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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are increasingly penetrating into the world’s economic structures and everyday life of people, creating a new industry with tens of thousands of specialists who daily develop innovative solutions for the interaction of cryptocurrencies with the real world and the replacement of obsolete systems. The modernization of all industries and the transition to blockchain can take decades, and maybe it will happen much earlier if the really useful tools needed around the world are created. In this case, States will not be able to resist progress and adaptation will take place in a few years. But it is too early to talk about the full-scale adoption of blockchain technology, most cryptocurrencies are used exclusively as a speculative tool. All these problems prompted the developers of the Atronocom project to the idea of creating their own platform. I would like to note that the project was implemented with the support of the UAE state, where it is legally registered.

Atronocom is a project that has incorporated all the most innovative developments of recent years, presenting users with a single ecosystem with a set of unique features, the purpose of which is to facilitate the processes of interaction of traditional financial sectors with the cryptocurrency market, the implementation of fast and secure money transfers and much more.

Atronocom has a task to combine many useful functions in one project and create the most innovative application for making payments and everything related to banking.

The main elements of the ecosystem are:

  • “DPoS” for stacking on Android and iOS;
  • Debit card;
  • Mobile banking;
  • Service for exchanging anonymous messages.

All this set of features will allow people to easily and in the shortest possible time to feel the power and superiority of blockchain technology over the traditional financial structure.

One of the main features of Atronocom is the legal framework, the company received the documents of a limited liability company not on any unknown Islands, but in Dubai. The government actively supports the development of the project and contributes in every way. Thanks to such a strong partner, the project has a solid Foundation and a huge potential for development. Atronocom even ICO is carried out not as usual, but in accordance with SAFT. This is a kind of contract that is concluded with accredited investors, there are also a number of conditions for the parties involved in the transaction. In General, it is much more reliable and safer than the traditional way to attract investment.

The Atronocom application will be able to give people all the necessary tools for successful interaction both in the crypto-currency sphere and in the banking environment. This app includes many features:

fast Bank payments;
plastic cards that take in more than 40 000 0000 points across the planet;
OTC exchange;
completely anonymous Messenger.

Atronocom was able to combine in one application a large number of different financial opportunities that can replace the work of the whole Bank:

  • The ability to buy and sell digital media on the OTC markets;
  • You will be able to trade and trade with margin;
  • Increased trading limits;
  • Legal card that can be used around the world;
  • Various bonuses and discounts for users.

In fact, this list can be continued indefinitely, especially since the functionality will expand as the project develops, new chips will appear, supplemented by innovative solutions, implementing the most perfect economy of the future. Personally, I would be happy was enough one only cards of this project, which was accepted in all the stores in our city and then tired to use different exchanges for withdrawal.

ATRONOCOM is a project with truly global goals, a kind of collector of all existing payment functions in one single convenient and intuitive application. The project has reliable partners, high ratings, experienced highly qualified team and funds for the implementation of all conceived. In General, Atronocom is one of the most promising projects in recent years, for more detailed information you can follow the link below.

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