BubbleTone Blockchain in Telecom — the first decentralized telecom network community. It per.mits portable system administrators, telephone clients and specialist organizations to interface straightforwardly.

For Bubbletone users:

Make calls and use data during travel worldwide at great local rates with direct connection to local operators.

No need to change your SIM-card or phone number.

Next generation messenger packed with amazing communication features.

For mobile operators and service providers:

Any operator can become global without complex network integrations.

Direct access to international telecom market with millions of new customers.

Increase in revenue through distribution of value-added services.

The Bubbletone app contains more than 100 functions, each being in high demand by users.For our current project, the most important functions are:

Retaining your mobile number in the app during remote swapping of the SIM card profile. Subscribers will be able to receive incoming calls via an IP channel and also pay for local mobile service bundles in the visited country.

Using Bubbletone as the first client of a decentralized network based on blockchain technology (explained below), which we are developing.

Blockchain made it workable for us to profoundly change the standards of the amusement in telecom: we essentially dispose of meandering.

Blockchain is the premise of our answer, since the collaboration between versatile administrators is brought out through shrewd contracts. There is no need in costly direct contracts and specialized reconciliation between organize suppliers. This permits any phone administrator (counting little ones) to rapidly (inside 24 hours) start offering their administrations to supporters of different administrators and to furnish endorsers with a worldwide administration at neighborhood rates.

In our framework we change the “push” worldview, where administrators “drive” their endorsers into another administrator’s system, for “pull”, where administrators see the new customers themselves, safely distinguish them, and associate them to their own particular systems. Our shrewd contract is a different incontestable understanding between two administrators and the customers themselves that is implemented consequently.

To put it plainly, our code picks an appropriate administrator for a customer that will furnish that customer with meandering or some other correspondence benefit and makes a savvy contract by means of a solitary exchange in which each gathering will “sign” for each activity, joining the vital information to the agreement each time (information will be safely scrambled in order to be open just by the gatherings.) Each “mark” is built into the blockchain and can be utilized as a solid wellspring of data on the status of the agreement.

Our answer will give administrators a chance to throw away the majority of this foundation in light of the fact that numerous necessities, for example, legitimacy, respectability and assurance, are secured by the innovation itself. We’re not daydreamers — we know precisely which least information are handled by administrators amid benefit arrangement and what the procedure resembles. In our framework, the cooperation between administrators is encoded in a dependable and straightforward keen get that contains all things needed to give wandering administrations.

How it works.

Telecom 2.0: Blockchain replaces old-fashioned and costly roaming technology totally by implementing smart contracts into mobile operators’ interactions.

The Blockchain in Telecom is based on “Proof of Importance” consensus to process millions of smart-contracts between mobile operators around the world:

Token Sale.


Start: 20.01.2018

End: 15.02.2018

Price: 1 Token at 0,42 USD with a 10K USD minimum.


Crowd-sale starts 20.03.2018

Crowd-sale ends 20.05.2018

A special early-bird price of 0,5 USD per token

Then price rises by 0,05 USD every 5 days, up till 1 USD

And then, price rises by 0.15 USD every 10 days till the end of ICO

For More Information:


Twitter: http://twitter.com/bubbletone_eng

Telegram: http://t.me/bubbletone




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