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 Well after failing of many icos in current market, ive been searching for an proper ico and finally found it! DAV network!
DAV is a blockchain-basedtransportation platform

Two days ago DAV was featured in Forbes Magazine! Take a look at their great piece here — https://buff.ly/2FSmy2H

Blockchain as a concept has burst forth from the backchannel discussions among technologists over the past year into the mainstream consciousness. While the chances are now pretty good that even non-technically oriented people have at least heard the term, few are likely to have any clue what it means or what its uses are. One that does is Noam Copel, CEO and founder of the DAV foundation and he and his team are trying to use it create some of the connective tissue for the future mobility ecosystem.Currently, it is hard to imagine that in our everyday life autonomous vehicles, such as drones, self-driving cars, trucks, and even boats will be actively used. It’s more like shots of the movie, than reality. But technological progress doesn’t stand still, including also the transport sector actively develops. Commercialization of autonomous vehicles is well underway: the sphere of their application extends, technologies become more functional and more available including for ordinary people.
Development of telecommunications and emergence of new standards of communication offers big prospects of them useful for different spheres of the economy: from delivery of small loads and photo and video filming before the patrol of streets and implementation of observation for different researchers.
Imagine, how it might revolutionize the domain of delivery. For example, for the operational delivery of necessary medicines or the equipment to zones of natural disaster, or just to hard reach areas: the to autonomous vehicles doesn’t need to get stuck in traffic jams or to look for detour routes. With their help, it is possible to order delivery of food, goods, documents, parcels, from anywhere wherever you are, even on your yacht in the sea.
Using of autonomous vehicles is help easily to find the center of the wildfire or the careless fisherman who is carried away on an ice floe down the river. Rescue services can patrol district, to monitor for animals and to look for lost travelers.

DAV token is a utility token. DAV takes the P2P information transfer capabilities of the internet and the P2P value transfer made possible by the blockchain (in this case, via the DAV token) and brings them to their next logical conclusion, enabling P2P transfer of physical goods.
Consider this scenario, a package needs to be delivered using a drone. The parties involved are:
1. Sender
2. Recipient
3. Drone operator
4. Goods Insurer
5. Arbitrator
The blockchain, and specifically smart contracts, enable us to conduct these kinds of transactions P2P, directly between these parties, without needing an intermediary, thus reducing costs to all parties while providing them with the assurance they need to conduct business without necessarily trusting each other beforehand.

 Token metrics:
Hard Cap: 38M USD
Soft Cap: 5M USD
Cost: 1ETH = 10,000 DAV Tokens

For more details visit
Website: https://dav.network/
Whitepaper: https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/DAVNetwork



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