Alive Casino – the world’s first cryptocurrency casino offering experience in working with virtual reality in gambling. Every client of the project gets the opportunity to become a true pioneer in this segment. It’s worth taking into consideration the key features of the platform that will attract interested parties:
Virtual Casino Reality

Modern VR technology will give players the opportunity to feel like real casino customers without leaving home. You do not have a headset? We also have many games without VR! Here everyone will find the best option for themselves.

We have own dealers

Alive Casino is doing everything for the comfort of its customer dealers working for you! The community of token owners and players will be in full contact with our own team of traders and their managers. Guaranteed happy, safe and transparent interactions-people will be able to enjoy the leisure time, enjoy the features of virtual slot machines.

Constant passive profit for all token holders

40% of Alive Casino’s profits are distributed to the token holders every three months. Alive Casino is a community, not just a business!

Virtual Reality

Gaming Experience Casino Alive is the world’s first kriptovaljutnym casino designed to integrate VR technology. In addition to a wide range of traditional online gambling, live players can enjoy live games in both HD video and VR. Do not have a VR headset yet? You take care! You can win on simple slots with their cryptocurrency.

Real Dealers

Dealers of this virtual casino are doing their best to provide a comfortable and safe game for the customers. All dealers in Alive need to be fully present on social networks and available to become a “friend” of every player. In this way, you can not only communicate with selected dealers in the virtual casino.

Systematic development of the industry

In cooperation with our partner betconstruct, we plan to create our own live games studio. Not only will Alive benefit from the presence of its own vendors, but it will also reduce the cost of using a third-party vendor by distributing a large profit to the owners of the living token in the short and long term. This is a great opportunity to create a whole network of virtual casinos using innovative technologies.

Virtual Reality Casino

Alive Casino will allow you to visit Ground Casino without leaving your home. Once VR Casino is up and running, players will receive a 360-degree review of fully interactive slots and dealer tables. VR technology allows players to rotate drums, interact with the dealer, and play other VR games.

Each player has access to the following functions:
slot machines;
Live dealer;
sports bar;
Social space with multiple users;
Real rates with immediate 24/7 payouts.
The main advantages of a virtual reality casino
It’s worth highlighting a few more really important factors:
The use of blockchain technology makes it possible to protect players from problems with fraud and the loss of own funds. In addition, the use of opportunities blockchain offers the opportunity to refuse the services of the intermediary-casino makes almost instant payments, taking into account the wishes of the players;
Full transparency in all transactions-intellectual contracts allow you to make the casino game safe and easy;
No problems with the filling of the purse. You will be able to buy project brands for Fiat funds and then use them to play your favorite devices.
Developers of innovative casino, with the possibility to use virtual reality, are confident that the project will be really successful, given the increasing popularity of gambling entertainment among all Internet users.


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