LocalCoin LocalCoin is the true democratic decentralized ecosystem where everyone is free to do what they want and how they want. LocalCoin is not a company or a person, it is a community of people who shares the same libertarian values and freedom.
LocalCoin is a Network of High Performance, User Friendly Decentralized Blockchain Technologies. With cryptocurrencies having appreciable growth over the past year, it’s reasonable to deduce that they assure sustainability and profitability. LOCALCOIN is a simple, safe and secure financing and trading platform powered by blockchain technology. This document presents an application structure for LOCALCOIN, a decentralized ecosystem that aims to shape the future of the decentralized cryptocurrency market. To optimize the financing cycle and open access to an organized decentralized platform, LocalCoin presents a contracting mechanism between enthusiasts, investors, and entrepreneurs. LocalCoin comes to the market at a crucial time. Our vision is to become world’s leading bitcoin and blockchain technology provider. We believe consensus technology has the power to do for economics what the internet did for information. LocalCoin looks to extend the innovation of the blockchain to all industries that rely upon the internet to provide their services. Whether its banking, stock exchanges, lotteries, voting, music, auctions or many others services at a fraction of the cost incurred by their more traditional, centralized counterparts. We plunged into this market to create a decentralized autonomous organization that allows you to run your own cryptocurrency exchange website based upon the blockchain decentralized platform (The DAO) with a few clicks of a button. With the sustainable development of the decentralized blockchain technology, LocalCoin will provide significant support for more new projects, to the management as well as circulation of blockchain assets, and make efforts to improve and promote the ecological status of the cryptocurrency market.
When we think of the decentralized market in this way, our role become one of shaping and correcting these defaces, in areas relevant to us, our investors and the crypto community at large. LocalCoin Platform LocalCoin was designed to provide a full-service platform to launch a decentralized bank, decentralized trading, social networks and prediction markets through its unique offering. The key feature of LocalCoin is that it has brought decentralization to a new level; our platform is not only decentralized at a technical level but also with surefire strategy. To achieve this, LocalCoin allows users to freely set their own smart contracts and exchange digital assets on their terms in an open source, secure, fast and truly decentralized process directly on the blockchain. Our goal is not to compete with other exchanges, but rather to start from where their offerings end. LocalCoin seeks to enable Investors to trade confidently and operate their own platforms on LocalCoin at a reduced cost. What makes LocalCoin different? LocalCoin is owned and run by everyone. We built a decentralized community and technologies that enable you to build a trustworthy reputation on your online journey. Besides meeting the ideological criteria for a decentralized exchange, LocalCoin is user friendly, democratic and rewarding. Efficient and Speedy decentralized transaction processing We utilize three types of transactions within the platform: 1. Local transaction between different accounts of the same cryptocurrency 2. Same protocol-based transaction created off the same protocol but between different currencies. 3. Cross-chain transactions of different coins with different protocol Multi-Purpose Super Wallet LocalCoin utilize a super wallet that supports asset management, self-service transactions, payment, secure chat, social media and more.
We will begin with ecosystem creation after the token sale, due to the unique regulatory framework to be implemented. The platform will grow through by providing greater transparency and simplicity to the market and delivering value unavailable today, due to market inefficiencies. With focus on growth, it is paramount to create the best experience for the LocalCoin platform user. The LocalCoin team is engaging qualified project developers in the field, developing market price based projects with a professional team to be expanded upon entering new markets. We have secured our first Investors who are testing out the BETA platform. LocalCoin continues working on increasing the platform’s project pipeline and more partnerships will be announced after the token sale Essential Features Decentralized Bank No one can block your wallet or request your ID, Fully anonymous banking facility. Decentralized chat Blockchain based fully encrypted decentralized personal and group chats.
Master Node Mining Functionality
LocalCoin incorporate a masternode mining functionality on its platform. Masternode is simply a computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. In return, the Masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward. They are different because they perform many other tasks apart from just keeping the full blockchain and relaying transactions. In this case, everyone can mine LLC by running a Masternode to support the network. Masternodes performs tasks such as • Doing instant transaction • Participating in voting and governance. • Enhancing privacy of transaction • Enable treasury system and budgeting POS blockchain are underpinned by Masternodes. These computers process transactions on the blockchain and rewarded with coins from the blocks being created. In a queuing system, nodes sit on the blockchain, and when they reach a certain position in this queue, they can be selected, at random, to be rewarded for participating within the network.
