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leader of mobile payment applications in Eastern Europe.

First of all, it is necessary to have a valid alternative in case of technical problems. In addition, a significant amount of the Exchange guarantees liquidity and, above all, the competitiveness of taxes to pay for each trade operation. However, there are important differences between the various websites that offer this service. Of course, some offer more professional trade services, others work hard on liquidity, try as many lists as possible, but so far no one thinks about the possibility of direct exchange between crypto and real assets at the same time. platform.

How it works


Ecosystem for exchange of goods in crypto currency and vice versa.
We bridge the gap between crypto and the real world.


Receive UBC coins without mining or exchange, just selling goods and services. An easy way to become an investor in a crypto currency.


Miners and investors crypto
Enjoy their cryptographic wealth, buying goods and services of the real world. There is no conversion to meet the need for money, the transaction is settled in digital currency with a smart contract.

Join a personal pre-sale to get a discount of 57%. Join the White List to get 29%. The
technical scheme of the Ubcoin platform implements blockchain technology for the creation, management and use of cryptographic and marker and tobacco platforms.

will be held from April 2 to May 31
Bonus for the initial investor

Token distribution The 
maximum number of tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 5% Limited personal pre-sale
  • 200 million tokens maximum
  • 4% Bounty & Advisors
  • 160 000 000 tokens maximum
  • 45% of the public offering (ICO)
  • 1 800 000 000 tokens maximum
  • 3% community rewards
  • 120 000 000 tokens maximum
  • 12% Team Allocation
  • 480 000 000 tokens maximum
  • 31% reserve pool
  • 1 240 000 000 tokens maximum
2006 – 2011
Launching NaviFon is an application for mobile navigation.
• Startup Utalk is the messaging client.
• A prepayment agreement with Samsung.
• Registration of the Ubank brand.
2013 – 2014
• Launch of Ubank.
• Fly override.
• Ubank is collecting an investment of $ 8 million from Runa Capital, which is investing in Russian business funds.
• More than 3 million users.
• Preliminary agreement with Huawei
• Strategic partnership with MDM Bank.
• Joint cards are opened.
• The Ubank financial market model was launched.
• 6.1 million downloads of Ubank applications on Google Play.
• Strategic partnership with Sovcombank.
• 12 million downloads of Ubank applications in Google Play.
2018 – WE ARE HERE
• A platform for smart beta contracts has been developed.
• A support and verification team was created.
• Trial MVP testing through existing application distribution channels with leading smartphone manufacturers.
• Launch of MVP in Eastern Europe.
• The basic structure of KYC was developed.
• The full version of the application is launched in Eastern Europe.
• The distribution agreement for the application extends to the additional territory.
• Developed a beta version of the Open API.
• Launch in the Middle East and South Korea.
• A beta screening test was developed.
• Launch in Southeast Asia and South Asia.
• An open API is available for developers.
• Launching in Latin America.
• The full AI filtering tool is started.
Long-term value of the token
Derived from the ecosystem
The UBC marker is the origin of the peer-to-peer ecosystem. A smart contract will not accept any other crypto-currency funds.
Utility Incentives
A significant portion of the tokens are allocated for business growth, ensuring that the new token does not fall into circulation at a lower price than the initial release of Token Sales.
The program for redemption of tokens
Owners of UBC tokens receive a discount on the payment associated with the size of ownership of UBC. Stimulating customers to buy and hold UBC.
Strong antidumping mechanism of prevention.
Command is locked
Up to 10% of net operating profit is transferred to Ubcoins for redemption by 10% above the market or larger margin.
Recording program
5% of Ubcoin’s costs from user transactions are burned to reduce the number of products for tokens as business grows.
Project Credentials
Existing adult company
Since 2009, we have been leading mobile developers, turning new technologies into popular consumer applications.
16 million applications
In the current product Ubank has more than 16 million installations around the world.
Great team
50+ developers and top managers and consultants.
Not a new project
Ubcoin will improve and rediscover the existing offer on the value of the product, using the availability and reputation of Ubank applications.
Reliable global technology leaders
Samsung and Fly Ubunt are pre-installed on all smartphones sold in the CIS, including the new Galaxy 9.
International ideas
Management and consultants with experience in leading companies from the USA, Germany, Pakistan, South Korea.
A strong and convincing project for a common crypto-digital landscape. In fact, these projects should be encouraged, as they increase the awareness of ordinary people about the opportunities that can be provided by digital coins. In fact, there is no better way than hammering things that are controlled every day.

Disclaimer: This is a personal article containing a financial advice.

For more information:

Website: https://ubcoin.io/

 Telegram group: https://t.me/ubcoin
 Twitter profile: https: // twitter.com/ubcoin
link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1953415

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