Karmatoken, created in 2016 is the logical evolution of one of the firsts crypto-currencies back in 2014 : KarmaCoin. After many projects in 2014, some team members decided to fork Karmacoin (X11) to benefit of the new blockchain technologies. Karmatoken was born, first as a Counterparty asset, then swapped in 2016 as a ERC20 token, using the lasts advantages of Ethereum network.

Karmatoken envisions to be used in our actual economy. It doesn’t pretend to provide futurist or super anonymous kind of blockchain. Karmatoken is the link between crypto-currency users and people who want to BETTER our real world.
We act as a reward token for businesses and organisations claiming GOOD actions for our actual and future environment .
More, Karmatoken will be the fuel for major projects in 2018 and 2019 : KarmaNetwork, medical marijuana (CBD) researches and improvement, world tour with an expedition Karmatruck to connect people from all other the world to our dedicated platform with 24/7 HD video streaming and more.

Karmatoken uses the last innovation of Ethereum-based tokens, the ERC20 protocol standard.
Similar to how the HTTP protocol defined the internet, ERC20 is a protocol that defines a set of commands that a token should implement. ERC20 is not a technology, software, or piece of code. It is a technical specification.
The ERC20 protocol standard contains basic but secure functions that any useful token should implement to enable trading. These include transferring tokens, inquiring the balance of tokens at a certain address, and the total supply of tokens.


    If you have some Karmatoken, it is for a GOOD reason!
    The more the human being evolves, the stronger its impact is on other living beings and on our direct environment.
    Crypto-currencies are bringing some new economical rights to everyone. This is a real revolution and you can be part of it. Welcome to the intelligent and responsible crypto-currency society : the GOOD KARMA SOCIETY
    Karmatoken is all about receiving and giving. The more you give and do, the more GOOD things will happen in your LIFE. You may have bought an eco-responsible product, you may have received some for a GOOD action, or got some as a reward to your business or organization. Karmatoken is not only about currency and money, it is also a real way to express GOOD actions. Don’t forget to secure your tokens on a wallet, for security advice, click on this page.
    Sending or receiving some Karmatoken is fast, really fast! Using Ethereum blockchain, transactions are way faster and cheaper than Bitcoin. You can send Karmatoken to other people, marketplaces, exchanges or secure it on Ledger or your own wallet (My Ether Wallet and other). Soon, Karmatoken will be the fuel for our next to come KarmaNetwork, our new GOOD economy!

KTN: ERC20 Token
Same goals since 2014
184 000 000 total supply
29 000 000 actual circulating supply
CoinMarketCap update soon…

​Where do you find Karmatoken?
You can buy and sell Karmatoken (KTN) on :

​We are proud to say that we never worked for Google, Microsoft or HSBC, but we are a team of real GOOD minded crypto-enthusiats. We have a great experience of running businesses and projects for 10 years and we want to improve the good in people using new technologies.


Screenshot_133.pngOUR PARTNERS

Screenshot_134.pngFor more more information please visit links below:
Website: https://www.karmatoken.net/
Whitepaper: https://www.docdroid.net/J2VUWaP/pre-sale-white-paper-v11.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/karmatoken_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karmatoken2016/

Telegram: https://t.me/karmatoken


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