Features of the Cobo multi asset BlockChain Wallet

Cobo unique and new portfolio who wants to break the encryption Cryptography by providing a portfolio with a portfolio.

On the release of Cobo in August 2017 and 2018 March will be published. Along with the development team, we are working to increase their storage capacity for the portfolio. Currently, the portfolio received a chain of support with the multi-national Chain token, EOS, TRX and 500 + ETH.

It is clear that the stock exchange has developed a classification of cryptocurrency as sophisticated and distinctive portfolio could be the exchange of cryptocurrency.

Features multi-asset BlockChain Cobo wallet

Of course the priority for the program Pocket Cobo is a good job early. I think the security should be an issue when it comes to all things about it. Cobo has a security team has developed solutions that are maintained. Cobo protects against wallet wallets and against the cold. This is far from the attributes of Cobo. ·

The area of origin of the bag Cobo is easy to use. Someone quickly found that you can use this layout to see all items. You can also view Your Fiat money of Cryptos in RMB and USD. ·

According to your preference, the development team Cobo has tried to provide you with some information, simplify the management of Your Cryptography resources, even in a currency pair and Exchange.

One of the features of the purse is the ability. This is much more important than you can imagine.

Because? Red indicates that the market has declined and the market. This was accepted by everyone.

Buy coins that are easily

Another factor that seems to be at Cobo for its ease of use is the use of different currencies. Because the bags are designed for multiple cryptocurrencies, they can not be confused and may lead to loss of capital.

But taking a simple coin. Select Competition Crypto you need and you will find the QR code and language that can be shared with anyone. You can set the amount of the payment.

Whether to create your ideal friends pay back. And because they have direct language book or QR code, it’s just easier for them to describe them. And even if you create a new address (it is a good habit, since re-use of address is not a good idea to just be), continue to apply the old address so you don’t miss a coin in. ..

Free and quick transfer to Cobo

Cobo makes criptocurrency a simple transmission, but also gives them free when they move between Cobo bag. As long as your current transfer to wallet Cobo another free, you’ll save money on each transport and for everyone.

If you get your friends to buy Cobo cryo-Wallet, you can transfer them and its own people. You’re always aware of the status of commercial and you can share notes from postal funds in the currency of Cryogenic and also can follow the progress of the trade.

The last feature is one that I did not touch it and this portfolio that takes into account the flexibility of cryptocurrency. Programmers are working to add more cryptocurrency, even if the system supports a number of currencies. This is an ambitious goal. They plan to save every coin.


Because of the cryptocurrency ecosystem to allow for our crypto resources grow and develop, we wanted the portfolio. Cobo has a bag with unique features and sophisticated and address the challenges of archiving crypto.

The Lightning’s ability to store a lot of coins is one of the keys to complete the transfer, even though the purse quickly is one of the tasfuncties. And it’s all there on the platform that you can take it wherever you go.

Another interesting feature is a feature that can be changed by this bag. You can save at a rate higher than 7 percent per year. The bag does not have room for improvement, but does not meet the expectations of this effort and is a good start. This allows us to expect great things from the next few months in the wallet Cobo next year.

Website: http://cobo.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/cobowallet
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coboOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cobo_Wallet
Linkedin: https: / /www.linkedin.com/company/coboofficial
Medium: https://medium.com/cobowallet
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pPHVxoBYQubw19zL9tu-A/videos


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