HIGHBANK: Creating A Blockchain Based Ecosystem


HIGHBANK is making the cutting edge Blockchain-based environment required to permit the crypto network to amplify and differentiate their portfolios in the unstable crypto commercial center. Highbank are changing the establishment of crypto markets to make a practical exchanging biological system that helps the appropriation of cryptographic forms of money. Our platform,to be based over Ethereum Blockchain,will be a one-in-all crypto exchanging stage lodging a Decentralized Crypto Exchange, ICO Listing, ICO Launch, and Crowdfunding, Marketing and Partner program, Online and Offline people group focus, and Blockchain Consultancy.

What is a HighBank?

HighBank is a decentralized stage that permits numerous floods of salary and venture for different clients, having a place with different gatherings.

HIGHBANK makes the cutting edge Blockchain-based biological system that is expected to empower the crypto network to expand and differentiate their portfolios in the unpredictable crypto advertise. Highbank changes the establishment of the crypto market to make an exchange biological system that can build digital money selection. Our stage, which will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain, will be a finished crypto exchanging stage that houses the Decentralized Crypto Exchange, ICO List, ICO Launch, and Crowdfunding, Marketing and Partner programs, Online and Offline people group focuses, and Blockchain Consultations.

The HighBank democratizes crypto exchanging the accompanying sense:

1. Making more open doors for merchants to purchase, sell, and trade their preferred virtual streams.

2. Giving new businesses, who plan to utilize ICO as a way to raise reserves, a universal stage that empowers them to increase worldwide acknowledgment.

3. Give a Blockchain start-up of the considerable number of devices expected to execute and their ICO showcase securely.

4. Band together with built up advertising networks on mainstream stages, for example, Telegram and YouTube to help apprentices rapidly following their ICO reach to whatever number networks as could be allowed.

5. Sort out and compose yearly classes and meetings that advance learning creation and sharing among the Blockchain people group.

6. Going about as a middle for mechanical development that empowers an.

HighBank Benefit 

Problem : 

The market driving stages are brought together and it makes it troublesome for the blockchain-based dares to develop and offer advantages. It results in:

>Misuse of intensity

>Single purpose of disappointment

>No agreement



HighBank enables you to enlist ICOs for audit, counsel our specialists, utilize our dashboard to oversee and showcase your image, dispatch a token and appreciate the advantages of a decentralized trade. Our essential advantages are:


>No organize personal time

>Authority spread over the system

>Fault obstruction

Decentralized Crypto Exchange Key Features :

In the course of recent months, decentralized crypto trades have been the focal point of consideration. HighBank isn’t distinctive as far as ideas, yet conveys the scene to the following dimension. Our trade enables you to include a wide range of crypto tokens, paying little heed to whether it has a place with the ERC20 convention. A ground-breaking exchanging machine will run arranges in no time flat with the assistance of a chain coordinating motor. Outside liquidity suppliers from the trade will guarantee that the system never comes up short on liquidity. The trade will bolster every single significant token and will keep running on DPOS agreement.

ICO List Platform:

Our posting stage is a straightforward arrangement that individuals are searching for. With a mix of stochastic slope capacities and IBM Watson 500 machines, the HighBank stage will probably distinguish the best ICO with the possibility to profit from the market.

ICO Launch and Crowdfunding Platform:

HighBank is the main ICO dispatch stage of its sort. We enable entrepreneurs to pick the best gifts on our stage to improve the probability of their crowdfunding. Guidelines identified with the HighBank will be corresponding to STO.

Showcasing and Partner Program:

HighBank will configuration showcasing plans for different ICOs dependent on their information and will go about as a watchtower for fledgling crypto organizations. As a confided in showcasing accomplice, HighBank will plan 3 bundles called silver, platinum and gold.

Disconnected and Online Community Centers:

There are two sorts of network focuses working under the HighBank. The fundamental one works on the web and it will resemble an online class where each ICO enlisted in the HighBank registry will most likely take an interest and offer their assessments. The other is a disconnected network focus and will empower information sharing among our groups, ICO proprietors and specialists from around the globe in live inquiry and answer sessions.

Blockchain Consultation and Adviser:

HighBank will guarantee progressive blockchain innovation can hone its sword through various diverts in the coming years and for this, specialists in our board will guarantee that even the idea of learners winds up fruitful. Our specialists are found everywhere throughout the world at different R and D focuses and they generally endeavor to give you the best meeting from the grassroots dimension.

Token Distribution

>40% Token Sale Program

>31% Staffing

>10% Marketing

>9% Operation costs

>6% Consultancy

>4% Legal

How might I become some portion of the HighBank?

You can join our stage in one or the majority of the accompanying limits:

  • Traders on our trades
  • An advertiser
  • Owners or ICO colleagues
  • ICO/Blockchain/Crypto specialists
  • A lawful expert
  • Blockchain and digital currency expert



For more detailed information visit any of our links below:


WHITEPAPER: https://highbank.io/HighBank_Whitepaper.pdf

FACEBOOK: https:/www.facebook.com/HighBank.io

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/HighBank19

Message: https://t.me/HIGH888

LINKEDIN : https://www.linkedin.com/organization/highbank

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/highbankio

MEDIUM : https://medium.com/@highbank2018

REDDIT : https://www.reddit.com/client/HighBank_


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