New of innovation today for future to bring and building of technology with high performance for control about ecosystem on completed of doing of task reward control to make as well, and the best of solution for give the services for all user became and contribute on this platform , with high control on manage of certain of task and simple more task and control of condition of pay for all user just was completed and doing the task , so this is make all user very interested for contribute and support for this platform growth in future with high value .


Solution of building , creating of system control about marketing campaign to high system class and on this platform is focus on give the best of control all task to all participant for contribute , high on rules for must follow and then after all participant hasbeen succesfulll for doing task this is getting for reward payment after end of a quest , so this is make all user very intersted for contribute on this platform , about control of task all verification performance is very well .

Tech implementation 

aQuest high performance for control of ecosystem on marketing campaign because on there implementation with high tech , and then aQuest integrate with Enkronos Apps and so this is make all quality on building of creator on campaign as well , and then with Enkronos Apps we can easy for collection for all user and building engage with other users , and then aQuest focus control about make improvement on the enggagement of user to make as well with best brand in future, establish and control interaction and transaction as well on this platform .

Feature Of aQuest

integration with Enkronos Apps , and then on there Automated of website , we can building of more reward for doing for task , easy for use and learn for contribute on this platform , high perfomance and services , mobile frindly for use , about accesible is very well , and then high secure control for all user contribute on this platform , based for all reward using erc-20 tokens , and more task and variability for all user contribute on this platform .


  • Token name  :AQU
  • Pre ico price  : 0.003 ETH 
  • price ico : 0.006 ETH 
  • Platform : Ethereum 
  • Softcap : $ 1 Million
  • Hardcap : $ 39 Million


  • Pre ico  : 2019-01-24 –  2019-02-21
  • ICO : 2019-02-25 – 2019-04-09

Distribution of tokens

TEAM aQuest :

  • Gianluca Busato , Founder & CEO
  • Jure Veler , CTO
  • Spela Mermolja , Project Manager
  • Luka Mladenovic , Backend Developer
  • Jan Rozic , Frontend Developer
  • Mojca Mir , Business Assistant
  • Matjaz Prijatelj ,System Administrator
  • Niko Bergles ,UX , UI Graphic Designer
  • Matej Hladnik , Frontend Programmer
  • Primoz Nemec , Solution Sales Specialist


  • Selena Balconi , Art Director
  • Debora Oliosi , Digital Strategist
  • Sanem Avcil , ICO investor , advisor
  • Marco Muhrer Schwaiger, Serial Entepreuner
  • Carlo Buonpane , ICO Advisor

ABOUT aQuest :