HI EVERYBODY, happy friends wherever you are, this time I will explain about SMATHIUM. What is Smathium? Let me explain and see good friends.

Blockchain Smathium will change the future!

Today cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon known to most people. Although somehow still geeky and not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of its importance. In 2016, you will find it difficult to find large banks, large accounting firms, leading software companies, cryptocurrency research, publish papers about it, or start blockchain projects. Take our SMATHIUM blockchain and learn.

What is SMATHIUM & how does it work?

  1. SMATHIUM is a blockchain based loyalty platform that is a challenge of traditional loyalty programs. A decentralized application (dApp) where all businesses can create their own loyalty gifts programs that are supported by a single token. A single loyalty point system that is online retailers around the world involving everyday life. Cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, and event shopping centers!
  2. Show studies that even if customers like loyalty programs, they don’t enjoy them to the fullest. A survey by CodeBroker shows that at least 54% of consumers are frustrated with their loyalty rewards program. Reasons for frustration include a lack of differentiation and the fact that the majority only provides limited benefits. Also, implementing a strong loyalty reward program tends to be very expensive to lock most businesses.
  3. While we are a group of companies with small and medium-sized companies. The Smathium aims to bridge this gap by building a multi-business loyalty award platform that is open to all types of businesses. At the heart of this platform, creating a long-term value for short-term promotions.

Think of our solution as a Decentralized Application (dApp) where all businesses can make their loyalty gift programs supported by a single token. This token can be used for transactions and platforms that can be traded on the exchange. Smathium’s goal is to create an application where brands can connect existing loyalty programs with the blockchain network. All transactions that are our official cryptocurrency.

The SMATHIUM platform

Anyone Can Enjoy the Benefits of Membership Like a Department Store

Can you provide your own unique membership program to customers? Give a different membership program to your loyal customers.

  1. Single Unified Coin

Customers can receive their gifts in one form of cryptocurrency instead of different points for each brand. Smathium guarantees legitimate assets for its customers.

2. Benefits that can be traded

Brands participating in the Smathium You can buy and sell benefits. The membership program is a new sales channel for large-scale sales for these brands.


  1. SMT sign symbol
  2. Total supply of 10 billion SMT
  3. Total sales of 4 billion SMT
  4. Price of 1ETH Token = 20,000 ~ 25,000 SMT

Smathium will change the future and see a lot! Smathium has a successful project, a great team, exceptional products, and great vision. Not every day we see a project this large in development. Smathium is a blockchain based platform that can collect points and popularity in terms of popularity and investor profitability. As for providing multiple revenue options to token holders, Smathium allows users to engage in blockchain mining which is fast and cost effective for exceptional returns.

Smathium will be one of the most successful of its kind! They have great vision and goals. This project needs attention.

Thank you for your attention, I hope that what I say can be useful for friends who read, on the other occasion I will discuss more fully. So much.

For complete information about the Smathium Project, I have provided a link link that helps my friends to know more closely about this project.

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