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There are a lot of great features that make OOOBTC trading platform an Exchange that is convenient for all users and with great advantages over others. some of these advantages include though not limited to the following :

1. Peer to peer trading : Although the main essence of blockahain technology and cryptocurrencies was to enjoy a decentralized form of transactions without the need for intermediaries or middle man interfearances, yet even in the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies, Most trading platforms are being managed and controlled by intermediaries. But OOOBTC has been created to transform this by carrying out a complete peer to peer trading without intermediaries interfering. and this helps in the reduction of transaction fees

2. Community trading: with OOOBTC users are able to upload their smart contracts and are able to get involved in the active smart contracts community for business, service, and trading as well as increased visibility.

2. Coin suggestions: On OOOBTC different coins/.tokens can be submitted and community will consider for listing using OOOBTC website.

3. OOOBTC has high performance support: the platform has implore a high performance and self developed core matching engine technology such as Google spanner and big table. This feature allows OOOBTC to support massive computation at once thereby increasing the processing speed and as a result of OOOBTC integration  up to a million transactions per second.

4. Pool trading: OOOBTC is able to obtain high trading volumes and is also able generate a good profit. The present stock market due to OOOBTC integration with other big finance institutions and trading platforms.

Apart from the above mentioned features there are many others, please check them up in OOOBTC whitepaper.

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