An overview about the project

Giftcoin is an innovative platform created to change the approach to charitable events. Developers want to designate an environment in which every benefactor will be 100% sure that the donated funds have been left to those who really need them. This approach encourages people to give large sums. The significance of the project is obvious. In our days, the gap between the poor and the rich is huge, one crisis follows another, natural disasters are causing irreparable damage to the economies of countries already in distress. Are those who suffer from disadvantaged regions do not deserve sympathy, help?

About advantages and features of the project

The first crypto currency will see the light, which will be financed by truly good deeds. The project is unique and is called upon to make a revolution in the field of charity. There is no doubt that long ago it was necessary to create a territory free from deception. That is, donated money really should be spent for its intended purpose. The creators of Giftcoin chose to use the blockbuster and distributed ledger, which makes it much easier to track transactions and spend the allocated funds. Clever contracts allow the gradual allocation of coins. In addition, it is at the moment when the project is at a key stage. This means that if the conceived for some reason does not materialize, the funds will be returned.


For one coin of the etherium, you can get ten thousand GIFT tokens. There are plans to attract ten million dollars. The minimum goal is determined by two and a half million dollars. Two hundred million is the maximum number of tokens issued. To make their purchase, you need to invest at least a quarter of the etherium. It is also possible to calculate bitcoins.

For pre-sale, ten percent of bonus coins and a fifty percent discount are provided. In the first twenty-four hours, there will be five percent of bonus coins. The discount will be thirty five percent. During the first week, the number of bonus coins will be reduced to three percent. The discount is determined by twenty-five percent. The second week of bonus coins is not provided. The discount is fifteen percent.

About the team

Alex Howard, who is the inspirer and founder of the project, previously created a platform called “Conscious Life.” Tim Bichar participated in the launch of Q App, gave advice on Nimble Mobile. The well-known investor John Beddos is an active participant in the creation of Safer Technologies, a security company that was acquired by Avast Software last year. Chris Cain, responsible for decentralized networks for twelve years, is responsible for the technical component. Ben Evans is another technologist. His authority is beyond doubt. After all, he has a job in Deutsche Bank. In addition, he was the chief engineer-executor of the IPO Google.


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