I AM HERO is a career platform that connects people and companies in a smarter way where dream jobs manifest by design.


All IAMHERO servers provide the highest standards for privacy and security of all data, located in several distributed TÜV certified covert German data center locations.

All server locations are powered by 100% certified eco-power using energy-saving climate systems, allowing for 45% reduction of energy costs with 2 separate and independent power supplies and diesel generators for backup to guarantee interruption-free power supply.

I AM Hero is a service in which candidates access specific Job in accordance with our qualifications and where Entrepreneurs have access to highly qualified personnel for their specific needs in a new and refreshing way. The system uses high-performing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to match both sides and build connectivity between the two. Charges are subject to service use by both parties and additional contracting costs to the company for placement when matching and recruitment are completed; thus insuring constant income inflows for the expansion and development of the IAMHERO system in the future.


2 billion (2,000,000,000) IAHC coins will be created. 25% of those or 500 million IAHC Coins will be sold at the ICO. The aim is to raise 7142 ETH., which equates to approximately 7.142 ETH at current rates, with the crowd sale at a coin price of 0.0000142 ETH. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 70,000 IAHC coin. This may change with ETH exchange rates. Numbers are best e ort estimates as of October 10th 2017. The final numbers and fixed ETH amount will be announced before the start of the crowd sale.

Why do they make IAHC coins?
The IAHC is being used to handle all transactions on the iamhero.io platform, while enabling the full
transparency of all revenue flows and distributions in and out of the projects which are being channeled through the system.

There’s no better way to understand what we’re creating here than setting up your own free account and testing systems like the creation. We invite you to prepare your personal profile resume and experience this new technology directly whether you are a Job Seeker, an Employer or a freelancer. Welcome to a new way to meet your needs in this fast-growing online industry.

At the same time, we want people to participate in our troubleshooting process. It has become clear through experience that perfection can only be achieved if one can be part of the contribution of a project that concerns everyone. New ideas and concepts flow from various sources and from these ideas and concepts, practical strategies can be derived to overcome inconsistencies and emerging problems in the marketplace.


• Whitelist launch date: 20.02.2018 (40% discount)
• Pre-sale launch date: 21.03.2018 (28% discount)
• Crowd sale launch date: 22.04.2018 (10% discount)

Coin symbol: IAHC
• Coin type: Ethereum blockchain coin based upon the ERC20 standard
• Total supply: 2 billion (2,000,000,000) IAHC coins will be created, 0,5 billion (500,000,000 IAHC coins will be available for purchase (25% of total IAHC)
• Base price: 0.0000142 ETH per 1 IAHC
• Purchase methods accepted: major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies via credit card payments
• Min target: 100 ETH
• Max cap: 7142 ETH

This platform is exceptionally intuitive, simple and straightforward while it also eliminates any hurdles which can arise relevant to direct communications between contacts to and from the respective Candidates (Heroes) and potential Employers.

For more information

website: https://iamhero.io/

WHITEPAPER : https://iamhero.io/ico/landing/whitepaper

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/iamhero.io/

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/iamheroio

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFxhlNJf_nWRGwAPh-OpGbw

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/iamhero.io/

TELEGRAM : https://t.me/joinchat/GILZQhCqAenDW1v7iVpqVA



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