In the past decade there have been advances in several spheres of human endeavour aimed generally at making life better for the average human being. Where there attempts at solving the problems plaguing humanity, there are always bound to be new problems arising from the solutions that intended to solve the former problem.

Thus, if we come to the various social news platforms that have been created to help disseminate information as well as serve as a places for like-minded people to network, there are very importatnt problems that have arisen from such platforms. For example there are a lot of poorly secured sites that can easily be hacked and user data stolen or in some cases, the user data intentionally sold to others without the knowledge of the user. Daily, we also wake up to hear a lot of news that make rounds but by the end of the day we realize these were just fake news.

What if we could have a social news platform that can help solve some of these teething problems we encounter daily on social news platforms? Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Sapien Network: a highly decentralized social news platform built on the ethereum blockchain that seeks to solve some of the aforementioned problems and even make our social media encounters much more better.

What is Sapien?

As introduced above, Sapien network is a social news platform powered by its ERC-20 compliant token the SPN on the ethereum blockchain. Basically what the network seeks to do is to reward users to help promote the creation of very high quality content. Thus, content creators are rewarded with SPN tokens when they produce quality contents. They can also then reward other users on the network with SPN tokens or crowdfund posts of interests. This way users will be encouraged to bring out the best content they can produce.

What more? The SPN token can be used to purchase goods and services on the Sapien Decentralized market place which will also help create more value for the token.

Another interesting feature of the Sapien Network is that other users can evaluate and grade the work of other users. These grades are accumulated to get a reputation score which depending on the value tells the level of expertise of the user in a certain field and so once again this will encourage users to come out with the best they’ve got.

One more important thing about the network is that it helps the community to filter valuable content from non-essential content such as trolls and fake news. This will thus make it easier for users to have quality material at their fingertips unlike the traditional social news platforms whereby users have to sift through materials of variable quality as well as battle with the unending trolls and fake news spread daily.

Key features of the Sapien Network worth knowing:

· Public and private browsing: helps users to use the network anonymously or with their real identities whichever way is convenient for them.

· Subscriptions: There are branches within the network that users can subscribe to, to allow them stay up to date with important posts from other users,

· Friends, Groups and posts; with this feature, you can add friends, create groups of your choice and share posts and comments .

· Feature-rich Chat: on the platform is a chat interface that allows users to join text and voice channels.

· Encryption: This is another very important feature of the platform which helps protect users’ privacy online.

· Highly customizable: users can customize their social experiences easily with this.

About the token sale

Presale starts on January 31-February 15

There is no minimum presale goal

Accepted currency is Ethereum

The Token sale is in will start on March 3-April 3

Hardcap is $30million

Accepted currency: Ethereum and bitcoin

Minimum main sale phase #1 goal is 50 million SPN, if this minimum is not reached, investors will be refunded excluding funds liquidated for marketing expenses.

Why you should invest in the Sapien Network:

· You will be helping to greatly reduce the spread of fake news.

· You will be helping yourself as well other users earn rewards for using the platform

· You will also be joining a platform that secures and protects you from data theft and so on.






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