TUBI allows users to publish photos and videos, and the content would be protected by encryption techniques, while the copyright would be managed and regulated.
The platform would have an ads system without hurting user experience. The platform would not take commission from the ads revenue, users can be compensated from shared ads revenue by their content views.
TUBI’s goal is to benefit the user and the protection of the content ownership.


Features of TUBI

1.Attract high quality content
High quality, attractive contents benefiting from copyright protection & shared ad revenues,Ethereum Smart Contract can help with ownership of photos without engaging an agency which saves a lot of time for both parties.

2.Value continues to increase
Users can Send TUBI to other users.
Receiving rewards:
Blockchain would record it when users get reward from every likes and content sharing.

Market Analysis of TUBI

Until the end of 2017, there will be 590 million people visiting Instagram every month.
It is projected for Instagram to reach 930 million users in 2021.
The global ads income of Instagram would increase from it’s 2017 standing of $4.1 billion USD to $10.87 billion USD in 2019.


Users have no idea who will use their data, their data are visited without permission.
Copyrights, trademarks, are other forms of IP are more vulnerable.

Photo copyright market could reach to 4 billion USD by 2020.

Platforms are at risk to data mining, security threats, and sensitive data theft.
Content creators lack incentive to create high quality content.

Google & Facebook take 73% of all ads revenue, with the web traffic contributed by contents from users.

Legal Structure
TUBI will have a BVI company overseas, called TUBI funds. TUBI funds is the independent main legal body in charge of developing and promoting, operation and takes all legal responsibly.
TUBI will not ICO in certain countries.
TUBI is not a securities or investment tool, it is a practical crypto and digital currency.
TUBI platform may not be able to offer services in certain countries according to the local laws and regulations.

Risk statement
TUBI funds will not do any claims or statements, anyone who is involved in swap plans will be based their personal knowledge of TUBI , legal regulation and information of this whitepaper.Under the condition of the contents above, participants accept all tech forms, parameters and functions of TUBI.

TUBI FUNDS will not admit to and refuse to be responsible for following liabilities:
(1)Anyone who violates anti money laundry or anti-terrorism finance or other regulation requirements when they do TUBI swap plan;

(2)Anyone who cannot withdraw TUBI because they violate any claim, duty, promise or other requirements from this whitepaper after they purchased TUBI;

(3)Swap plan was given up for any reason;

(4)Delivery fail of TUBI or unable to use TUBI for IT develop failure or give up;

(5)Postponement or delay of TUBI public chain develop.

(6)Mistakes, defaults, flaws or other problems of TUBI;

(7)The collapse, rollback, and hard split of TUBI;

(8)TUBI being unable realize certain special features or not being applicable for any special use;

(9)Use of funds for TUBI swap plan;

(10)Release of TUBI development information, whether incomplete or not on time;

(11)Leaks, the losing of, and damage of TUBI wallet private key;

(12)The violation, infringement,collapse,crash,service termination or stop, fraud, misconduct, bankrupt, liquidation,dissolve of the third party distributor;

(13)Any regulated contents with the third distributor platform which has difference, conflicts with contents of this white paper;

(14)Anyone who does trading and speculation of TUBI;

(15)TUBI IPO, trading suspension, or delisting from any platform;

(16)Any risk or related risk from this whitepaper, and damage, damage claim, liability, punishment, other costs, or negative influence caused by the risks;

(17)Any risk or related risk from this whitepaper, and damage, damage claim, liability, punishment, other costs, or negative influence caused by the risks.

TUBI coin is the first non-centralized photo/video social platform. Our crypto currency is called TUBI. We are a blockchain tech platform for photo publishing, sharing and trading.
We make sure to benefit every user by enabling the sharing of photo and video & the sales of self creative contents in a web secure environment. Users can benefit from ads income.




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