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Airsave Travel – Earn Money For Your Travels

Airsave Travel is an innovative social-saving DApp, which rewards users for saving for their trips – with online friends and their social contacts. Before saving small fixed costs on ASTC or fiat, users can test the DApp first, by storing and getting crypto-points. Here they can track their savings balance, refer their friends and withdraw their savings and income as STA Travel vouchers, real cash or ASTC (and other crypto currencies), all from their smartphone or device.

Airsave Travel is the part that changes the game from the ongoing blockchain revolution because it requires a process of saving money for travel and changing it from a slow, tiring, isolated and individual process, to a social process that produces a stable and fully transparent return. Besides being transparent, there is a decentralization feature, which is the main highlight of blockchain technology. Decentralization allows AirsaveTravel Coin (ASTC sign), to increase its value compared to saving and producing fiat. The centralized version of Airsave Travel is available at the Apple App Store since July 2017. This application is built with a back-end system designed to track and manage virtual points and real-world money obtained through admin panels when users save money on their trips with their friends. What this means is that this system effectively tracks all user references and travel revenues, which are paid to users at four-month intervals: in vouchers and fiat STA Travel. More information about our decentralized products planned is provided when you read.

Airsave Travel is a decentralized application (DApp), being built in 2018. It is a one-click technology that does not require entry, entry or installation. Airsave Travel also uses blockchain technology to be able to attract, authenticate, and respect all users in the ecosystem who want to save and earn money for their trips – together. Test us for free by saving in crypto-points – before you save a little money every month, with our new cryptocurrency: AirsaveCoins (ASTC), or in fiat. You will see how easily crypto-points can double your real income, while tracking virtual and real balances in real time. Using the existing Airsave concept (now available on the App Store), along with open-source blockchain technology, you can also use your friends network to earn money for all your trips.

How Do You Save Airsave Travel?

This platform provides savings on Airsave Travel Coins (ASTC). Savings can also be done in fiat currencies. You will see how easily crypto-points can double your real income while tracking virtual and real balances in real time. Using the existing Airsave concept, along with open-source blockchain technology, you can use your friends network to earn money for all your trips.

When you save £ 20 each month with Airsave (or the equivalent of ASTC), you get £ 5 every month for each friend you save, and when you invite your friends and grow your reference list, you can see your income that hasn’t opened up. Every 4 months, you can then withdraw your savings and income in your chosen fiat or cryptocurrency, with a minimum of 20% of the amount paid as a travel voucher from their exclusive partner STA Travel.

Our platform is open source, which allows most ASTC tokens to be controlled by users and investors. With the ASTC token, users can have access to the application. Also, these tokens can be redeemed in return – at four-month intervals. At present, 200,000 ASTC tokens have been ordered through initial landings for prospective DApp users worldwide. This reserved token will be given to a smart contract for three months after the ICO ends. The vesting period will be used to prevent tokens from selling shares as soon as the ICO is completed. In this way, we can have time to educate ASTC owners (tourists) on how to use their tokens in DApp and how to buy ASTC from investors who want to sell their ASTC tokens to make a profit.

Airsave Travel Features

  • Save and Get: Both users and friends have the option of obtaining fiat tokens or currencies.
  • Refer Friends: Money can be obtained when users refer friends from their Facebook friends list.
  • Prizes: Redeem your savings and income to cash tickets from STA Travel.
  • Free: Opportunities to save and get virtual money come at no extra cost. So, there is no risk involved in trying the product.
  • Easy to Use: Track monthly savings and income available on a convenient user-friendly dashboard.

Airsave Travel gives users the opportunity to see how they will fund their trip by letting them save in a crypto-point, allowing them to see how saving can actually easily double real income. Users can also track their travel deposits and get balances in real time, get monthly prizes, repeat by inviting their friends, watch their friends’ reference lists increase and withdraw their savings and income as travel vouchers from our exclusive partner STA Travel, or up to 80% on ASC or cryptocurrency tokens – all from their smartphone or device. Both users and investors have many benefits from our platform.

Info Token

Token Name: Airsave Travel Coin
Token Ticker: ASTC
Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply: 125,000,000
ASTC Tokens for Sale: 117,500,000 ASTC

Token Price:
at Pre ICO Stage 1: 800 ASTC = $ 100
in Pre ICO Stage 2: 500 ASTC = $ 100
at Main ICO: 400 ASTC = $ 100






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