Our key mission is to make sure organizations are booming in selecting and deploying the foremost applicable complementary technology solutions from Applications to Disks to fulfill their business challenges. We succeed this by showcasing Oracle and Partner product and joint technologies. If you’re considering High availableness, Disaster Recovery and Consolidation in your Datacenter, we are able to focus on specific areas of Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) and provide proof-points to reinforce the message. Customers can assess system size, scalability, and performance for IT solutions.

At the Kalibroida, Oracle customers can also see their ideas implemented as working prototypes running on Oracle systems. Technical or business presentations and discussions can also be significantly enhanced.

Oracle’s technologies enable customers to manage info, streamline business processes, and reduce the costs as well as the complexity of managing their IT infrastructures.

We offer a comprehensive vary of services designed around Oracle international business units, technology acquisitions and new releases of applications. Our portfolio of Oracle service includes:

  1. Oracle Cloud PaaS offeringspackaged  with a mixture of below bolt-on solutions
  2. Business Process as a service on the cloud
  3. Extended SaaS offerings to support your distinctive custom surroundings needs
  4. Simplify your Enterprise Mobile Connectivity and platform
  5. Development & testing environment on cloud for upgrades
  6. Business Intelligence on Cloud


Enterprise Application (EA) Services

  1. EA implementation and rollout
  2. EA upgrade
  3. EA rationalization
  4. EA maintenance and support
  5. EA testing/validation
  6. EA on-demand

Consulting and Advisory Services

  1. IT strategy/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) advisory
  2. IT architecture and Oracle product mapping
  3. Enterprise Applications Consulting
  4. Project Management Office (PMO)/Program Management services


Technology Services

  1. Applications development
  2. Applications integration
  3. Business Process Integration Packs (BPIPs)
  4. Applications maintenance and support


Infrastructure and Database Services

  1. Capacity planning
  2. Database upgrades, migrations, data archiving
  3. Database security auditing/compliance
  4. Data machines implementation
  5. Performance analysis and tuning

Our relationship and talent to collaborate with Oracle across the world and also the sturdy relationship with development groups helps the United States of America gain early visibility into the Oracle product or technology roadmap.

Early access to new products and technologies helps us in accelerating the development of new preconfigured solutions, building Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and quickly demonstrating the same to our customers. In addition, our fast access to support groups helps in partitioning technical or product connected problems quickly before the implementation.

These advantages reduce our development cycles. It helps to quickly deliver the answer enhancements, offers wonderful support services, and enhance customer satisfaction.




Technology Solutions

  1. Mobility Cloud

Kalibroida offers full-service Cloud mobility solutions, together with Cloud Platforms, Application Development, and Mobile Analytics, creating uninterrupted connectivity a break.


  1. E-Business Suite

Our strong Oracle partnership and related proprietary tools and accelerators will help you implement and assimilate Oracle E-Business suite in no time.


  1. PeopleSoft

Kalibroida’s established PeopleSoft practice provides comprehensive business and industry solutions, which enable organizations to improve organizational productivity.


  1. Business Analytics

Implement best practices for Oracle Business Analytics to spice up strategic decision-making.


  1. Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Achieve operational value improvement, compute worth, and a number of advantages, leverage Kalibroida’s recognition because of the Oracle Cloud Managed Service supplier.


  1. IaaS

Bring the next level of innovation to all your infrastructure-related needs, by leveraging Kalibroida’s IaaS services.


  1. PaaS

Experience a comprehensive portfolio of Oracle PaaS expertise, powered by Kalibroida’s deep technology knowledge and extensive understanding of industry verticals.


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