High Bank-Provides cryptographic solutions for all Crypto fans in a reliable and scalable way.

HIGH BANK creates new generation blockchain-based ecosystem that enables the cryptocurrency community to maximize and diversify their portfolios on the market unstable Cryptography. High bank has changed the basic Crypto competition to create Commerce ecosystem that promotes the introduction of cryptocurrency. Our platform, based on the block chain Ethereum, will become a single Crypto trading platforms, including decentralized Exchange Crypto, list of ICO, E-Program launch and crowdfunding, marketing programs and collaboration, online counseling and chain block the center of the autonomous community.

High mendemokratisasi Bank cryptocurrency in the following directions:

  • Create more opportunities for traders to buy, sell and swap their favorite virtual currency.
  • Startups that want to use the ICO as a means of fundraising, the international platform in which they are recognized globally.
  • Start key chains start with all the tools you need for safe operation and promote the ICO.
  • Collaborate with marketing community is very popular in popular platforms such as Telegrams and YouTube to help beginners in improving the reach of the largest number of communities with the ICO they
  • Rules and organizing annual seminars and conferences to promote knowledge creation and exchange of knowledge in the community of the chain block.
  • A center of technological innovation that supports and supporting new companies in the development, creation and marketing of innovative technology.

Advantages of HighBank

Centralized platform and industry leaders who hinder the development of company-based chain blocks and offer benefits.

  • Abuse
  • Point of failure
  • There is no consensus
  • Not accessible

With a High Bank, you can register for ICO for verification, consult with our experts, using our control panel to manage and promote your brand, launch a token and use remote. Our main advantages:

  • Anonymity
  • There is no downtime network
  • Energy is widespread across the entire network
  • Fault tolerance

Decentralized Exchange crypto:
In recent months, the focus is on Exchange Crypto decentralized. High banks is no different in circumstance, but brings the landscape to a new level. In Exchange, you can add all types of Crypto token, regardless of whether they are included in the ERC20 Protocol. Robust automatic machine executes the command for a few seconds through the mechanism of the adjustment of the chain. Stock market liquidity provider ensures that the external network has never left without liquidity. Exchange supports all key Token and will be based on the consent of DPOS.

ICO a list of platform: platform
Our offer is transparent solutions that people are looking for. Combining Stochastic gradient function with IBM Watson 500, High bank can identify the ICO’s best with the potential to earn a lot of money in the market.

Start and
ICO crowdfunding platform: High Bank is a unique launch platform. We allow businesses to select the best talent in our platform to increase the chances of crowdfunding. High Bank rules similar to the service station.

Marketing and affiliate programs:
Based on his contribution, High Bank developed a marketing plan for a variety of ICO and serves as a watch tower for a cryptographic newcomer. As marketing partners a reliable, High Bank develop 3 packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Offline and online community centre:
There are two types of Community Center that works under the High Bank. The most important is online and it looks like a webinar in which each ICO is recorded in the catalog of the High banks can participate and share their opinions. The other is the center of the autonomous community that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge between our team, owner of ICO global and an expert in questions and straight answers.

Consultants and consulting
BlockChain: High Bank ensures that the technology can be revolutionary block chain sharpen a sword in the next few years through different channels. Our group of experts ensures that the introduction of the concept also works. Our experts are represented at various research centers around the world and always strive to provide You the best information.


Name of Bank: High (high)
The contract address: 0x1354c8C1A66C2573Ce9cC3e92e98D17869501A46
Received purchase method: BTC, ETH, LTC
The total value of the token: 100 million
The new token emissions: no (fixed shipping)
The key to your customers (KYC): Yes
Low purchase price: 50 tokens
The maximum purchase limit: Unlimited

Token distribution

40% of the sales program tokens
31% of employees
10% marketing
9% of operational costs
6% advice
4% law
Token proposal: 40 million DKK
Top platform-block chains: Ethereum Mainnet
Standard: ERC20
The distribution of tokens: 5 days after completion
Sold Fire Sale: 1 February-28 February
ICO phase i: March 1 to March 20
ICO stage II: 21 March-9 April
ICO phase III: April 10-April 30

Road map

Introduce a piece High cry Eco-Crypto system to the world public.

2018 Q3

Concept generation
Mastering the first thought, the business plan and strategic plan and establish minimum business team

2018 v4

Strategic plan paras
Scientists and analysts, technology group will make technical documents by creating a High Bank tokens

2019 Q1

Early currency (ICO)
High Bank partner system in action, decentralized wallet with a list of upcoming ICO in platform High Bank with a partnership that continues to evolve with the introduction of the chain an additional block

2019 Q2

The launch of the High Bank Crowd funding platform.
The ability to provide for the concept of the ICO’s future to launch the crowdfunding through banking system Eco High, increased product testing, UAT, and better partnerships, development of advanced business group, and product marketing.

2019 Q3

The process of marketing promotions through the introduction of a banking system Eco High
Decisions about community-based decentralization is a strong marketing strategy from the High bank to the forthcoming ICO

2019 v4

The launch of the decentralized High Bank Exchange beta
Multi currency trading system-partnership with advanced Crypto and product marketing

2020 Q1

High Bank Exchange decentralized in the production
Increased product testing and UAT through ongoing partnerships and product marketing

2020 Q2

The introduction of a system of high Bank Consortium in the high Bank Consortium
For a successful strategy by combining the platform of ICO.

2020 Q3

The opening of a research and development center of high Bank
Autonomous centre and high banking online with research centres throughout the world.

2020 Q4

Starting from Mainnet-beta
The introduction of the beta version of the platform chain Mainnet blocks high Bank

2021 Q1

High Bank Block Chain Mainnet-platform in
The migration of production to high Banks ERC20 token to block chain high Bank platform

More information about this project can be found at the following link:

SITUS WEB: https://highbank.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://highbank.io/HighBank_Whitepaper.pdf
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/HighBank.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ HighBank19
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/HIGH888
Medium: https://medium.com/@highbank2018
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClrIlugOCkQrde6OuA7oLDg


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