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Despite the fact that the reliability and security of cryptocurrencies are often referred to as the main advantages of this type of asset, in the entire history of existence, there are many cases when digital coins were in the hands of criminals. The victim of a hacker attack can be absolutely any wallet or exchange, hackers are constantly improving their skills, which hinders the development of the entire blockchain industry.

According to research, every year thousands of people fall into the trap of phishing and cloned sites, leaving fraudsters with more than $200 million in digital assets. These funds can not be returned, they forever settle in the pockets of criminals.

According to research by ING Bank NV, about 9% of Europeans and 8% of us citizens own cryptocurrency, and every fourth plans to purchase cryptocurrency in the future. The total number of holders of cryptocurrency assets may reach more than 200 million by 2024. Thus, almost a quarter of the billion potential victims are at risk and may lose all their savings.

If you take a step back and analyze the history of hacking, the picture is not at all impartial. In General, for some 10 years of the existence of cryptocurrency hackers have stolen more than was stolen cash from all banks in the history of money. In the picture are the dimensions of the theft with the logos of the cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets.

The number of hacker attacks in recent years has only increased, people and exchanges are losing millions of dollars. All this was the reason for the creation of a new cryptocurrency wallet Cobo Wallet, which is able to provide the highest protection of your digital assets.

Cobo Wallet belongs to the latest generation of hardware wallets, corresponding to the highest indicators of security and reliability, in addition, Cobo Wallet is able to perform a number of other functions, which makes it one of the most attractive wallets of all existing today.

Users are given the opportunity to create their own portfolios inside the wallet for better monitoring and without the need to use third-party applications. In addition, users can transfer assets from one wallet to another without the need for intermediaries in the form of cryptocurrency exchanges.

The wallet supports more than 600 coins, so you can store all your savings in one place. HD Wallet users are fully responsible for their assets. Definitely need to keep and record on paper the code of 12 words, which is given to PR creation. HD Wallet can be used on any device and without an Internet connection.

Cobo is the world’s first waterproof wallet. In addition, the wallet has a shockproof chrome coating, which makes it the most reliable in the world.

Cobo Wallet has a unique encryption system and built-in anti-theft system. If you lose your wallet, no one else will be able to take possession of your funds, because they will not know the key input.

Why is Cobo Wallet the best?

  • Cobo Wallet is waterproof and shockproof.
  • equipped with the most powerful encryption chip that is used in the banking sector. Complies with international safety protocols;
  • Cobo Wallet has built-in web authentication, making it immune to hacker chains
    the body of the purse is very difficult to crack by mechanical or anything to compromise its integrity;
  • if still someone can open your wallet, the Cobo Wallet built-in self-destruct function, which erases all data and the thief will not receive your funds;
  • it has a TF card and multi-signature, which makes the wallet 100% secure %

 Cobo is a kind of engineering miracle that combines many different functions, creating a single and safe ecosystem. In addition to more than 600 supported cryptocurrency coins, the wallet has betting, swap, can replace potfolyo, has a voting system, access to absolutely any dapps and non-killable case. I would like you to study the project in more detail. To do this, the bottom added official resources of the project. All you need to do is click on these links and get more information. Thus, you will have an unlimited amount of information about Cobo Wallet and a complete picture of all the advantages of this project.

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