The first ICO with a fully working iGaming project that received extremely positive feedback from the community. Truegame is a truly unique iGaming product: users are already playing more than a dozen different games (scratch cards, prize draws, lotteries, giftboxes, etc.). We closed a private round of funding within 24 hours and even refused additional capital. We launched our product together with a team of specialists from the gambling industry, and now that we’re proven, we are ready for scale-out and market expansion.

The above-mentioned and other problems of this industry can be fixed by the blockchain project TrueGame.  The team proudly call their project as iGaming platform that aims at providing the reliable and trustworthy service where gamers can in real time track and play the most popular games – like slots, lotteries, scratch cards, get giftboxes and even win lotteries with huge Jackpots. They need ICO to invest in the already existing working product – the website with games – and to attract more gamers.

The users of TrueGame will receive the really transparent and fair chances to play any game they will find on the platform. Such benefits are achieved thanks to the smart contracts that ensure the randomly generated numbers and the process of each game stored publicly on the blockchain network. It means the minimal risks of scams that are very common in this industry.

Many gambling platforms have been established but there is no other like Truegame. It was rated 4.7 out of 5 by 43 experts in ICOBENCH and also passed their KYC ICO Report. Icobench is a platform that lists all the current or future ICOs and given the rating they gave Truegame, it is one of the highest rated ICOs in the platform.

Bounty campaign. The upcoming bounty campaign must fix the situation of low buzz around the project online. The team distributed 3 million TGAME tokens (300 ETH) as rewards for the participants of the campaign. Anyone can promote the project performing the activities on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram (a user must have more than 500 active followers) or by creating the unique content. Also the bonuses will be spread among translators of all documents and website to different languages.The project already has a fully operable working product – a separate website where users can play games and win tokens. All lotteries and games are creative, available 24/7, visually pleasant and user-friendly website that is built on smart contracts. It means that unlike its decentralized competitors TrueGame is far ahead in the achieving the main goal – attracting the attention of the target audience interested in gambling. The upcoming milestones of the project are aimed at expanding the audience and the full integration of the platform with Ethereum blockchain, including adding more new games like card games and slots.








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