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Successful greetings to all of my crypto buddies wherever you are. May you be healthy all Amiin. on this occasion I will inform you all about one of the ongoing ICO projects “ImmVRse”.

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What is ImmVRse .. ??
ImmVRse is a decentralized website, as well as apps for iOS and Android that use standard Ethereum ERC20 markers to create their own ecosystem. then the token should not be considered a cryptoactivity. Although token trades can be sold on the stock market, you can not guarantee that prices will go up immediately, as many people expect. Token sales facilitates the distribution of fully legitimate applications that comply with all UK laws.

ImmVRse ™ names act as currency, and therefore will be integrated into the platform as a means of payment. This technical paper serves for a general understanding of concepts and does not provide recommendations on investments. Therefore, anyone who wants to invest in ImmVRse ™ should be aware of all the risks and consequences themselves. Detailed investment conditions are developed by law firms governed by the Office for Rules of Human Rights in the United Kingdom. potential users and ICO participants better understand what is going on in this document, it is available in several languages.

ImmVRse will be the first decentralized and distributed digital video platform that will enable creators, brands and advertisers to interact with platforms and create the best virtual reality work. The platform will have a unique digital currency – the ImmVRse ™ token, which will be a reciprocal reckoning unit between ecosystem sides. With the help of cryptographic signatures, the app will display files and write transactions using multiple nodes to allow transactions and record data. It is impossible to change the back of the unit.

ImmVRse, in the first place, will mainly focus on the VR / AR / mixed reality, and can be easily scaled to mask other forms of multimedia products – for example, 3D animations. There is currently no Platform that will provide an opportunity to demonstrate VR-content and, at the same time, its direct use for monetization purposes.

These new issues
Difficult Spreads
Many platforms that support VRs – including YouTube and Facebook, are lacking, until there are quite a lot of VR creators. but they are not enough content creators on any platform. On modern media separation platform, video content 180 / 2D; while there are only a few high-level infilter. This is because of the high cost of the camera, which prevents the creation of new content.

In addition, while there is no copyright protection against content playback. Taking into consideration the fact that the market for traditional video installers is saturated, it is very difficult to achieve growth in the VR industry without having a dedicated platform. Most specialized platforms are centralized and have limited use. Also, not all content developers will be allowed to run the platform.

Payment Implementation Model
Currently, user payments for most countries are governed by limited laws. Decentralized models will help overcome these obstacles by introducing a standard approach to digital payments. Through unit integration, ImmVRse ™ will enable anyone to create a wallet in a few seconds to send and receive payments.

Receiving benefits
Due to the number of video producers on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, to stand out and earn at least, or great unusual effort or idea.

Slow growth
The growth of VR and AR is greatly facilitated by media producers and entertainment content. It is expected that due to an increase in the number of screens with a head tilt, the demand for content will also grow exponentially.

How ImmVRse Deals with the Technology
ImmVRse is designed to face some of the problems, such as:

This is a platform that won’t only provide a transactional spot but also a community. Creators, developers, and advertisers can get together and interact with one another. It is a platform where everyone can learn and share, improving creativity and ability of everyone involved.

This platform provides a full control to everyone, especially to creators. They are free to do anything they like and create any contents they prefer. There won’t be any third party controller or a superior power – like the one in a centralized system. After all, this platform is running on a decentralized system so everyone is free.

This platform is able to provide a solution to one of the most common issues in this sector: payment. Thanks to the cryptocurrency application, payment is made simpler and easier. Any countries with restrictive banking application can take advantages from this cryptocurrency. What about the high fee? You don’t have to deal with such a problem anymore

Solve the problem
The blockade triggered a new digital revolution. In fact, the block is decentralized to networks and digital registers for programmable transactions to store all types of data and do not have a single point of failure. ImmVRse will be equipped with infrastructure built on the basis of the Ethereum blockbuster.

The platform will be distributed using smart contracts, as well as the development and deployment of decentralized applications without the impact of centralized arbiter, downtime, fraud or other external influences.

CREATIVITY -ImmVRse is not just a platform for viewers, advertisers, and also communities where members can interact, help, and inspire each other to create the best VR content available on the Internet. By using the strength of decentralized networks, we will create an efficient and self-sustainable ecosystem for our members.

CONTROL – Communities will have the ability to control and share content, which will eliminate centralized decision making and eliminate intermediaries from the work process. ImmVRse will not be medium or medium. In each job, an intellectual contract will be executed, the parameters will be adjusted by the user or both parties, ie the brand and the creator. contracts will be deployed on the block, and payments will be processed on time, approved by the parties. Thus, the contract system will work the same as the peer-to-peer network recruitment system.

PAYMENT MEANS – Payments are one of the biggest issues broken by integration. There are no high commissions for transactions, bank account requirements or other restrictions for users. Thanks to the ImmVRse token, you can in a few seconds to send / receive payments worldwide without paying high commissions to process banks or other intermediaries.

This opens up a great opportunity for millions of content creators for the content of many countries whose citizens prefer to use crypt currencies due to the various geographical or administrative restrictions imposed by their state legislatures. At the same time, users will be moderated through a comprehensive stand-alone authentication system. After checking the users, they will be able to make payments using the ImmVRse token.

INCOME– ImmVRse will allow creators to gain lucrative contracts from employers, as well as individual content development for high quality global companies and brands. In addition, this system will not only encourage creators, but also viewers of VR content. In addition, content creators who earn well on the platform will pay a monthly service fee for their premium status.

Creating a balanced ecosystem, the platform will strive to become one of the largest video sharing platforms, attracting hundreds of companies worldwide. The combination of all of the above factors will lead to rapid user growth and the amount of content. This, in turn, will attract advertisers who will invest in platforms for the sake of the ecosystem.

Advantages Of ImmVRse
ImmVRse will help creators show their talents and creations to the world. They will also be rewarded for their work.
Below are the main advantages of the platform:

  • Payments and decentralized autonomy
  • Intelligent Peer-to-Peer Contracts and Freelancers
  • There are no financial controllers or intermediaries
  • Real apps like iOS, Android
  • Token as a gift for creators and viewers
The tokens purchased can be redeemed for fiat money. Incentive systems for creators will help keep work at a high level.
The platform focuses on providing virtual reality services and development, while using Block technology as the basis for its development. ImmVRse provides a place where users can develop virtual capabilities or content from the reality they create.
It should be noted that 4 years ago the number of users of YouTube channels exceeded 1 billion (!) It is not difficult to guess that with so many users, how to stand out and worthy to show their work is very difficult not to mention that to connect monetization, similarly related issues other platforms. However, the ImmVRse platform resolves these issues and provides requests for good work.
Category of uploaded content:
  1. Science and Technology
  2. Education:
  3. People and blogs
  4. Entertainment
  5. News and politics
  6. Music
  7. Movies and Animations
  8. Business
  9. Advertisement
  10. Company video
About Tokens
Token name – IMV
1 IMV = 0.20 USD
Hard cap is equal to 20 million dollars
ImmVRse will distribute to the ICO 33.33% (100 million IMV) the number of tokens. 52.70% token will be ordered.
All 300 million IMV pools, tokens will be distributed as follows:
If you want to help develop this platform, you can always invest your money through the ICO system. Feel free to buy tokens now before the platform starts. Funds generated from token sales will mostly be used for development and growth.
Employees and operations will be the next sector for allocation of funds. Marketing will follow, and then technology for VR will be the next focus. If you are interested, 1 IMV token will sell for $ 0.20 and you can join this ImmVRse community.
Hopefully what I described above can be useful to be your reference in choosing to join the project “ImmVRse”, to get more information please visit the following link.

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