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Hello everyone . On this note, I will give you information on the ICO crypto currency project called Pcore. 
About Pcore
This project looks interesting and promising so we need to discuss it and learn more about what the Pcore is, what strengths and objectives are, and how to invest in them.

What is Pcore?

Pcore is P2P (peer to peer) integrated in blockchain technology, with the aim of combining transparency, trust, speed and security of the blockchain with registered smart contracts and directly integrating invoices of sellers and lenders.

Pcore aims to combine current technology into a niche but a growing market. As we know, the market conditions are currently experiencing difficult times. Because more and more businesses are turning to alternative funding other than banks, they are expected to be able to give them a platform that they can exchange with their invoices in a faster way to get the amount they should. Instead, help them grow, grow and compete with business costs.

Pcore allows businesses and investors to trade regardless of their geographical location, eliminating the need for third parties. Through Pcore, this can also eliminate the need for third parties to help Pcore keep sales and purchase invoices low and high. No need to wait longer, instant income to grow a business and instant profits. And all invoices uploaded by the invoice seller are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain which eliminates errors and misuse. Businesses taken from the cover of Pcore will guarantee the funds promised at that date due to investors

Pcore Ltd. market offers that can significantly increase the liquidity of business customers. Through the blockchain network developed by the project team, we are offered a market where customer accounts can be sold safely. This platform allows businesses to connect, download and issue trading accounts, increase company liquidity, provide a good investment platform for companies looking for safe financing projects.

Both parties have many advantages that you can talk about when trading accounts on the Pcore platform. Companies that sell it will increase their direct financial capacity to buy materials, pay for the production of goods, or even pay their employees. Buyers (lenders from now on), on the other hand, can benefit from reliable commercial businesses. With financing receivables, creditors receive interest in the form of profit. The most important criteria for satisfaction are partner reliability, which makes factoring an ideal solution.


The pchain blockchain technology (distributed book) applies smart contracts to set “unique fingerprints” for each transaction. This allows companies to automate the billing process and use factoring services on the platform. Each account has a unique record, which is displayed transparently to all participants. Thus, because of transparency, credit worthiness can be built through the blockchain platform. Core is an end-to-end platform that gives SMEs easy access to short-term financing by converting their receivables into tradable assets. With 24-hour turnover, interest rates allow lenders to profit, while sellers receive vital liquidity for their daily operations.


We base our business on real-life issues in various industries. Thus, Pcore aims to overcome the obstacles and problems faced by modern companies when dealing with liquidity and financial uncertainty. Apart from that, the main problem that is disrupting a number of markets for some at regular bases is financial & factoring constraints, invoice verification, and non-transparent / outdated financial statements.


As a format for presenting financial data on the platform, we chose XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). This framework is an open international standard for digital business reporting. This is used throughout the world, with companies from more than 50 countries implementing it in their operations. Millions of XBRL documents are created every year, replacing older paper-based reports with useful, effective and more accurate digital reports.

In other words, XBRL provides a language where the term reporting can be clearly defined. In turn, the term can then be used to uniquely represent financial report content or other types of compliance, performance, and business reports. XBRL is often called “bar code for reporting”, because it makes reporting more accurate and efficient. With unique tags, XBRL enables Pcore to develop its platform in accordance with sophisticated market requirements, by providing:

Project name: PCORE
Symbol: PCC
Category: platform factor
Typ: Token
Platform: Erc20
Limited countries: China and the United States
PCC-Base-Token-Preis: 0.39 USD pro 1 PCC
Payment: Ethereum
Total supply of tokens: 52 million pieces
Reserve Tokens: 20 million pieces
Tokens for sale: 20 million pieces
Gift certificate: 500 thousand pieces
Tokens are reserved for teams: 11 million pieces
Soft Cap: 1 Million USD
Hard cap: 5 million USD
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For now the crowdsale only accepts Ethereum cryptocurrency as a payment tool. In addition, you must use the Ethereum address with a PRIVATE KEY on the hand instead of using the Ethereum address from an exchanger such as Binance, Coinbase and others. To participate in crowdsale, you must have an Ethereum wallet that is directed to the token / crowdsale address. The development team is working with security auditors to complete the contract. When they have completed their analysis, Pcore will announce the date. Note that the crowdsale PCC parameter will be associated with the number of blocks, so time will depend on the mining level of Ethereum. The contract will be pushed to the main network Ethereum 3 days before the crowdsale starts.
The sale of Ethereum will be used again to further develop the project and develop a system of blockchain-based billing platform that uses PCC tokens as a replacement unit.

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