBank Exchange in Production
Product Enhancement and UAT Testing with sustainable partnerships & product marketing
2020 Q2
Launch of the HighBank Consortium System
HighBank’s powerful consortium system to provide a successful strategy through aggregating various ICO platforms.
2020 Q3
Opening of the HighBank R & D Center
HighBank’s offline and online community center with R & D centers around the world.
2020 Q4
Launch of Beta Mainnet Version
Launch of Mainnet Beta Version of the HighBank Blockchain Platform
2021 Q1
HighBank Blockchain Mainnet Platform in Production
Migration of ERC20 HighBank Tokens to the HighBank Blockchain Platform


Co-Founder and Co-Chairman
Co-Founder and Co-Chairman
Keeley C. Wilkinson
Exclusive highest official
Tapendra Shee
Blockchain Architect
Asad Hayat
Blockchain Expert
Sheraz Arshad
Full-stacked Blockchain developers
Sakil Mahmud
Backend developer
Bijon Pramanik
Blockchain Expert
Rasel Mahmud
UI / UX Developer
Tanmoy Banerjee
Business Developer
Prasad Seerapu
QA Specialist
Azeem Saifi
Editor in chief
Ahsan Rasheed
Creative Chief
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