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The is the next generation platform to provide cybersecurity. It is an open and incentivized cybersecurity ecosystem which is based on the blockchain as well as tries to protect the cyber threats. There is also decentralizing threat intelligence platform called HEROIC Arc Reactor™ (“Arc Reactor”) which provides a huge opportunity to the users. On the other hand, this ecosystem will create long-term system for the cyber-crime protection. There are many expert people to solve the cyber threats and develop this ecosystem to give best services. There are also multiple technologies in this platform for the maximum services. The team member of this platform includes Cyberlytics™ and the Proof-of-Threat™ protocol in this platform to make strong and beneficial. They offer a token share to the investors. On the other, the pre-sale is live now/. You will get bonus facility on the token sale period of the platform. I hope it will give you the best opportune it in the modern world. You will get more information in the below link-

The current problem of cybersecurity: There is some problem with the cybersecurity platform. We should trust technology to make our daily life easy as well as more comfortable. But there are some problems with this technology. By using this modern technology, the hackers can commit the cybercrime. They also create cyber threats as well as stole peoples data. There will more than 30 billion devices connected to the Internet in 2020. So, you can easily realize that huge people will connect to this sector. On the other hand, the hackers also stole enterprise data and sold it to others. There is no algorithm in the current cybersecurity ecosystem. To develop a complete ecosystem is difficult as well as expensive. So, people do not feel safe in the world for cyber threats.

The solution with The will give the best solution for the cyber threats. They give a strong algorithm to remove the cyber threats. It also provides Heroic Arc Reactor which is a decentralize intelligence platform for the cyber-attacks. It can solve the problems. Moreover, the uses artificial intelligence to protect your data from the cyber threats. They build research as well as a development environment for the developers. The developers can develop this platform as well as they will also able to test their own algorithm. There are also key components in this platform to maintain the whole system as well as give support to remove the whole problems. There is also a unique, long-term as well as a sustainable ecosystem for a great facility. To find out more information, you should click the following link- So, I hope you will join this ecosystem to enjoy maximum facility from the

The R and D environment: The research and development environment create a great facility for the developers to provide opportunity. Now, I am writing you the R and D technologies in below;

• It permits Access to historical threat data as well as give facility from the users.
• Developers APIs system.
• There are also software tools in this sector.
• They also include HRO-powered marketplace in this R and D technologies.
• There is also AI as well as cybersecurity community in this platform.
• They add blockchain transaction management on this platform. It also empowers a community of developers as well as tries to build a next-generation platform for cybersecurity protection services.

Token distribution of This platform allocates 50% of total token share for the token sale and bonuses on token sale period. Moreover, they also distribute 25% token as the Ecosystem Incentives. They will collect as well as raise funds from the token sale period. So, the will use 25% of the total token to raise HEROIC Growth Fund. They are created the Total Tokens amount of 1,000,000,000. On the other hand, the token sale hard cap is $41,000,000. They approve BTC, ETH as well as other cryptocurrencies in the token sale period. You also get this platform services by using this token share.

Token benefit: The Heroic token is the main energy to access this platform and join the cybersecurity ecosystem. It is designed for multiple accesses as well as completes the research, integration, and advances in cybersecurity technologies. You can use HRO token as the currency of this platform. You will be able to exchange HRO in others cryptocurrencies. To purchase token, please click this link- Visit and purchase a token from this link. There is also a bonus facility on this platform.

Funds allocation: The will allocate all funds for the better service of this platform. They will use the highest number of funds for the development of this platform. They allocate 42% of total funds to complete the development of the Heroic platform. They also focus on the operation department of this platform. So, 22% fund will use to maintain the operations of this platform. Moreover, they use 3% funds for the legal support. The will complete all legal activity with this amount of funds. They use 5% funds to build as well as a partnership. On the other hand, the team member of the also gets 10% funds. As a result, they are fully focused on the marketing of this platform. Marketing is an important part to success in business. So, the will use 18% of the total funds to complete the marketing of this platform.

Team: The has a good team member who is hardworking people. They are also talented in the Cybersecurity system. Chad Bennett has 15+ years of professional experience in cybersecurity. He also works for many technology companies as the CEO. There are much software developers in the platform. Maximum of them are well-experienced as well as an expert in cybersecurity ecosystem. Ganesh Dharmawat is a senior software developer and has many years’ experience in the blockchain. They include an expert member of the digital marketing department of this platform. Marc Glasser has 25 years’ experience in US governance. He works as the advisor of this platform. Lee Johnson is also the advisor of this platform. All kinds of information are available in the following link-

Finally, I would like to tell you that the is an amazing project in the cryptocurrency sector. It will create an ecosystem for the cyber security solution. They will remove all threat of cybersecurity. They build the trust to establish the cybersecurity. They also fixed their milestone. On the other hand, you also get mobile as well as desktop apps. So, I hope you will join this platform and invest in this ecosystem.

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