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The DABANKING project was born with a noble mission, which pioneered the Blockchain Utilities and made the Environment to make Dapps for Decentralized Entertainment Services. DABANKING makes agreement, fairness and optimal user experience as criteria to be developed. One of the first Dapp products DABANKING is the FomoJackpot lottery program with very smart, unique and interesting rules that promises to make the fomo effect very strong in the first month.

FomoJackpot gives many players the opportunity to earn money that attracts a stronger and stronger cryptocurrency market. It is expected that the first round ticket sales will be conducted on June 8, 2019.

DABANKAN is a blockchain that I am making so I decide to do the same things I do. To achieve this, DABANKING told him because he also asked to do the same because he also made games like that because he made games like that too. DABANKING at least to make the right solution based on gambling protocols and also to be popular and fair, efficient in chips, also stable. DABANKING will also be removed so that it will reduce by the new quarter. Give your choice to have the option to decide whether to request the same number of requests as I did

Games developed by DABANKING with Blockchain Technology can bring valuable features such as:

● Track and authenticate ownership of advanced types of assets.

● Reducing costs for third parties.

● Secure payment system based on blockchain.

● Integrating blockchain into your game increases the competitiveness of traditional games.

● Easily exchange advanced assets with high liquidity. 


As we know, playing games is one way many people relax after a busy day, from childhood to adulthood even in old age no one grows up playing games. With this high protection, the gaming industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. But the question here is, do players really get money from playing these games? Of course most games are played without making money. People, who claim to pay, are not sincere, players are deceived and the results are changed or manipulated.


To have the option to purchase a FomoJackpot Ticket, you need a PC that introduces Metamask or Wallet Trust on your phone. In addition, there must be ETH in your wallet to buy tickets


As a result of challenging challenges by developers while trying to create DApp, a team of professionals and hands-on experienced in blockchain technology, games, application development and related fields have created DABANKING with all the tools that will suit the pioneering usage on the Blockchain that will Deliver Developers to make DApps with entertainment services are characterized by safety, approval and security to give users a great experience with a user-friendly interface. However, Fomo’s jacpot lottery program (Fomo Game) was created as one of the first DApp products from the DABANKING platform on blockchain technology.

Token DAA

The DAA Token has a maximum amount of 20,000,000 DAA and is gradually being exploited using purchase numbers and playing games with ETH and this is the only way to get DAA tokens. The mining process of the DAA Token has 10, each round has 10 rounds, a maximum of 200,000 DAAs are exploited every round. In the first round of compilation you buy a ticket or out of the game 0.05 ETH, you have managed to mine 1.66666667 DAA, currently 60% is 1 DAA directly to your wallet and 40% is 0.66666667 DAA to the wallet of the developer DABANKING. If you play a game that wins in the first round, you need a volume of 0.055 to successfully exploit 1.66666667 DAA and receive 1 DAA.

Distribution of DAA Tokens

DAA Token feature

  • Get ETH every 2 weeks when frozen DAA Tokens:
  • Playing games with DAA (or ETH) Tokens:
  • DAA Baked Token

Technical Certification

All logical technicalities from DABANKING are accessible to the public based on Smart Contract, open-source and approved for everyone. Basic data from all communities is stored in the Smart Contract and can be moved. Make randomly generated based on numbering difficulties in the existing Blockchain Ethereum and compile schedule number results generated to create 64-bit hash codes. It is not possible to change or intervene in any way because the code stored on the blockchain cannot be changed. With DApp from DABANKING everything is 100% transparent and leads to an advanced society with absolute approval.

Unique Mechanism in 2019


FomoJackpot has very smart and unique rules of the game, which motivate the round of leverage to develop over time in one round and between loops that promise to create a very powerful effect in 2019. With the first phase, as soon as the system opens the gate to deposit ETH, you need to buy a ticket at ZERO Round on June 8, 2019.

To multiply 650% of your assets, we dare to make sure that it takes less than 10 minutes after opening, the multiplier reaches x1 immediately if you don’t buy it quickly. When you introduce newcomers who buy tickets through your reference link, you get unlimited income up to 17% for 10 levels. This income will be great if you work hard to develop a community with FomoJackpot.

Random lottery prizes at Diamond Chest create fair opportunities for people at all different times, when all 6 prizes are based on Blockchain random algorithms to find 6 of the luckiest people. Opportunity to win is the same every time. This is an award inspired by the Mega Millions lottery program in 2018, with the largest prize up to 1.6 billion USD.

Dividend income

When you buy a ticket, you will also mine DAA Tokens. For every 0.05 ETH you use to buy a ticket, you can mine the DAA Token.

The Dividend Pool will contain 10% of the total ETH tickets purchased and all FomoGame benefits.

Every 2 weeks, the dividend pool will be paid according to the structure:

  • 70% of the ETH in the collection is divided equally for all accounts that have frozen the DAA Token.
  • 30% of the dividend pool will be added to the dividend pool the next 2 weeks.

Prize Distribution

All tickets purchased by ETH are allocated as follows:

  • 50% becomes an award
  • 20% Fast Income
  • 17%: Referral Income
  • 10% of dividends
  • 3% Develop new products


When having a ticket buyer, 50% of ETH sales will be allocated to the prize group and divided as follows:

  • 50%: Diamond Chest
  • 20%: Dada Ruby
  • 5%: Gold Chest
  • 4%: Silver chest
  • 1%: Prize Recipient
  • 20%: Next

Join FomoJackpot

To be able to buy a FomoJackpot Ticket, you must have a computer that installs Metamask or Trust Wallet on your mobile. In addition, there must be ETH in your wallet to buy tickets.


DABANKING aims at long-term development, providing entertainment services to a decentralized application platform, giving back power to users. The development team has made a long-term strategy to make DABANKING a strong ecosystem that enables millions of customers to experience our services.

  • Q4 / 2018-Q1 / 2019:
    Build a development team, prepare detailed plans and prepare a technology foundation.
  • Q2 / 2019:
    Officially introducing the game ecosystem in DApp and starting to develop the DAB Token mining community.
  • Q3 / 2019:
    Register the DAA Token and DAB Token on a free exchange and integrate new games.
  • Q4 / 2019:
    Open the Swap port from DAA Token to DAB Tokens for users. Add a new Game Dapp.
  • When the community reaches 3 million users, DABANKING will officially announce its own Blockchain and exchange DAB Token to the new DABAKING Blockchain.

Join us to heat up the cryptocurrency market


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