AIREXE : New modern crypto-fiat currency exchange

For people who believe in criptocurrency
AIREXE is a new modern crypto-fiat currency exchange. We bring in a new cryptocurrency exchange, which we are sure you will love.
AIREXE focuses on ensuring increased client funds security, providing customers with responsive, high availability and high accessibility. AIREXE will strictly follow and comply with government regulations, licensing requirements, taxation and will operate completely legally. Our goal is to be the easiest exchange for beginners and for professional traders by providing both functionality – professionals with all the features available, and simplified for those who are beginners in crypto and commerce.
ICO bulk funding and AIRX token sales start on March 19, 2018. Buy AIRX tokens and earn a lot of money on AIREXE exchanges.
Use of AIRX Tokens issued AIRX AIRX to AIRX tokens during ICO bulk funding.
Once the AIREXE crypto-fiat market has launched its operation, the AIRX token will be traded on the stock from day one.
Here’s how to use AIRX utilization guaranteed by AIREXE:
AIREXE exchange will receive a trading fee on AIRX
Paying a trade fee on an AIRX token will be much cheaper than in any other cryptocurrency.
Purchase time for 0% total sales cost in AIREXE
Purchase a zero kimisi period for your needs – one week, one month, three months or more. Save on daily trading commissions by buying during the Zero Commission period with an AIRX token.
Use AIRX for advanced access and professional functionality
For wholesalers or professionals, AIREXE will provide advanced Professional functionality. Access to this function will incur additional charges. It is best to pay an AIRX token for Pro functionality, as it will be much cheaper than paying in other cryptocurrencies.
Payment to register at AIREXE
Projects – ICO, ITO, TGE, TAOs, or cryptococcal and forks blockchain can pay AIRX to register tokens and coins. AIRX paid projects for the list will (a) process list requests be prioritized and (b) personal managers assigned to continue the listing process and support lists thereafter.
Purchased our research on registered cryptocurrencies or on cryptococcal fund-raising projects. The research will be based on the company’s fundamental indicators and incorporate methodologies from classical rating agencies (Fitch, Moody’s, S & P) and community activities of crypto.
Sell ​​the AIRX token on the exchange
Sell ​​and buy AIRX token on the exchange
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Line map
Q3-4 2017
Study the market, survey, gather experience with enterprising. Research and problem solution method analysis
Q1 2018
Offering bulk Funding Asset Tokenized AIREXE (ICO). Sell ​​AIRX token. Pre-Registration and Pre-Verified in Exchange.
Q2-3 2018
Development of AIREXE exchange. Collaborate with regulators and financial institutions. Get a license, connect to a financial institution
Q4 2018 – Q1 2019
Launch AIREXE exchange, traded for pre-registered users. Launch AIREXE trading for new users. Launch of mobile app
Q1-4 2019
Extend AIREXE geographic coverage and collaborate with regulators with more jurisdiction. Implementation of PSD2 in the EU and adopting other areas and opening, launching a business line payment service provider. Launching analytical portal of Rating Agency and reporting services.
Q1-4 2020
Cross-country mobile payment providers. Brintegr with multiple mobile / blockchain providers for integrated payment processing. Expansion of Rating Agency business.
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