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What is BeEasy?
BeEasy makes the digital currency more understandable and accessible to numerous users not considering their proficiency. It is reached owing to the development of comprehensible interfaces and flexible organization system by the most needed services: conversion, trading, mining, trade of services and goods, assignments on charity, investments and so on. With the help out of a “single window system” the user endorsed instantaneously can use all services of the system from the lease of capacities for mining until receiving products for cryptos and services from cohorts of the project. The market, anchored in blocking technologies, is undergoing a phase of configuration and speedy growth. Governments, companies and banks are employing pilot projects on blockhouses, investors and private users are aggressively entering the digital currency marketplace. In unison, such an access point as mining still stays reachable mainly only to experts. Existing systems of mining (both services and equipment) do not resolve the duty of users – they are low-earnings, tricky to make out and in the settings, necessitate constant checking and administration.

The BeEasy project

In the BeEasy project, PC users are provided with intuitive interfaces and the most convenient services. The plan puts into practice the idea of a “single window” for various user groups. It makes things easier for them through the entry of cryptos into the market via BeEasy services by the formation of all necessary infrastructure. From customer software that is entirely adapted to the requirements of the consumer, to locks, an asset fund and its own cryptocurrency exchange administration of loaned digital currencies and their swap into the final products or currencies that the user requires.

BeEasy offers which types of services?

EasyPool: a digital currency pool with a sociable interface
EasyTrade: cryptocurrency exchange with the inclusion of specialized trading software
EasyPlay: element for interface with vendors of software, games, offline partners of the venture
EasyFund: investment digital currency fund run by a robot with aspects of artificial intelligence
EasyData: its data center with mining gear, which offers
users the occasion to lease abilities for mining
EasyCare: a component for interrelating with benevolent foundations to systematize a donation of cash for the charitable trust.

BeEasy ICO Project
BeEasy is a network of interconnected services in the field of portfolio management and mining, dealing and adaptation of digital currencies into a variety of assets. A grouping of Russian companies executes the BeEasy project under the general name Cryptocompany, instituted in early 2017. To run the project the firm uses its own funds. The funds amassed in the ICO process will be employed for the marketing and development of the project, in addition to international spreading out. Currently, the project has invested approximately 50 million rubles this is funds of initiators and reinvested earnings.

Launch of the BeEasy ICO

On February 1st, 2018 the ICO will be launched for the multi-stage BeEasy service. The token price is fixed through the entire process of the ICO – 0.02 BTC. Overall, 250,000 ETKN are intended to be released. At the ICO stage, 160 000 units will be obtainable for people to purchase. ICO will be held to attract funding for the growth of the project, counting the acquiring of mining machinery and leasing to users of the assignment (“cloud mining”), for the expansion of the technological base of the task. The tokens number issued in the ICO is strictly limited, which put offs the price decline by issuing extra tokens.

As we speak the project has these working elements:

Running pool version- The initial phase of the data center in St. Petersburg, Russia was constructed at 500 kW; the subsequent turn will have 6 MW. The data center is packed with 43GHs (ETH) machinery with the possible capacity extension of up to 1,140 THs (ETH) or higher; teams are created in all routes, work is in progress on the exchange, fund and other services in line with the venture roadmap.

BeEasy ICO Features

The funds received from investors will be spent on acquiring mining equipment for installation in the data center and promotion of the project in global markets. The remainder of the finances will be channelled to the opening of the EasyTrade offices, and representative offices in Japan, USA, Hong Kong and Switzerland as well as acquire permits and licenses for them in these countries.

Importance of BeEasy

For experts: Services for the managing of equipment and the procedure of mining; Investment instruments for income reproduction, conversion, professional portfolio, convenient management and dependable tools for trading.

For non-experts: Services that permit you to get specific goods/values in the gaming setting; components for passive bringing in – “leasing” of unexploited PCs, software licenses (for instance, antivirus) and opportunity to partake in benevolent programs.


The role of the token Internal currency
Total tokens 2.050.000
Pre ICO 50,000 ETKN tokens
ICO 2,000,000 ETKN tokens
ICO Pre Platform Ethereum
ICO platform Ethereum
Tokens distribution in the project

Investors 80%
Reward to the project team% 15%


BeEasy is a set of perceptive interfaces, and it is the most convenient integrated services for crypto-assets management. Analog technological solutions exist; however, they are not easy to recognize, and also entail constant regulation and monitoring. The BeEasy assignment is put into operation by the Cryptocompany group that was established in Russia in early 2017. The consulting firm “Bespalov and Partners” is occupied in the task.The creators and initiators of BeEasy include Alexander Bespalov, project director and CEO, who has been concerned in the managing of similar investment projects for over 15 years, Ilya Surodyikin Chief Operating Officer of Cryptocompany.Ltd and Data Center Manager, who has been running projects for more than a decade in operational design and management, in addition to Evgeny Koinov – head of development teams and architect with about ten years of IT field experience.

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