the first mobile app to connect people looking for work done for employees around the world

– ConnectJob is a decentralized platform that offers you the opportunity to interact directly with the service provider without the hassle of intermediaries taking advantage of you, or you have to pay substantial commission deductions to agents by utilizing and monetizing all your own skills. This platform guarantees and secures every exchange transaction on their network – no more dubious reputation, fake reviews, and contract defaults! With ConnectJob, this is no longer a hypothetical scenario, but a fully-fledged platform for mobile devices! ConnectJob targets more than 20 million users per month over the next 5 years and is set to launch applications in the top 20 cities during the period, starting with Paris, London and New York in 2018. Founded in 2017 and based in Gibraltar at Suites 7B & 8B,
Based on sales sharing and resources, ConnectJob is here to lighten your load. Whether it’s for daily chores, maintenance, or shopping, you can now offer or request any services that are needed, anywhere at any time.

Apa itu ConnectJob (CJT)?

ConnectJob aims to re-create the global labor market through the development of a secure and transparent ecosystem platform that removes control of this centralized authority and puts it back in the hands of users. Users will be able to instantly connect with each other and exchange values ​​and services through smart contracts and geographic locations. The platform’s inventive geo-location tool allows users to find trained and trained workers in their area, engaging them, and monitoring their progress at work from the convenience of their mobile devices. ConnectJob enrolls workers based on professional criteria to provide “best in class” services to users. Service seekers can see the history, reputation, reviews, and comments the job creator noted on blockchain before involving them. By recording all involvement in blockchain, ConnectJob has eliminated the inherent identity and problem issues on traditional platforms, ensuring that users engage precisely with whom they want to be involved. All platforms are supported by smart contracts supported by lawyers. Smart contracts will protect users from contract defaults and secure funds on systems that do not trust.

The reason that ConnectJob holds ICO

More than fundraising activities, their ICO shoes create an ecosystem around our token and run ConnectJob as a hierarchical platform.
– Token will be at the heart of the ConnectJob ecosystem, allowing strong community links to encourage the use of CJT, accepting awards, evaluating and utilizing premium services.
– Effective economic systems and incentive mechanisms (see opposite) are established that enable the company to achieve rapid growth /
– The work desk to design future ConnectJobs into a fully decentralized platform will use tokens as a more powerful tool to coordinate and compensate the ConnectJob community.

Philosophy: The power of ConnectJob people is the first mobile app that connects people looking for work done for employees around the world based on geographic geography. The purpose of the ConnectJob app is to provide Jobber to people who need services and provide potential customers to Jobbers. This allows easy access for customers to find what they need, right at their fingertips. In other words: people help others. Objectives: Recreating the job market CJT’s vision is to help the labor market with new technologies and decentralize with the support of the Blockchain community.

CJT strongly believes in “uberization” of business and the role of economic growth of performances in our society. ConnectJob will be at the heart of this new movement by acting as a unique platform to deliver important services anywhere, anytime with a proven service provider. Ambition: Be a leading, globally leading blockchain player ConnectJob aims to become a world leader in its market by developing a decentralized platform for all users and users based on Blockchain technology. All users will have the opportunity to find work by using geolocation technology and a “Uber-like” counter (developed internally) for each offered service.

After a successful test in Eastern Europe, this app is now ready to launch in major cities around the world. In this context, ICO will have two of these ConnectJob’s main aims:
Raise the funds needed to deploy applications globally
Develop Decentralization and Autonomy networks with Giua jobbers table customers and bases of new features, services and transactions.

Ecosystem Blockchain
Using blockchain, ConnectJob will allow its customers to exchange values ​​directly without relying on third parties, and the ConnectJob team will develop services around the asset.

Using cryptographically safe blockchain – ledgers are distributed across nodes in systems that make hacking almost impossible. All of the Ethereum Trust smart codes used for token sales and vault accounts are fully audited by SmartDec, and companies that specialize in Smart Contract Security Audit.
No single authority has control, the network can not be isolated or manipulated by a single controlling authority. There is no middleman. A
cost-effective economy
through decentralization led to a significant reduction in the cost of ConnectJob

To date, the platform has been tested in Europe and offers more than 30 services, from housekeepers to tour guides. To cover a wider area and expand the list of services and functions, the ConnectJob team will initially place the CJT code. This token is used on the site as a means of payment for services and work. ICO is held from 12 February to 30 April 2018. For ETH, you can purchase 2400 CJT. Subject to the terms of purchase, you will receive a 2% to 12% discount. In the future, CJT cards will be traded on the exchange.


Ekosistem ConnectJob:
ConnectJob is an application that provides most daily needs to its users, all done by individuals called “Jobbers”. Geolocation is at the heart of the ConnectJob offering, Providing its users with Trong area services available, and billed CIS (ConnectJob tokens) or fiat money (euros, dollars) on a unique Named and Unspecified (Uber like model) hourly rate for each type of “job” .
– ConnectJob tries to establish a connection with a highly trained and educated service provider for the real problem. Make sure the work is done by the workers who have complete knowledge about it.
Benefits intended to serve include:
Sit back and Chill: ConnectJob looks to save time for people and about helping them.
– Making connections is easy  : With just one click, everything becomes possible. This app is very user-friendly and allows anyone to order services as per their requirements.
Best Service: ConnectJob ensures the best service for one and all. Professional help is guaranteed by the service provider.
– Safe environment  : Service providers on the platform in an effective way. Providing privacy and security is the primary goal of ConnectJob.


ICO ConnectJob will take place in two major steps: ICO- and ICO, as described below. Of the 300 million originally Published by Token ConnectJob, tokens will only be 195 million available for Pre-ICO and ICO sales, the difference being saved as backup for teams, Advisors, partners and the ConnectJob community.

Create a strong community around our project and finance our ambitious roadmap for decentralized services.

Start: December 1, 2017, Friday (Midnight GMT + 1)
Token: CJT
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2.400 CJT
Project protocol: ERC20
CJT Token Contract Address:
Tim ConnectJob
Our team consists of qualified professionals and entrepreneurs who are highly skilled in their areas of expertise.

Our advisor

Token Sale (ConnectJob (CJT)
ConnectJob presale offer is the startup place Thu future of the economy in the hands of a gig of the user. Sustained sales have met with a resounding success -which, selling more than 5 million tokens in the first week alone – is Offered for initial contributors and adopters at a 20% discount. Tokens can be purchased using Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), or in fiat (USD / EUR) at equivalent 2400 Cis per ETH. The minimum token purchase is 1 ETH.
If you have ICODE, situs web ini adalah situs web access to project:
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