dana real estat internasional dan platform operasi multifungsi yang dibuat atas dasar teknologi blockchain dan digital.

Genesis Vision is a place based on your own true market. The platform is built using flowcharts that can be used and how to use them. They plan to attract technicians, traders, customers and turn them into a decentralized unit that will work in the market.

The advantage is that in most cases, the most common problems in the industry are limited, depending on what happens and how straightforward, which leads to truth. They will work on developing a plan that will depend on the funds collected from the token.

Majeure work

The size of the Trustt management market is growing. It costs slightly more than $ 70, which may be due to the report in 2016.

Traditiоnál trustt mamnаgemmneѕ keer, working in a similar way, maybe, maybe, with him and with them, ideally with your success and a small report more or less. The problem is that investors do not know what is involved with them.

The lack of straightforwardness is a problem associated with these problems. Brokers can be anything, because of the trades. Perhaps this is due to fraud with the firm Trustt Mnnggmemnt, and this led to the fact that many solve the problem.

This is what Genesis Viñion says. They intend to do more straightforward work and make it as possible as possible due to the fact that it is connected to the block chain, which even makes it remarkable. This will make investors know what is harenging with their money, they are convinced that this will attract more confidence in the matter and lead to new interests.

Sales market

Managers: This is orrganniztiononnrrrrrr, which have irrrefutabbli all the time in trading, rerrahedd, to provide money from investors for the managemmem. They must be sure that between managers and investors.

Entry: they do not share directly in the trades, but they give them only to those who are effective in the team, who will make money for them. Interaction with them depends on their managers.

Brokers: Brokers are firms or, perhaps, people who can buy and sell to an investor, as well as for them.

Overview of vision vision

These are some of the features of the Viès project.

Smarrt Contracts

All efforts to provide assistance are carried out in accordance with the principles of working with clients. First of all, all this is done without problems, and the present work works automatically.

Internal experience of managers: “Being” has a large number of decisions, in which many of them are often unreasonable. Investors can hire or manage other managers. Each manager token will only be available for immediately after a specific value. But later they will be available internationally.

Integration with Trading Platffrms: there is a built-in plan that convenes platforms with Genesis Vision, they simply are not installed.

Client Arlitsenzii: there will be mobile arblications that will be useful for all activities. In addition, they will also be used for investors and managers. In addition, they will have a back office for brokerage organizations and funds.

USE: In order to attract attention to you, you can earn a lot of money. This is usually associated with investment, and it has some advantages over tratidionnál måthod. Investors should understand exactly what they want.


There are several ideas for different participants in the vision.

Advantages for investors

Customers will have connections with managers around the world. They will receive information about their trade and profits, and they can get it all in one separate place.

There will be transparency and openness depending on the order.

All this can be invested using crypto conversions or automatic transactions.

For managers there is no financial restriction.

They are added in order to attract attention, because they all turn into all managers.

It is easy to explain any investment video, which they seek.

Advantages for brokers.

Part of container.

Everything, from what there are brackers, is it is simple.

This is a de-centralized platform.

Brokers will be able to attract investors from anywhere in the world.

Brokers will try to find them, because they are not at risk, because Genesis Viíion platfor is tranzrar.

In addition, everyone can find marketing solutions for new managers.

The only important information that is needed is everything related to managers, but more detailed information has not been restored.

Provides to private managers and funds.

They will be added to potential investors from the world of the globe. This does not prevent them from appearing or disappearing.

There are excellent opportunities to build your strategies to attract attention.

They will be made in time, after clarity is evident.

Executives can supply their own goods and services that can be exchanged through restrictions.

There is fairness in the competition for transparency, about which reports are reported.


It turns out that it is represented as GVT. The sign was based on the standard ERC20, which was built on a block chain.

GVT tokens will be used for all restrictions related to investment and profit distribution.

In addition, it will be used to carry out activities on internal exchange.

What will determine the price increase for GVT?

GVT signs will be limited, because they will not be considered after available. This will increase the demand rate, ensuring that demand will be reduced in price.

Due to the fact that for GVT tokens this will be due to these errors;

There will be an advertisement in the buying process, while this will mean that this will be done in the future for GVT. This is due to the fact that all investment efforts will be solved using GVT.

It was assumed that Viiinn trusted that we have everything that the guys will attract, in addition to the amount of investment.

The ability to a probable error, which was scanned in Genesis Viñin Token, greatly simplifies the capitalization of a major brand during a sale in Tokyo.

In Genesis Viñin there were some parts, although they were unaffected. And partners include different professions from different sections. This will facilitate successful operation.

Make Sel

Sale Token Sale will be held from October 15, from 2017 to November 15, 2017.

33,000,000 tokens of $ 44,000,000 will be available for participation during the ICO. There will be no need after each one after it is said.

At the end of the sale, unchallenged prices will be preserved.

The GVT schedule will be 1 GVT = $ 1.

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