What is Delegated Proof of Stake? Delegated Proof of Stake (Also known as DPoS) is a consensus algorithm maintaining irrefutable agreement on the truth across the network, validating transactions and acting as a form of digital democracy. It uses real-time voting combined with a social system of reputation to reach consensus. Every token holder can exercise a degree of influence about what happens on the network. DPoS is not only a democratic system, but also effective and efficient. The selection of block producers allows for the transactions to be validated in a matter of seconds, rather than the 10 minutes it takes the proof of work system employed by Bitcoin. How it works To understand what a masternode is, you must first understand how cryptocurrencies increase their circulating supply. Think of a blockchain project like a country, and its masternodes as states. If I think that a country is going to do well compared to others, I might want to invest in that country, perhaps even buy a state. Buying that state lets me benefit from the overall economy of that country, as well as participate in forming the legislature that arises to govern the country. To own a masternode, you have to put down a certain amount of the coin it is tied to as collateral, more often than not, that collateral is then “locked” for a duration of time. Since you have both committed collateral and agreed not to sell that collateral for a period of time, your masternode will generate more revenue than a traditional node. Proof of Node By staking at least 5000 localcoins in the node, the owner becomes part of a community with a shared desire to maintain a commoncloud and the value of the coin. These nodes actually do work, in that they validate, secure, and grow the blockchain for the coin, and so these minted coins are payment for that. Everyone running masternodes will be sitting pretty if the entire cryptocurrency market continues to surge up in unison. If all coins are worth significantly more in ten years than they are now, then running masternodes will end up being very profitable for everyone who took the leap with one pretty much regardless of which crypto you chose. With a common cloud of nodes owned independently, localcoin network will be on its way to be the most decentralized DAO and DEX ever. Witness node requirements 1. Minimum balance of 5000 LLC and the lifetime subscription. 2. If your balance goes lower than 5000 LLC, your witness node will become inactive, even if you have enough votes. 15 LocalCoin your node goes offline it will become inactive even if you have 5000 LLC balance and enough votes – keep your node running at all-time 24/7. If the balance of your masternode account goes lower than 5000, your node will stop mining until your LLC balance reaches 5000 or more. There will be multi user functionality but each node must have a different user ID so each user will get a node reward for supporting a CommonCloud.
LocalCoin Trading Terminal
LocalCoin Online Trading Terminal for brokers is a cutting edge trading technology for online broker-dealers and trading firms. Rich functionality, speed and excellent usability available from any web browser and any device. LocalCoin Trader is built on HTML5 technology bringing responsive design, advanced features and usability to the web. From one screen to a dozen, our online trading terminal adjusts to any number of displays. Zero Trading fee On LocalCoin, there is no trading fees apart from the network ridiculously low commission. All you pay is fixed network fees just to push your transactions into the blockchain. High performance A Blockchain-based system that handles 100,000 transactions per second, with no cryptocurrency close to that. LocalCoin technology will greatly enhance the performance of existing DEXs and bring disruptive changes to the digital asset exchange. 16 LocalCoin Stealth mode Zero-knowledge super-secure transactions (‘unknown’ sent ‘n’ ‘unknown’ to ‘unknown’)”. That means you can place blind transactions from your account to a secret account that cannot be viewed via any block explorer. Maximum security We don’t have access to your account, simply because it is only you who hold secret key to it. There no way centralized trading platforms can compete with decentralization, full encryption, total anonymity, cold storage, rigorous access management. Why Use LocalCoin Trading Terminal? • White Label: The Trading Terminal was designed to be a 100% white label software. It is intuitive and very easy to customize and launch a branded the platform. • Customizable: The platform has unlimited custom dashboards and widget Designer module to create unique trading experience for your traders. No programming skills required. • Online Trading Simulator: Test strategies, Enhance team skills, give rewards and train people with an online trading simulator with options trading simulator included.
One of the major issues with decentralized exchanges has been usability. It is understandable that user experience was not top of mind for a DEX that was building the first iteration of such a disruptive concept. How it works • You submit a (buy/sell) request to a relayer that hosts an order book • An interested party on the other end digitally signs it and creates a counterorder • Both orders are then sent to a smart contract on a blockchain, which executes the transaction and transfers crypto assets to users’ wallets. Decentralized exchanges let you stay in control of your assets at all times. They provide a personal key and allow you to retract funds from a smart contract (be you a buyer or a seller) should you suddenly decide not to proceed with a transaction. Unlike centralized exchanges, DEXs let users have control over their crypto assets at all times: they give out personal keys and allow a buyer (or a seller) to retract their funds from a smart contract should they change their mind and decide not to proceed with a transaction. Key Features Live Charts The advanced charts feature built-in technical indicators with the ability to create new indicators and drawing tools for trend lines, Fibonacci, text, and shapes. Customizable Layout With color options and logo. Drag-and-drop feature while the platform resizes dynamically. Compatible with multi-screen desktops. Options Trading Multi-leg option orders to build complex options strategies. P&L and Probability Calculator. Customizable options chain layout. View Greeks for each leg and implied volatility. Risk Management Get real-time alerts and define high-priority issues. Configurable order routing and stop loss. Real-time margin calculations.
Name: LocalCoin Token
Symbol: LLC
Timestamping scheme: Delegated Proof of Stake and Proof-of-node
Transparency: Open source
Block time: 2 seconds Initial 1 LLC
ICO price: $ 0.5 US Dollar (USD)
10% (10 000 000 LLC)
Air-Drop Automatically paid into the very first 100 000 registered accounts.
10% (10 000 000 LLC)
Bounty Program allocated to bounty program for community engagement
80% (80 000 000 LLC)
Public Crowd sale no maximum allocation to investors through entire crowd sale without burn of unsold 1 000 000 000 LLC Development team allocated to the development team (frozen by contract for 1 year)


localcoin is an impressive project
in my opinion in the midst of the storm ico currently localcoin comes with seriousness and the project offered is very good and interesting, very interested in this project I see dev very seriously in the development of this project, even they are in accordance with the road map



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