Xmonteta encrypted Messenger is the world’s first decentralized governance for social and business communication.
Ethereum based application allows you to:
  • Communicate with your friends,
  • Purchase of goods and services, books
  • Hold your money in secure, wallet
  • Trade in our market platform,
  • Set up your own business.
With Xmoneta it is possible to talk with friends, buy different goods in the electronic shop, listen to music, read books, ordering food, taxis and so on. More importantly, you can use your messenger as purses for different types of currencies. No need to waste Your device memory by downloading some applications for a variety of purposes. No longer need to waste your time to use a variety of sources and wallets to Exchange and Exchange different currencies.
The Mission of the
Tired of the old trends promoted by banks and a global company, we decided to choose the other way. The way of the future, free of mass supervision, control over the thoughts, finances, and the purpose of your life. Our goal is to create a universal Messenger and is completely safe. This new application will be based on the technology of Blockchain and will give the opportunity to the users to chat, send messages, make orders, purchase goods, trade with people and holding his money. Everything in just one application. That’s how Xmoneta was born.
About The Ecosystem
Xmoneta. Token (XMN) is a decentralized crypto for all types of transactions between members of the community. The evidence excluded related to messenger powered by VISA/Master Card, so that users can pay by cryptocurrency using a virtual card and plastic. Conversion course will be pegged to the Middle rate, used on stock trades. The owner will be able to buy a token using XMN without menguangkannya.
XMN only internal currency, used in Xmoneta ecosystems, and the number of tokens delimited 1 billion XMN. Because of these limitations, the customer gets a great big discount, bonuses from our partners, excellent technical support, and free plans.

The more the XMN used in ecosystems,the fewer the number of tokens that will be exchanged. What does it mean ? This means that the costs of the currency will increase!

There are several factors that affect the value of the token. The first factor is the existence of supply and demand on the Exchange kriptocurrency. The second is the popularity of the project. More and more people will join us, the higher expense XMN. Since the beginning, there will be exactly 1 000000000 tokens in circulation and nothing more.
Xmoneta (XMN) Token Utility
XMN is token utilities that drive ecosystems. Therefore, as a token of utilities, XMN is required to support the platform and facilitate its users. XMN introduced as a decentralized form of crypto, who held the rating given by users and the natural laws of the market. This is used as a means of interaction and transactions between different activities, services, functions, and users of the platform from around the world.
The structure of the
  • XMN — Xilinx token symbol
  • XMN is based on standard token token ERC20
  • Token: 1 ETH = 2000 XMN
  • Total supply: 1 million
  • 000 XMN 70% — 700 000 000 XMN
For ecosystem messenger, gifts, affiliate
20% — 200 000 000 XMN
Sale Token ICO
05% — 50,000 000 XMN
Sale Token Pre ICO
  • 05% — 50 000 000 XMN for teams, communities, initiatives, etc.
  • Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
  • The number of tokens per one person: unlimited
  • The maximum transaction amount:
  • closed infinite software: 1000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 95000
  • GAS limits ETH: 250,000
  • Currencies accepted crypto — ETH
Bonus Token Holder
If the holder of the token has not been interesting in tokennya for one year, he will receive a bonus of + 10% of the total number of tokens are stored.
Join the new world with us! Our goal is to realize a dream into reality. The main concept Xmoneta
totally mobile lifestyle, free from the border. We are witnesses the birth of a new global community, replacing the traditional social and financial institutions. We do not want to be a silent observer — we want to be the creator. We want to spur further development.
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