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                  I will explain what it is AIREXE...

AIREXE is the most recent modern crypto-fiat currency exchange system. Yes as well as Cryptocurrencies where the digital assets using this blockchain technology are highly supported by the multimillionaires involved in ICO. Namely the provision of initial funding for startup companies around the world after initial initial coin offer to run their business. And AIREXE comes knocking on the door of your heart to join the operating system that is comfortable, controlled and transparent.

This crypto exchange transparency issue is important. Imagine, the booming cryptocurrency market seems very susceptible to extrem temperature. So in the hustle and bustle often arise unclear practices that can sometimes threaten the security of client funds on the exchange.

AIREXE is present to answer a number of issues / issues with existing exchanges. The main objective focuses on securing clients’ funds, strong support for customer responders, improving services and maintaining high cryptocurrency elec- tibility.

Of course to maintain the credibility and elektabilitas of this system AIREXE will cooperate with government and law. So that the tilt or ambiguity as illegal or abal-abal in the work system activity no longer exists. AIREXE operates legally for licensing and taxation.

Because AIREXE in cooperation with the government will not happen again whose name is inequality. Whether it’s a beginner or a professional businessman will feel the same comfort. Crypto and their trade will run normally and smoothly because the available features will be functioning purposefully and proforsally.

In addition, the safe presence of AIREXE safe, as well as fix the case of Cryptocurrency Exchange as below:

Security of customer funds on the exchange
Lack of or weak cooperation with government regulators
Bad or weak customer support
Long waiting period for new coins and tokens for support
Lack of simplicity
Team and ownership are not transparent
Lack of mobility

Solutions and Advantages of AIREXE Exchange

✔ The high security — the latest technology in authentication and biometric for mobile users

✔ Working closely with government regulators. Following regulations, licensing, taxation.

✔ Responsive customer support — 24/7 immediate customer support, with timely response

✔ A quick start and guide for novice traders

✔ Transparent project ownership

✔ Attention to mobile users — devices that are completely neutral with native App

✔ Integration with new blockchain, coins, tokens (eg — integration with TON, Telegram Open Network)

✔ Penilanan and Analysis Institutions (providing professional cryptocurrency analysis, and project appraisal, token and cryptocurrency)

The most important task of AIREXE Securing client funds are often lost or there is a steal
Just an important leak and should be noted, AIREXE want to secure the funds of its clients because in unexpected situations the funds are often lost or there is a magic thief that is difficult to detect its existence. Cases like these often occur, crypto assets often disappear from the stock. The impact is very fatal, not only the loss of the client but the bursa was threatened to close and go bankrupt. It also deals with authentication of currency withdrawal for clients, as well as other issues that in principle cause anxiety related to this business. Crypto-Fiat Currency Exchange issued AIRX AIRX AIRX tokens during ICO’s bulk funding period.
Once the AIREXE crypto-fiat exchange operates, the AIRX token will be traded on the stock from day one.

Details of ICO, AIRX Token
Token Name AIREXE: AIRX Token digits: 18

Tokenized Assets Offering (TAO) AIRX token sale begins on 19 March 2018 and ends on April 20, 2018

Standard Token: blockchain Ethereum, ERC-223 standard (including ERC20 standard)

Smart contract address: 0x19c4a0c62a15c0fb7276791aa552a1aabe8b57e6 (will be published on 15th March)

Soft Cap: 950,000 USD

Project goal: 16,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 32,000,000 USD

Note: If Soft Cap does not meet the target, within 15 days after the end of TAO period, all donated funds will be returned to the donor.

Provided bonuses for the largest contributors: Suppose you buy and have a total of 15,500 AIRX tokens, in exchange for AIREXE crypto-fiat when your trade will be free for life. Such is the excellence of AIREXE.

Teams and Counselors;

But because of the limited space, more about the credibility and elektabilitas AIREXE you can listen to it in some links and official documents below:

ANN Thread:
Telegram Channel:


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