Miracle tele is Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides highquality international call and browsing services in one SIM card, making it possible
for its clients to retain their privacy rights and earn biweekly rewards thanks to the
tokenization of the company’s assets in Ethereum blockchain.

We at Miracle Tele want to grow together with the world and tend to the changing needs of the telecom customers by offering them improved privacy, lack of bureaucracy, reduced rates, and value added services as well as freedom of access to financial tools via blockchain all in one place.

By offering an ultimate and fully-functioning solution that fuses advanced telco features together with fintech tools, Miracle Tele is setting the new standard in the mobile telecommunications industry—so that it becomes more competitive and innovative—and making it possible for the customers to receive rewards thanks to the blockchain technology and collaborative economy.

Miracle Tele blockchain will serve as a mobile data and airtime marketplace and
connect hundreds of thousands of customers with dozens of local mobile operators
that provide cheaper and high-quality services.
This way the customers will be able to enjoy reduced rates and cutting-edge value
added tools and receive token holder rewards thanks to blockchain technology and
collaborative economy.

Miracle Tele blockchain will be built using either Ethereum based solutions such as
Plasma and Sharding technologies or Graphene protocol. It’ll allow for a massive
improvement in scalability and throughput of transactions and result in almost nonexistent transaction fees, transaction approval times, and energy consumption if compared to Bitcoin blockchain or standard Ethereum blockchain.

All of this makes Miracle Tele a comprehensive cross-industry product that provides
its customers an easy and effective means to use sophisticated communication
tools and advanced financial services all in one place, following the global trends for
digitalization and decentralization of the most important aspects of our daily lives.

Hereafter, any and all financial calculations that are presented in this Whitepaper
will be offered strictly for demonstration and information purposes and will be given
as the average values for the respective industry.purposes and will be given as the
average values for the respective industry.

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  • In spite of the massive growth of the telecom market all over the world and accelerating globalisation trends—spurring reduction of prices for domestic telecommunication services—telco providers still struggle to provide customers with high-quality and bureaucracy-free roaming plans at reduced rates.
  • Currently there is a large number of telecom operators that offer their customers seemingly advantageous mobile plans, but they only do so on a contract basis. In other words, the client will need to sign a minimum term contract with the telco operator which usually has a duration of 12 to 24 months.
  • It leads to significant increases in business risks for SMEs and makes it extremely difficult for new industry players to enter the market, resulting in price increases for the end customer.
  • Such a radical difference between the consumer and base price for the telco services— in other words retail vs wholesale—may be explained due to high monopolization of the telecom sector around the world.


  • Miracle Tele reversed this trend by cooperating with dozens of local telecom
    operators all around the world and purchasing their call and traffic network
    overcapacities. This lets us cut the infrastructure development costs to the minimum and therefore slash the price of telecommunications services for the end user.
  • Our system is based on a solid mobile virtual network infrastructure for minimizing the development costs and offering the users cheaper pay-as-you-go call and Internet services that can be used on a global scale.
  • We tackle this problem and get rid of the unnecessary bureaucracy so that the customers can enjoy improved privacy in a blockchain powered telecom servicewithout minimum term contracts.
  • This way, by ensuring a smooth entry for our company into the market with zero monopolisation, low risks, and low to zero competition we foster the growth of globalisation, free market, business, and decentralized economy all around the world.



  • Q1/2018
  1. Core team formed
  2. Website and blockchain released
  3. Lightpaper prepared
  • Q2/2018
  1. Miracle Tele registered in the Czech republic
  2. Prague office opened
  3. Contracts with mobile service providers signed.
  4. Fully functioning sim card in 163 launched.
  • Q3/2018
  1. 5000 active teco users reached.
  2. Android application.
  3. MVNO license from Czech Telecommunication Authory obtained
  4. Testing of Tele token reward model finished.
  • Q4/2018
  1. IOS app release.
  2. Upgrading our APN server-side equipment for enhanced telecom system perfomance.
  3. Negotiations with mobile carriers and preparation the infrastructure for the use of TELE token as payment for our telecom service.
  4. 8000 active telco users reached.
  • Q1-2/2019
  1. Development of proprietary wallet started.
  2. Free use of Whatsapp/Telegram on Miracle tele sim card enabled.
  3. Payment with Tele token for our telecom service enabled.
  4. Reaching 50,000 registered user
  5. 25,000 active telco users reached.
  • Q3-4/2019
  1. Proprietary multiplatform wallet released.
  2. Negotiation with prepaid card issuers on launching Miracle tele prepaid card that support cryptocurrency.
  3. Development of a new blockchain for our telecom ecosystem started.
  4. Reaching 100,000 registered users.
  5. 50,000 actice telco users reached.
  • Q1/2020
  1. Release of a new blockchain for our telecom ecosystem.
  2. Incorporating VPN serive into miracle tele sim card.
  3. Listing Tele token on exchange platform.
  4. 65,000 active telco users reached.
  • Q2-4/2020
  1. Integration of Miracle Tele telecom service into Iot ecosystem
  2. Reaching 250,000 registered users.
  3. 125,000 active telco users reached.
  • Q1-4/2021
  1. Reaching 500,000 registered users.
  2. Over 200,000 active telco users reached.
  3. Becoming one the world biggest MVNOs and going into competition with traditional telecom provider.


  • 20% promotion
  • 50%tokensale
  • 20% team
  • 5% bounty
  • 5% legal

    Ends when all available tokens are sold out


    Not limited


    Not limited


    150,000,000 TELE




For more information please visit link below :

Website : https://miracletele.com/

telegram : https://t.me/miracletelecom

facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MiracleTele/

twitter : https://twitter.com/MiracleTelecom

instagram : https://www.instagram.com/miracletele/

medium : https://medium.com/@miracletele.mobile



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