OptiToken  Kriptocurrency Hyper-Deflationary which is analyzed by Algorithm

Optitoken is a hyper-deflated cryptocurrency, supported by an automatic tokenized portfolio that uses professional trading techniques and economic strategies for token value optimization such as strategic buying pressure and supply shortages. With these features, Optitoken aims to optimize the utilization and adoption of cryptocurrency and maximize the benefits of its use as a value transfer mechanism of your choice. Welcome to revolutionary cryptocurrency!
The biggest problem about establishing credibility for any online trading currency, coins and tokens is that they can not determine what factors actually trigger fluctuations in currency values. This obscurity left thousands of prospective traders standing in line waiting to get a possible answer. One thing is very clear that nobody is investing in something that he does not know in detail. Only gamblers jump into the trading unit.
Transparent trading mechanisms: 
What distinguishes Optitoken from other platforms is a clear and transparent mechanism. Traders know exactly how tokens are generated, how they are evaluated for their value and how they maintain upward momentum in different exchanges.
A credible and proven platform:
The second best thing about optitoken is the algo-based platform which is a proven mechanism used by many specialized trading platforms like Meta Trader, Ninja Trader, and IQ options. It can also be trusted because of its automated programming code that triggers the execution of trades and generates small orders, called child orders. When traders know that no outside influences are manipulating prices, it inspires more trust.
Benefits of algo trading:
Besides having more credibility, its function is also very efficient. This platform offers minimal order execution costs, minimizes market impact and lower risk in order execution. All of these factors not only make it a reliable trading option but also provide an efficient trading platform that executes trades faster.
Q4 – 2017
  • Test trading stategis and collect data for use in algorithms.
  • Initial team assembled: developer, one team manager quant and legal.
  • Website launch, preliminary press release, marketing strategy.
  • Launching social media channels to build communities.
Q1 / Q2 – 2018
  • Start software development algorithm.
  • BETA launches on the exchange (s) with% of the initial fund.
  • Further work and optimize algorithms and security.
  • Launch the ALPHA interface on wxchange (s).
  • Buy token phase on exchange (s) for OptiToken purchase pressure with profit, Addition of remaining ITO funds to portfolio.
  • Creation and testing on 2.0 user interface.
  • Test integration of machine learning.
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