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XRX Wallet will be an investor’s all-inclusive wallet for all financial transactions. Our wallet Integrated into the account of each user.

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Our expertise lies in providing the best and reliable blockchain based real estate products. Our experts comprehend the divergent requirements of the real estate market and strive to provide the most effective solutions. We shall be providing the following Solutions. Our user-friendly app will be easy to understand and gives you up to the minute updates. Here is a short list of other benefits this app will provide you.

Global Property Register APPs

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can use our solutions and upload his/her land or property on our universal blockchain register.

Blockchain Land transfer process:

More accurate


Costs Less

Speeding up Future Title Search

Resulting in:

A reduction of claims

Reducing operational costs (headcount savings), $3 billion USD annually in the US.

Ubiquity with blockchain technology has the potential to eliminate transactional risk from the existing land registration system

Blockchain could bring $550 million in claims/legal savings: reducing costs to $200 million

Tokenization Model

1 XRX = 0.005 USD

Token Name/Symbol XRX

Total Token Supply 5,000,000,000

Circulating Supply 2,500,000,000

Token Sale Price $0.005

Blockchain Used Ethereum

Token Standard ERC20

Pre-ICO Feb 2019

Soft Cap $2,500,000

Hard Cap $25,000,000

The universe of land has dependably been an extremely alluring wellspring of benefit for a great many people the world over. Numerous extensive speculators have made enormous, a huge number of dollars in land in all sides of the world.

Be that as it may, not every person who needs this market is open and available. Turning into an individual from the land showcase isn’t such a simple errand. In the first place, you should have a great deal of cash. Also, you should have all the essential lawful and legally approved records affirming your status and position. In addition, regardless of whether there is cash, not every person promptly has the experience and capability in regards to the land advertise, so in third spot is the issue of the absence of numerous newcomers to the market, their essential aptitudes. This can normally prompt low quality exchanges, because of which you won’t just procure any benefit, yet additionally lose a noteworthy piece of your capital.

The land showcase, despite the fact that it is a standout amongst the most antiquated and preservationist, all things considered, regardless it has countless, running from enactment to different enrollment reports and possession rights to a specific article. In this manner, the market is a sort of dinosaur, which isn’t completely digitized, which implies that the documentation and all the vital administrative registers can make a flat out wreckage.

Another decentralized project called Global Property Register expects to take care of various issues.

Products and solutions

Global Property Register Mobile APP

You can use everything when participating in their ecosystem. Then, along with your smartphone and internet connection, you can upload land information or any other property on their blochain register.

This app is user-friendly, easy to understand and gives you up-to-the-minute updates. The app provides you the following benefits: Global asset search, attribute dashboard, analysis provided by Artificial Intelligence, property

registration on Blockchain registration. This application will soon be released and run on Windows, Android, IOS, …


They have experts in providing the best and reliable blockchain-based real estate products. Our experts understand the different requirements of the real estate market and try to provide the most effective solutions. They will provide the following solutions.

Details about token

Similar to some other blockchain projects, they also provide the code for their project, XRX token. Tokens provide access to the ecosystem of GPR solutions and will be traded once listed on the exchanges.

Distribution token

Fund Allocation

Upon the completion of the sale of XRX, proceeds from the sale of XRX

will be allocated as outlined below:

Technology and platform development – 40%

Legal and regulatory – 15%

Operations and marketing – 30%

Business Development and others – 15%


Like some new improvements, Blockchain also has analysis. A progression of welfare-related questions and the reliability of this innovation has been raised, like the problem of human error; When used as a database, the entered data must be recorded exactly from the earliest starting point.

However, when innovation is used more often, these problems will be illuminated. During that time, innovation will streamline unpredictable and conventional land business.

With the vision of Global Property Registration (GPR), a world in which every mortgage owner can exploit his or her property estimates (home or land). Report protected property and simple to get. The distortion of land and property was wiped out, especially in the creation of countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Therefore, this is a network venture and the best system. For a gradual view of this commitment, please visit the links below:

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