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Greetings to all crypto-currency lovers this morning, we will talk about the promising project YouSeeMe. I believe that after reading this article, you will be the key to this project because this is a project of the world community and all sectors of the world economy. I have waited patiently for the features, concepts, and ideas, because it will provide a solution to your confusing questions that continue to resonate in your head, ask for answers, but have not received an answer. Thank you very much for YOU SEE ME (Batcoin), a blockchain-based e-wallet platform that offers all payment and trading features in one application. Today, the cryptocurrency market has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, compared to traditional Fiat standards or state-supported currencies such as dollars or euros, it has not been accepted as an investment vehicle worldwide. Even the market share of around 2% in the current currency is not extraordinary. In the coming years, rapid growth is expected.
Youseeme Bartcoin Barwallet is the first Ewallet to combine the payment and trading features of an all-in-one device. Share with friends and relatives, pay merchants, exchange cryptocurrency or assets and merchandise, and store them securely in your wallet portfolio.
Youseeme is a firewall ecosystem and loyalty rewards that connects crypto communities and traditional consumers. Youseeme allows buyers not to manage various loyalty programs and redeem price points at various retailers. All loyalty points collected (Bartcoin) can be used by all Youseeme network traders (restaurants, shops, etc.). Buyers will immediately know how much money they have. Youseeme Wallet offers safe and fast transactions, online shopping (m-commerce), and easy money transfers between wallets (such as sharing bills, sending money to someone across the country, etc.).
The YouSeeMe application is an ecosystem and electronic wallet platform that connects cryptocurrency and traditional assets. YouSeeMe does not allow buyers to manage multiple loyalty programs, but uses universal reward points from different providers. These balls themselves are markers of the Bartcoin platform. All of these Bartcoin brands can be issued at all YouSeeMe stores (restaurants, shops, etc.). YouSeeMe Wallet offers safe and fast transactions, online shopping, and easy money transfers between wallets. For example, exchanging bills, sending money to someone, etc. Users immediately recognize their Bartcoin wallets and tokens.


As I said before, the   YouSeeMe-   project offers a variety of different products and services, each dealer will love a unique loyalty program for users of the   YouSeeMe-  bid  system     . Thanks to this, users can collect points collected and, in the future, exchange them for several products or services or exchange money in the form of Fiat’s profits. Shopping at YouSeeMe is fun because you can always find out your current balance and choose the features you need to convert your current assets with the lowest commission and other fees.
It is important to know that this application is available for all types of smartphones. This makes it not only practical, but also available throughout the world. With    YouSeeMe,    you  can  pay for all types of shopping and services, whether using public transportation or paying rent, product purchases, or dinner-dinner payments. All of this will be available thanks to YouSeeMe and even without a bank card, which in my opinion is very convenient and practical!


Launched in the first quarter of 2019, the Bartwallet application provides a new generation trading solution for cryptocurrency and tokens. This exchange supports Bitcoin and Ethereum (which applies to other digital currencies) and Bartcoin (BARC). The exchange platform offers high liquidity, transparent order books and low costs and a lump sum for all trades. This application can be installed on all types of smartphones.


Bartcoin (BARC) is an Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) protocol that allows retailers to give gifts to buyers for different behaviors, such as: Buyers can then spend their Bartcoin brands on the network for future purchases or trading on the Bartwallet platform.


The Youseeme application facilitates the transition between the virtual world and the real world. Thanks to Bartcoin Cryptocurrency, you can spend money on Bartwallet. For example, you can change Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrency in Bartcoin and pay for your purchase through Youseeme (dealers, restaurants, …). With just a few clicks, you can track the progress of all online transactions.


Buy and pay through Yousseme eWallet without having to use a credit card. Share a taxi ride with your friends or just send a portion of your rent to your roommate with the Youseeme app. Buy and sell your cryptocurrency wherever you are. Collect your transactions and change at any time in Bartcoin or Euro. Always available, see your transaction history and manage your beard wallet 24 hours a day.
Our vision 
The UCME Octave offer has been affected by recent regulatory changes. 1.      DSP2 regulation in the banking sector, which allows new companies to launch new electronic payment and payment management tools
2.      Purse cryptocurrency now provides trade and commodity assets.
3.      Transaction control provisions are currently used by regulators throughout the world. It may be necessary to enter DSP2 provisions in the e-money license.
4. The      fact that technology and the tokenisation of blockchain is not limited to the financial sector. Blockchain has opened a new concept for creative business thinking.
The UCME Octave project corrects and solves a      number of these problems: 

A.     There is no investment needed to use the system.
b. Affordable monthly membership fees are paid with Bartcoin.
c. Worldwide loyalty programs are available for all users.
d.  The e-shop is connected to merchant ERP software or point-of-sale software.
e. Very scalable in terms of marketing and communication.
f.  Customer loyalty software is integrated into the solution.
g. Open the door for SMEs and give them access to challenging new markets.

Youseeme Exchange increases sales to new customers locally and globally by allowing businesses and entrepreneurs to pay and receive BARTCOIN (exclusive virtual currency).

BARTCOIN Economy is based on a network of traders and consumers who form communities. We provide reliable and fast payments for call buyers and sellers to handle daily business tasks at a very low cost. The BARTCOIN economy also provides access to the digital currency market through selective investments in the Blockchain network. We aim to provide a user-friendly surplus economy that provides security and increases value.

YouSeeMe and Bartwallet will help. You don’t even need to use a credit card. Now you can buy and pay through YouSeeMe Wallet, pay for trips, rent places, and decode and buy. You can trade directly with Bartcoin or Euro anytime and anywhere. Now everything is always ready and you can manage your Bartwallet 24 hours a day.

Learn more about ICO

Pre-ICO and ICO will be held from 18 February 2019 to 18 May 2019.

The token distribution is as follows:

Token details



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