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The world of technology is very dynamic as we get to see varrious cutting innovations on a daily baisis. It happens in such a way that at all intervals there is need to constantly improve and be updated on the type of technology thats being developed. It is also applicable in the app world. The world is readjusting to utility apps, so is whole ecosystem. dApps or decentralized applications as its being called are novel type of applications developed and are not linked to, or controlled by a single central body or authority, which does not have a limitation of downtime. As the name is, (DApps) decentralized applications takes time to store everything on a decentralized blockchain framework from from the influence of decentralised authority. This new trend has caught the attention of Dbanking team and they have decided to develop a Decentralised application on blockchain gaming. Blockchain permitts entirely novel functionalities in the global gaming world: first, it creates the ability to exchange and trade digital assets between diffrent games, secondly, it also creates the ability to trade digital assets between the games users (gamers) directly. These are the two novel functionalities that offer entirely a new concept of open marketplaces and ecosystems, allowing the gamers and game developers to bring in a new phase of inter-connected games. The development of gaming decentralized application have be of a great commendation as we have seen great improvements over the years. Building gaming Dapps gas been beneficial both to the industry and the gamers.

The probelm faced in the gaming industry ranges from the fact that transparency is slowly fading away. This has caused distrust amidst gamers. But building the gaming platform on one of the most trusted framework has helped to increase the numbers of gamers since transparency will be increased. Dbanking platform is here to ensure that gaming problems are reduced to the lowest minimum.


For quite some time gamers arround thr world have been looking for a way to enjoy the full potential of gaming platforms which wil be free from distrust, security challenges, and will be transparent .

The DABANKING Project was created with a clear aim to becomes the first Utility Blockchain which will effectively creates a favourable environment for the development of Dapps for most Decentralized Entertainment Services. DABANKING has seen the existing bottlenecks in the gaming industry and have decided to eliminate those problems by building a platform which is take transparen, fair and Can accommodate diffrent types of users and still provides wonderful user experience. In bid to give users a wonderful experince, Dbanking will seek to protect user interest by developing a platform where there will be equity and fairness for all players this will go a long way to aid the gaming industry. Dbanking wil leverage on the power of blockchain technology to create a decentralized environment for the actualization of this feat. DABANKING platform has a way of validating games performed in the platform through the use of robust algorithm to control the process.

Dbanking platform will have a way of validating games being played as they cab track and authenticate ownership of the said digital assets.


The FomoJackpot lottery program is One of DABANKING’s first decentralised application (Dapp) products which is unique and smart, and can command attention in its first month of launch. As a player you can earn attractive reward from the market. This is expected to be launched in early june 2019


Token Symbol => DAA

Token Type => ERC20

Total Supply => 20,000,000 DAA


60% DAA allocated to miners

20% DAA allocated to product development

10% DAA allocated to marketing

10% DAA allocated to partners

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the birth of Dbanking platform will be a great means to eliminate all the issue associated with the gaming industry.

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