Fortunately, Oracol Xor platform is here. The Oracol Xor platform is aiming to
bypass the technological Gap and stimulate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies
at the grass roots level, in a simple format that can be adopted with little or no
technical knowledge and everywhere around the globe, regardless if the
geographical areas are connected or not to the Internet. Oracol Xor will
therefore act as a “entry level” gateway that will penetrate new demographic
territories. In order to achieve this goal, Oracol Xor platform has planned for an
all-encompassing infrastructure capable of global reach, aspiring to break into
emerging markets and areas with fragile data access. Based on three core pillars,
the platform will utilize various marketing methods and technological innovations
to position Oracol Xor as a leader in stimulating cryptocurrency adoption.
Develop a proprietary global telecom solution that connects areas
with low data coverage to Oracol Xor mobile money.
Due to infrastructural constraints, over 3 billion people use mobile phones
without reliable data access in the developing world. As a result, trading or paying
with phone credits is common practice. Mobile phone solutions using 2G or 3G
networks such as M-Pesa are already a success, representing a unique
opportunity. Oracol Xor platform is ready to enter the market as a disruptive
technology, and coupled with pillars 1 and 3 is sure to change the existing
industry landscape. In 2016 $216 billion dollars were transacted through the
mobile payment networks (mobile money) averaging to some 30,000.00
transactions per minute. Below are some stats and industry trends:
The Social Media “uncertainty” factor
The current level of uncertainty and introduction of A.I. has created the
best favorable period for users prone for migration to other Social Media
outlets given that the new platforms will offer stability and a transparent
environment for rules and regulations.
This paper will introduce you to the three core pillars of Oracol Xor, which
represent the foundation of our innovative platform. Additionally, the document
will expand into detailing some of the supporting and upcoming infrastructure that
will complement and enhance the platform. Unlike other crypto projects that
basically have everything on the planning stage on paper, Oracol Xor has already
built a fully functional core infrastructure (Windows ,Github and Android wallets,
Blockchain explorer, Mining Pool, Forum ) and is well advanced in developing new
core components and mods that will be described in this paper in great detail.
We invite you to discover the Oracol Xor universe before becoming an investor
and you will be impressed and understand better that we have laid out a solid
foundation where we can build on the top of it and expand with no limits. Oracol
Xor presents potential investors with a superior opportunity to own a unique
crypto currency that is the core to a platform committed to the long term
development and delivery of new and innovative technology solutions that
f A solution to facilitating mass adoption at the grassroots level.
Since the inception of Bitcoin, the traditional means of acquiring crypto assets has
been through digital exchanges. The procedure has always involved interacting
with a bank or financial institution. From here, fiat funds are transferred to the
exchange, offering users the opportunity to convert fiat currency in crypto. The
process is long, tedious, and requires moderate computer literacy. Recently,
efforts have been made to directly connect consumers with point-of-purchase
platforms via crypto ATMs located in large metropolitan areas in a few select
cThe Oracol Xor solution is as simple as it is common worldwide.
We present you our LowTech solution – XOR denominated
Issuance of Oracol Xor denominated cards to be sold in local currencies
will be available at local stores worldwide using a distribution/marketing
method similar to those of mobile phone cards.
This simple but effective solution is as easy to use as a phone card, and
once registered (using our data less browser solution for mobile phones) in
our Gateway/Exchange the funds are instantly available without the need
for any other complex processes. Funds are free to transfer between users
of Oracol Gateway/Exchange and are convertible into other crypto
currencies via cryptocurrency exchanges everywhere.
While it is easy to spot the shortcomings of this method, when it comes to mass
distribution and usage, it is worth noting that most of the areas with low ATM
penetration have strong mobile phone usage. Thus it follows that the use of
phone cards is wide spread across these regions.
By imitating the mobile phone card distribution model, Oracol Xor will become
an instant success, enabling anyone in any part of the world – connected or not –
to become a crypto currency holder. Furthermore, through this process the
consumer will become part of the Oracol Xor Platform, allowing them to
immediately start making mobile payments and purchases using Oracol Xor
crypto currency.
The above data illustrates how conventional 2G and 3G networks remain
the norm in vast areas of Africa and Asia. Consequently, India and China
lead the developing world in internet and data penetration growth. Smart
phones are also coming down rapidly in price,and are simultaneously playing
a large role in the mobile payments revolution while infrastructure for data
networks continues to lag in all sectors (mobile data and household
internet data).
Oracol Xor will seek to develop its own voice to data mobile phone web
browser solution and new point of sale (POS) and ATM technologies that
will allow participating exchanges and retailers access to the Oracol Xor
platform using the smart phones voice channel only. By using proprietary
solutions, Oracol Xor will rapidly attract new investors, merchants and
users interested in taking advantage of our unique Data Less services. This
is the crux of the problem when it comes to real , 100% Data Less
solutions and the is only viable and modern alternative that will really push
the boundaries and facilitate mass adoption of cryptocurrencies through
XOR as the spearhead
Social Media – No successful platform thrives without a strong social network
component, with the most successful examples being Facebook and YouTube.
Subscriber count and the number of average daily users across all social networks
is currently staggering. However, not a single social network has yet successfully
incorporated crypto currency into its ecosystem. One of the main goals of Oracol
Xor platform is to develop a social media network that will incorporate the use of
XOR cryptocurrency either through monetization or as a form of online
payment. Once operational at full capacity the Social Media website will
encourage further adoption and create its unique imprint with XOR flavor.
As indicated above, this lucrative market opportunity is attracting new disruptors.
However, to date there is still no dedicated crypto currency solution beyond the
Oracol Xor platform that seeks to change the status quo. Thus Oracol Xor aims
to make a quantifiable impact on the mobile money market.
“At the close of 2008, Kenya based M-Pesa made headlines by becoming the world’s
first mobile money service to cross the one million active account mark. Anxious for the
next big success story, industry analysts examined the mix of factors that enabled viral
uptake, taking a keen interest into why M-Pesa was off to a slower start in neighboring
Tanzania. Two years later, Tanzania became the second mobile money market to
reach the one million active account milestone. This effectively debunked the theory
that a majority market share of mobile communications was a prerequisite for success.
Tanzania also later showed that multiple services could thrive in one market. By the
end of 2013, the bright lights of the mobile money industry had expanded beyond East
Africa. A total of 12 services had achieved critical mass, including services in Asia, Latin
America and the Caribbean, West Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa region.
Given current market conditions and the complicated legislation governing most
the popular social US-based media companies, Oracol Xor social media platform
will locate its servers in a jurisdiction where freedom of the internet is
guaranteed. It is confirmed that the number of subscribers to these companies is
declining as we speak due to various factors and practices and that currently a
veritable “war” for supremacy and the biggest piece of the advertising space pie is
being conducted online. Oracol Xor will step in as an independent player without
the restrictions that currently are hampering other companies (except the
common sense restrictions such a violence, porn etc). As indicated in the
statistics below, it is expected that the declining subscription numbers will
continue as consumers look for alternative social networks, free from censorship
and “throttling” policies. This presents us as a platform, a perfect opportunity to
introduce the world to a new and innovative social networking solution that
integrates cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Rumors have it that Facebook
is working on integrating a possible use of Ethereum but there are no confirmed
reports to date.


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