Cryptocurrency is that latest innovation within the field of digital currency producing technology. This technology uses cryptography for security that makes it not possible to faux it. the worth of cryptocurrency is basically determined by the buying and commerce power of users of this technology.

Cryptocurrency is extremely a lot of developed by numerous corporations and groups of engineers in numerous elements of the planet. Even Google Ventures conjointly invests in one in every of cryptocurrency technologies.

According to my observation, thus far there are quite five hundred cryptocurrencies created supported my monitor on the web site. wherever some cryptocurrency has completely different ideas and a few have ideas that mimic alternative coins.

Because price|the worth} of cryptocurrency is solely supported the shopping for and commerce power not secured by anything; not occasionally cryptocurrency encompasses a value of quite 2 hundredths in an exceedingly day.

Today I will be able to inform all friends regarding the new innovation of a platform, within the space of ?? Inzura’s cryptocurrency subcontrol field, the name of the platform I would like to elucidate is Inzura.

INZURA is that the world’s first ever insurance token that’s engineered with best at school protocol enforced to safeguard the crypto plus. INZURA is that the world’s initial crypto insurance wherever you’ll claim your loss of cryptocurrencies with INZURA token. With the best protocol enforced, INZURA created it potential to allow best at school protection for your cryptocurrencies. With the victorious protocol and strategy of INZURA, there’s a possible profit to welcome new users without concern of losing their valuable hard-earned cash.
In addition, INZURA is constructed on Ethereum sensible contract that is one in every of the simplest platforms for sensible contract accessible within the market. INZURA is an ERC20 token that runs on Ethereum blockchain. INZURA not solely protects your cryptocurrency however conjointly provides protection to current ICOs so there’ll be no worry of scamming and losing your valuable cash.

The Main Goal

The main motive of Inzura is to safeguard the user’s crypto plus and to extend the new users to the crypto market. The goal of Inzura is to lift the market capitalisation to trillions which will be achieved simply once a minimum of 100% of the world’s population starts victimisation cryptocurrency. however do new users inherit the crypto market, it’s after they don’t have any worry of losing the crypto plus and once institutional cash gets into the crypto market. Inzura provides hope of plus coverage and builds the trust that their cash won’t be lost forever.

The below example shows the position of the crypto market within the current scenario. once the market cap is low, huge pumps and dumps take place and therefore the volatility of the worth is terribly high. If the market cap reaches an exact high, the volatility risk can lower and can be stable. Inzura can work towards the goal of reaching the very best market cap than alternative markets like stocks and artefact.

Impending Challenges and Solutions Offered by INZURA

“HACK” and “SCAM” are the foremost known words within the crypto area. Crypto market has skilful tons and plenty of hacks and scams over the past years. There are few hacks that have jolted the crypto market right down to its terrible core. Roughly over 100s of mil0lion dollar value of cryptocurrencies were lost in 2018.

Scamming and hacking most frequently happen during this crypto area and there’s bound restriction to forestall scam and hacking, however, there’s no answer to taken or lost cryptocurrencies. INZURA is here for the answer to those issues in the crypto area.

Inzura offers premium with the IZA token. Once the Inzura platform is live, users will able to purchase the premiums with the IZA token they hold. the aptitude of the premium worth is often set by Inzura users. Users ought to submit the specified details and documents before getting the premium. Once the premium is purchased and confirmed, the plus value is calculated with the live value of IZA token with the FAP protocol. every and each claim submitted is calculated with FAP value at the time of claiming.

The advantages

Inzura provides the crypto market with a possibility to welcome new users and institutional members. Since Inzura protects the foremost valuable crypto plus, a lot of and a lot of new users can begin to use cryptocurrency without concern of losing their crypto plus. Inzura premium is intended in such the simplest way that user’s profit is that the primary task and to serve best at school and shield their plus.

Inzura provides its users with special premium renewal edges. not like ancient insurance methodology, wherever establishments fully takes insurance quantity from the user’s premium once expiration of premium validity, Inzura is constructed clearly to profit users, wherever once premium expires, five hundredth of the token is refunded to user’s notecase, and once a brand new premium is purchased inside four days of last premium expiration, users get 2 hundredth further token of their last premium.

Post applicant edges are initiated, wherever if the price of the premium is beyond the price of the crypto plus within the exchange at the time of applicant, the balance IZA token is refunded to user’s notecase.

About The INZURA Token

Inzura is an ERC20 token that is an insurance token for your crypto plus. Inzura takes the crypto area to the succeeding level the means individuals see cryptocurrency. Inzura provides protection to your crypto plus by making certain your crypto plus like ne’er before. Inzura is that the world 1st token that is crypto insurance wherever you’ll claim the lost/hacked/scammed cryptocurrency.

Token Details



MAX SUPPLY: 120,000,000


SOFT CAP: 1 Million USD

HARD CAP: 20 Million USD







Q3 2017 Initial Phase

The initial phase of INZURA started in the mid Q3 of 2017

Q3 2017 Team Setup

The team setup and community formation process were undertaken

Q4 2017 Protocol

The protocol buildup process is done and every possible protocol is tested with cryptocurrency

Q4 2017 Concept

Concept is built and finalized with blueprint

Q4 2017 Testing

The protocol finalized and tested and minor and major errors were rectified

Q1 2018 Token Mechanism

Token function and mechanism is structured to its perfection

Q2 2018 Testnet

Token generated in the testnet and tested for token mechanism and rectified the errors

Q3 2018 Registration

Company registration and domain registration completed

Q4 2018 Token Generation

Token Generation in Mainnet

Q4 2018 Promotional Airdrop Announcement

As part of marketing, Promotional Airdrop is conducted on website launch day

Q1 2019 ICO Sale Announcement

Initial Coin Offering date and time is announced and the tokens are distributed to the users

Q2 2019 Exchange Listing

Contract will be signed for listing before ICO ends and will be listed after ICO ends

Q3 2019 Platform Live

Complete INZURA platform will be available for users to purchase premium


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