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According to the Sense Market Cap, in September 2017, the average crude revenue revenues were more than $ 4 billion and the market capitalization for the crypto market reached more than $ 130 billion. However, the crypto currency market is much smaller than the number of trades in the world’s traditional currencies. Thus, the daily trading volume in the Forex market is estimated by the bank’s experts to the estimated $ 5.1 trillion US dollars for international settlement. With the development of this crypto, this amount can be obtained in crypto market in 2-3 years. So it is very likely that we will soon be in a new reality where the crypto currency exchange market becomes the major world market.
Reducing exchange cryptography flow will develop exchange services for fair and comprehensive StreamDesk crypt analysis for currencies that are not mediated by Fiat. We will protect our users from fraud, as is often the case in this market, using smart contracts. The Streamycie Project is a powerful technology and information resource that covers all aspects of interception engineering and is designed for free development and distribution.
develops applications distributed with the distributed database for STREAMDESK Streamline Cryptocourrency Exchange.
What is DAPP StreamDisk? Streamdesk is a P2P platform where both parties go, there is no comparison between the stream desk and traditional financial institutions, such as the bank or the stock exchanges, because the fights currencies are transferred directly between individuals based on the Streamdoc Blockchain technology An innovative P2P platform, which has favorable security and transaction status. The whole process is very far, which gives time savings to users.
Features Streamdask 1. Smart Contract is an integral part of smart-contracting streaming ecosystem 2. After the Gailitas operation KYC policy the serial is based on a fair sharing principle. 3. The Commission is minimal The user selects the transfer method in their sole discretion, and the payment in the currency will not be necessary in most cases. Commission cryptocurrency varies from 0 to 2%. Simplicity and comfort is a simple and easy way to buy or sell crypto in any of the Streamdisc smart applications. 5. Cabebsan crypto communities are not blocked by both currency and finocurrency font. This allows us to work legally in most of the courts.
Token token STM will be opened for sale on major crypto exchanges, making it available to new users and selling it directly to investors. Stabilization services will be created and static STM requests will be created by incorporating new users. Thus, the STM token includes the ability of unlimited development with the currency of the font and also the main crypto. Since the “migratory” project is based on popular public services, therefore the demand for services will be maintained for the market conditions of cryptokurancency. Therefore, we hope that stable STM growth with relatively less instability. Users are interested in their vigilance service
When launch services, STREAMITY receives token STM using crypto-investors that at a much lower price compared to the cost of saving them. STMs can avail benefits in the secondary market or using STM tokens as a low risk component of their investment portfolio. Token Sale Pre-ICO Streamity> Start: 2017/12/25 (12:00 PM Moscow Time, UTC-8)> End: 2018/01/28 (12:00 PM Moscow Time, UTC-8) Based on the desired phase Offer Special Discounts on Investor Assistance Project> 30% – Discount during PRA-ICO> Number of tokens available for pre-ICO: 20.000.000STM> Target pre-ICO: 2.8 million USD> Crypto accepted: BTC, LTC , Et, american dollar, euro, ek
Benefits of STM Token
STM Token will be open for sale on the main cryptographic exchange, to make it available to new users and investors can sell it immediately.
The development of sustainability services and the introduction of new users will result in stable STM requests. Thus, there is an unlimited possibility of growth against STM token major Fiat and crypto currencies.
Because “flow” project has been built on popular public services, the demand for project services for cryptocurrency market conditions is maintained. Therefore, we hope that stable growth will happen with STM with relatively less instability.
The purchase of STM tokens during ICO is the price for the following partners
Users interested in service STREAMITY
, they receive Token STM at a price below price at the time of health services, thus giving them a significant savings in the use of STREAMITY crypto-investor by selling tokens STMs in
secondary market or a risk By using the sign of STM as a component, you can make a profit less than your investment portfolio.
Sale token
PRA-ICO flow
starts: 25.12.2017 (12:00 Moscow Time, UTC-8)
Termination: 28.01.2018 (12:00 PM Moscow time, UTC-8)
Based on this stage, investor to support this project wants,
P-exclusive discounts on ICO 30% discount
will be two stages in the ICO
Toucan sales fees # 1 = bonus 1 day 20% bonus 2-14 days 15%
Start: 12/03/2018 (12:00 Moscow time, UTC – 8)
termination: 03.25.2018 (12:00) Moscow time, UTC – 8)
level # 2 = 10% bonus
Start: 04/16/2018 (12:00 Moscow time, UTC – 8)
contained Ti: 29.04.2018 (12:00 Moscow time, UTC – 8)
Road map

More detailed information can be obtained by visiting the link below:

Facebook: https: // www / streamity

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