FLUX: Tokens For Playing Online Video Games

Flux platform found online at Flux.fund, is a decentralized video gaming structure that revolves around the use of FLUX-tokens. The platform is built with the aim of making a sole worldwide gaming system that unites every part of gaming sector platform where players, traders, developers and the community related to the gaming can transform their needs and time into money applying FLUX-Token. Basically, it is a mixture of matchmaking, betting, streaming and a gaming market rolled into the single suitable platform.

What issues Does FLUX platform Seek To Solve?

Official site of the platform mentions that worldwide gaming sector consists of 2.3 Billion players, sixty million stream views each day, 105 billion USD in profit, and $8 billion USD in trading amount, although it’s not fully clear what they mean by trading worth. Despite the progress of the industry, there’re some bigger issues with the gaming industry, including entire of these are following:

Un-trusted: Trading procedures can be too complicated. Platforms that provide earnings in exchange for playing are usually un-trusted. We have the entire seen sleazy ad-based gaming sites internet based around a copy like this.

Monopolized: Game merchants pay 30 percent of all incomes to the market, while players get no revenue whatsoever from today’s existing gaming system. every dedicated gaming systems are monopolized and centralized.

Diversified: FLUX sees today’s gaming system as diversified. The network is about much more than only playing video games, and so far gamers need to use many platforms to stream, trade, develop products & advertise them.

How Does FLUX.FUND Work?

FLUX plans to solve entire of the above issues by creating an all in one system for the gaming industry. The FLUX platform consist tournaments, matchmaking, a smart-contract system, a donation and reward system for streamers, and options for investors to contribute to the FLUX platform.

There’ll also be trading platform and save without commissions. Bonus, a developer marketplace will also be avail without commissions. The full desktop platform is planned to be released in Q-1 and with a mobile release planned for Q-2, 2018.



After purchased FLUX-tokens, you can apply FLUX tokens to join in the FLUX platform. You can contribute matchmaking applying the token, or by applying main crypto or fiat currencies. After getting tokens, users can invest the tokens on gaming services or move them into their beloved money.

ICO details:

• Token: FLUX

• Type: cryptocurrency

• Token standard: ERC-20

• Additional token Emission: No

• Token cost in USD: 1 Token = 0.500000 USD

• Accepted Currencies: LTC, ZEC, EUR, USD, ETH, BTC, DASH, ETC

• Bonus: available

• Bounty: availableToken Distribution:

• Public: 85%

• Early stage funds: 5%

• Team and advisor: 7%

• Bounty: 3%Funds allocation:

• 45% Marketing

• 22% Tournament Organization

• 22% Product Development

• 6% Administration

• 3% Team

• 2% Legal





If you’re interested in FLUX, these are the important links:


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